Block and Base Foundation Repair

A Block and Base home is made of wood and sits on concrete blocks. The bottom Base or “Pad” sits on or just beneath the surface of the soil, and blocks are used to elevate the home and create a crawl space beneath the floor of the home.

Indications of problems or faulty design:

  • Stuck Doors
  • Cracked sheetrock
  • Humps or sags in flooring
  • Baseboard separation from flooring
  • Floor resonance (i.e. feels “shaky” when walking)
  • Soft or spongy floors

Our Repair Methods


The most common repair process is called a reshim and allows our experienced crews to readjust and relevel each base so that it properly supports the wooden beam placed upon it.


Usually the reason for humps in floors is caused from under supported beams, that over time cause the lumber to warp or bow. Reducing the span between bases often corrects the problem, but if not, the faulty beams can be replaced for new lumber that is properly supported.

Wood Replacement

Poor drainage, inadequate crawl space height, and broken plumbing result in rotted foundation and subfloor material. The repair process often requires the removal and replacement of the affected

Shaker Sill

If the span between beams is too great, we recommend the installation of a 4” x 6” shaker sill to provide additional support and remove floor resonance/bounce.

House Leveling

If your block and base home sits on an inadequate crawl space, which left uncorrected can result in the need for extensive wood replacement, we use airbags to raise your entire home and create a crawlspace a minimum of 16″, leveling your house.

Watch one of our house leveling projects (video) »

Traditional Bell Bottom Piers

Although an option, it can be very cost prohibitive to install a drilled pier to replace the blocks beneath your home

Beware of Improper Installations

This is another case for why you want experts working on your foundation. There are some companies that will use whatever materials they can find to raise up your base.

potluck beamsrotten support

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