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Foundation Repair in Bryan, College Station, & Navasota, TX

foundation No matter your foundation type, we provide quality service to secure your home or structure for a lifetime. We offer a time tested technique for foundation repair that proudly utilizes the Bell Bottom Piers.

House Leveling

Over the years, you may notice the foundation of your home beginning to sink. House leveling can be performed to lift a home back up to its original position, but the cause of the concern must first be taken care of before doing so.

You may suspect that your home could need to be leveled if any of the following concerns have presented:

Cracks in walls
Foundation abrasion
Soil issues
Structural instability
Drainage/plumbing issues
Pervasive tree roots

Identifying the exact cause for your foundation issue is essential to being able to prevent it from persisting again in the future. Our team of foundation repair personnel will carefully inspect your home to determine where the problem is starting.
Once we locate the problem area, we will take all the necessary actions needed to fix it before we go ahead and level it.

Pick Your Foundation

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Concrete Slab on Grade Pier and Beam Block and Base


tunnelingTunneling is often the most cost effective and least intrusive method for repairing broken underslab plumbing. Our experienced crews create a tunnel to the location of the plumbing failure that measures 3 feet by 3 feet which gives the plumber plenty of room to make repairs. When complete with repairs, we reinstall the removed select fill, and always mudpump the void underneath the slab to minimize settlement in the future. Learn more

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