Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

A Pier and Beam home is made of wooden beams and joists and sits on a concrete exterior grade beam and interior piers.

Indications of problems or faulty design:

  • Stuck Doors
  • Cracked sheetrock
  • Humps or sags in flooring
  • Baseboard separation from flooring
  • Floor resonance (i.e. feels “shaky” when walking)
  • Musty smell in crawlspace
  • Soft or spongy floors

Our Repair Methods


Over time, the interior piers or bases will settle at different rates, causing undulations and bounce in the floors above. In order to properly support the wooden joists and floor our experienced crews conduct a reshim using rot resistant cedar shingles to sufficiently align the beams.


If the span between piers is too great, humps and sags can form in floors. Although drilled bell bottom piers can be installed, a more cost effective technique is to add new concrete blocks and bases to support wooden beams.

Wood replacement

Improper crawl space ventilation or a crawl space soil level that is lower than the soil level outside the home often leads to rotted foundation material and even subfloors. The repair process often requires the removal and replacement of the affected material.

Shaker sill

If the span between beams is too great, we recommend the installation of a 4” x 6” shaker sill to provide additional support and remove floor resonance/bounce.

Traditional Bell Bottom Piers

An exterior grade beam can settle just as a typical slab on grade foundation might. Therefore, we install drilled bell bottom piers on the exterior of the home to return it to the originally constructed plane.

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