The Best Contractors for Polyjacking in the Brazos Valley Area


You’re looking for a recommendation on a contractor that does polyjacking in Bryan, College Station, or the surrounding Brazos Valley communities. This article will quickly review what polyjacking is and list who we suggest for this service in our area.

Best BCS Contractors for Masonry and New Concrete Work

Masonry Contractors Near Me

You’re looking for someone who does masonry or concrete patchwork in the Bryan-College Station or Brazos Valley area. It could be because you just had foundation repairs or might have nothing to do with foundation repair. This list of reputable contractors can help you out either way.

The 2 Best Gutter Contractors in Bryan-College Station

BCS Gutter Contractors

Who do we recommend for gutters in the BCS area? We get asked this question a lot since drainage and foundations are interrelated systems. We put together a list of the top guttering contractors in the area so that we have a quick easy list for our homeowners or anyone else when they need it.

4 Best BCS Contractors for Drainage Issues Around Your Home Foundation

Fix Drainage Problems Around Your Foundation

You need a recommendation for a drainage contractor, but what kind of company does this type of work? You might need french drains or other underground drainage to handle your problem. We often get asked this question by homeowners, so we put together a list of great local drainage contractors.

The 2023 Best List: 5 Reputable Dallas Foundation Repair Companies

Dallas foundation repair

You live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are looking for a foundation repair company. Who do you choose? This article identifies a selection of reputable companies serving DFW based on online info, foundation repair methods, customer reviews, and service experience.

The #1 Best Action to Keep Your Crawl Space Home Foundation Dry

dry crawlspace

The crawl space under your home is wet and soggy a lot. How do you dry it out for good? What’s the best way to get it dry under your home to prevent other issues like foundation problems? This article reveals and discusses the best solution and explores a few other options you might need to try too.

15 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Leveling Contractor

questions to ask when hiring a house leveling contractor

How will you know if a house leveling contractor is right for you? Asking the right questions gives you the best chance to hire a company that meets your needs and handles your crawl space foundation problems. This article reviews and explains 15 top questions to ask when hiring for house leveling.

The 2022 Best List: 5 Reputable Houston Foundation Repair Companies

houston foundation repair

You live in the Houston area and are looking for a foundation repair company. Who do you choose? This article will impartially identify the top foundation repair companies serving the Houston area based on business philosophy, foundation repair methods, customer reviews, and service experience.

Remodeling or Foundation Repair: Which is Best to Do First?

remodel or foundation repair?

You have foundation repairs in your future and some planned remodeling. Does it matter which you do first? This article will explain which of these home projects to do first and why. We will also cover your possible results and options when home projects don’t happen in the optimal order.

How to Get the Best Deal on Foundation Repairs for Your Home

best deal on foundation repair

You want to know if there are any tips or tricks to get the best deal on foundation repairs for your home. You’re looking for any discounts or a better time of year to do the repairs that might result in a lower cost. This article will give you the real dirt on your best bets for a good deal when it’s time to get your foundation repaired.

House Leveling: Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Fit for Your Needs?

best fit

You are shopping around for a foundation repair company to handle your house leveling or pier and beam foundation repair needs. Is Anchor Foundation Repair the best fit for you? This article will cover your top house leveling needs and discuss whether Anchor is best to meet those needs or not.

How Can I Pay for Foundation Repair Costs? 7 Best Options

paying for foundation repairs

You are wondering how you can pay for a potential foundation repair project in your future. What are your best options to explore to pay for this large expense? This article will review 7 common methods homeowners use to handle the cost of foundation repair and discuss considerations for each.

15 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

questions to ask before hiring a foundation repair contractor

How will you know if a foundation repair contractor is “the one” for you? Asking the right questions will put you in the driver’s seat to hiring a foundation repair company that meets your home goals. This article reviews and explains 15 top questions to ask to help you make the best choice for you.

What Is the Best Foundation Repair Method and How Much Does It Cost?

the best foundation repair

You are in research mode. You want the best foundation repair method and want to know more about what choices are available. You’re also interested in knowing how much that method costs compared to others. This article offers the two basic methods most readily available in our area of Central Texas and outlines the advantages to each method and how the costs are determined.

Foundation Repair Contractors: Avoiding 4 Top Problems of Hiring One

finding a reliable foundation repair contractor

You need to locate a reputable foundation repair contractor and want to avoid making a mistake or choosing the wrong one. This article reviews 4 problems that you might encounter while looking and actionable steps to take to select the best foundation repair company for the needs of your home.

The 4 Best Tree Service Providers and Arborists in the Brazos Valley

best tree services

Looking for the best tree trimming, tree removal, or arborist services in the Bryan, College Station, and Brazos Valley areas? We’ve come across some top-notch service providers in our area through the years. Here’s a list of the ones we personally recommend to our friends, neighbors, and customers.

5 Best Bryan-College Station Plumbers for Under-Slab Plumbing Problems

Who are the best plumbers in Bryan and College Station to work on your plumbing problems in and under the slab? Many foundation repair jobs also include the need for under-slab plumbing repair and we often get asked for our opinion. This article outlines companies that do good work that we recommend.

Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Choice for Your Home?

foundation repair estimate

Everyone has different needs in home repair quotes. Some want work done fast, or cheap, or want a local business, some want the best quality or a guarantee. In this article, you get a sense of what Anchor Foundation Repair is and is not, to decide if getting a quote from Anchor is right for you.

Top 4 Projects to Do On Your Home After Foundation Repairs

home projects after foundation repair

You’re about to or are currently having foundation repairs completed on your home. Is there anything you should consider doing after the foundation is repaired? There are a few common projects that homeowners tend to tackle that you can think about doing once your foundation issues are handled.

Can I Fix Poor Drainage Around My Home’s Foundation? 6 Steps to Take


You’ve got drainage problems and you’re worried about your foundation too. Moving water away from your home is a good line of defense against water-related foundation problems and keeps your yard dry. Here are 6 steps to try and see if your drainage woes and foundation worries can be washed away.

How Soon Can Anchor Come Out for a Repair Estimate on Your Home?

how soon can I get an estimate from anchor?

You need an estimate from Anchor Foundation Repair to get work done on your home. How soon can you expect someone to come see your house and give you a bid, quote, inspection, or estimate? The answer is that it depends on what type of service you need. Check out this article for more details.

Concrete Leveling Costs in 2024: How Much for Mud Jacking?

Cost of Mud Jacking for Concrete Repair

You already know that mud jacking is a thing that can lift and level your concrete surfaces – but how much does it cost? This article will get right to the point so that you know the approximate average pricing for small, medium, and larger jobs to mud jack your concrete back where it needs to be.

Do Foundation Repair Companies Need Licensing In Texas?

Do foundation repair companies need licensing?

You are looking for a legitimate licensed foundation repair company in Texas. Is that even a thing? This article discusses foundation repair licensing and what it means for a homeowner in our state. We also cover ways to find a reputable company in the absence of any licensing standards.

Crawl Space Foundation Homes: What Is the Role of Hallway Sills?

what is the role of hallway sill?

You’re looking at some crawl space foundation repair resources and have come across the term hallway sill. You don’t know their role or importance, or why you might need one added or repaired. This article defines the term “hallway sill” and explains its key function in your foundation and repairs.

Crawl Space Foundation Homes: What Is a Shaker Sill & What Do They Do?

what is a shaker sill?

You’re looking at some crawl space foundation repair resources or paperwork and have come across the term shaker sill. You don’t know what it does, why it’s important, or why you might need it repaired. This article defines the term “shaker sill” and explains its key function in your repairs.

Crawl Space Foundation Homes: What Is a Main Sill and What Do They Do?

Main Sill

You’re looking at some crawl space foundation repair resources or paperwork and have come across the term main sill. You don’t know what it does, why it’s important, or why you might need it repaired. This article defines the term “main sill” and explains its key functions in a home.

How Much Do Drilled Foundation Piers Cost and How Many Do I Need?

how many drilled piers and at what cost

You’re wondering how much it costs to have drilled piers installed to repair your foundation. What is the cost per pier and how many do you need? This article explains the general costs for drilled piers and the basics of how we figure out how many are needed for a foundation repair project.

Drainage vs. Ventilation: Which Crawl Space Problem Should I Fix First?

drainage vs ventilation

You’ve got moisture issues in your crawl space and you need to remedy the problem. Do you work on drainage or ventilation first to help dry out the crawl space under your home? This article will help you understand which makes sense to tackle first along with the whys and hows too.

Finding a Foundation Inspector to Check for Home Foundation Problems

foundation inspector

You think you might have foundation problems and want to get a foundation inspector to check it over. What is a foundation inspector and where do you find one? This article explains foundation inspectors, where to find one, and what they do during an inspection of your home.

What Even Is Foundation Repair and How Is it Done?

what is foundation repair?

You’re new to the area or to home ownership and you’re wondering what foundation repair even is because you don’t know. Why is it needed and how is it done? This article explains what causes foundation problems and why it is common. Then we discuss what foundation repair is and does for your home.

Choosing a Foundation Repair Contractor: 8 Red Flags to Watch For

red flags in foundation repair

You’re looking to hire a foundation repair contractor and want to watch for any warning signs that might spell trouble. What red flags could indicate the company is less likely to take good care of you and your home? This article will alert you to some common signs of less reputable repair services.

Top 6 Reasons Why Paid Foundation Inspections Benefit You

paid inspection

You want to get an inspection for possible foundation problems and a bid for repairs. Why does Anchor Foundation Repair only do paid inspections? What’s in it for you? This article will explain the main reasons why paid inspections are beneficial to homeowners.

Avoiding Sales Gimmicks When Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

foundation repair gimmicks

You’re in the market for foundation repairs and you’re wondering if there’s anything you should watch out for as a sales tactic. This article reveals the top xx foundation repair sales gimmicks and red flags that should give you pause as you search for the repair contractor to best meet your needs.

Is Foundation Repair Permanent or Will My Home Settle Again?

is foundation repair permanent?

You’re wondering if getting foundation repair means you will never have to get foundation repair again. Can a home settle more after foundation repairs have taken place? This article will discuss how permanent foundation repairs can be and offer considerations as you weigh your repair options.

Introducing Our Anchor Foundation Repair Crew Leadership Team

say hello to team anchor

You’ve accepted your proposal from Anchor Foundation Repair and the job will start soon. Who will be working on your house and who is in charge? This article introduces you to the leadership team taking care of your home, so that you know a little about them before they arrive for your project.

Are Slab Foundation Crack Sealants Worth It for My Home? Do They Work?

foundation crack sealants

You’ve got some cracks in your foundation and are wondering if a crack sealant is worth using or if they even work. This article will discuss what sealants do and their pros and cons. We will also offer our professional opinion on sealants so that you can evaluate if they sound right for you.

Top 4 Questions to Guide Your Foundation Repair Decisions

Questions about Anchor Foundation Repairs

You need foundation repair but you don’t know how to go about deciding what kind of foundation repair to get or what contractor to use. This article will help you think through big questions to make your search for foundation repairs easier.

Foundation Repair Methods Comparison: Drilled Piers vs. Pressed Pilings

piles vs piers comparison

You want a full comparison of different slab foundation repair methods. What’s the difference between drilled concrete piers and pressed concrete piles? This article will give you a comprehensive overview of each foundation repair method so that you can pick the one that works best for you.

Determining Foundation Problems: Engineers vs. Foundation Repair Guys

engineers vs foundation repair guys

How do engineers determine that you have a foundation problem? Do foundation repair contractors determine issues the same way or differently? Who’s right or better? This article will explain methods commonly used by engineers and foundation repair guys to assess foundation problems with your home.

What is the Process for Concrete Leveling with Mud Jacking?

mud jacking process

You need concrete leveling and are wondering about the mud jacking process. You want to know how it works and when it’s a good option. This article reviews the basics of mud jacking, when to use it, and describes the steps a contractor would go through to complete your concrete leveling project.

Are Crawl Bots Effective for Crawl Space Foundation Repair Estimates?

crawl space bots

You’ve got potential crawl space foundation issues and are wondering why your contractor isn’t using an inspection robot. This article will discuss the problems and shortcomings of using an inspection crawler vs. in-person to estimate costs for crawl space house leveling and foundation repairs.

The Definition of Mud Jacking (+ Process and Cost)

definition of mud jacking

What does the term mud jacking mean with regard to concrete lifting, leveling, and repair? The definition would be helpful but you’re also interested in how it’s done and average pricing. This article covers the definition, process, and cost of mud jacking for your basic understanding.

What Is the Cheapest Slab Foundation Repair Option?

cheapest foundation repair options

You need the cheapest foundation repair option available. What options do you have when money is your biggest consideration? This article will offer and explain 5 foundation repair options from least to most expensive for you to choose from.

Top 6 Reasons to Conduct a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test on Your Home

reasons to hydrostatic test

You’re worried about possible plumbing and foundation issues and think you might need hydrostatic pressure testing on your home. What are the best reasons to get a hydrostatic plumbing test? This article will outline what this test does and when it’s a good idea to get one.

The Pros and Cons of Paid vs Free Foundation Repair Estimates

pros and cons free vs paid

Why would some companies charge for foundation estimates while others do them for free? What is the difference between paid versus free inspections and are there positives or negatives to weigh? This article will break down the pros and cons of foundation repair estimates with a cost compared to free.

How to Check Your Home for Foundation Problems Throughout the Year

annual foundation checks

You want to watch your home for developing or worsening foundation settlement. Maybe you’ve already had a foundation inspection and are now monitoring your home for changes. This article will give you things to look for throughout the year to keep a close eye on the health of your foundation.

What Is Interior Foundation Settlement and How Is It Handled?

Interior Settlement

You’ve had a foundation inspection and been told that you have interior foundation settlement. You want to know more about what it means and how it impacts foundation repairs. This article answers your top questions to understand interior settlement and how it’s handled during foundation repairs.

Why Is My Home Having Foundation Problems and My Neighbor Isn’t?

why is just my home having foundation problems

You’re having a foundation problem and the homes around you are not. Why is that? It seems logical to expect homes in the same area to all have the same foundation challenges. This article reviews likely reasons why foundation settlement can be isolated to one home and not affect others.

Selling a Home with Foundation Problems: Top 5 Things to Consider

selling home with foundation problems

You want to sell your house but you know you have foundation problems. With so many things to consider, you don’t know how to start exploring options on selling with foundation issues. This article breaks down all the important considerations and guides you toward the decision that’s right for you.

Top 6 Reasons Your Anchor Foundation Repair Job Might Be Delayed

waiting for foundation repair

You’re patiently waiting for your Anchor Foundation Repair job to start but you hear there is now a delay. Try as we might to have every project start on time, delays happen. This article will list and explain the top reasons we encounter delays in project start times to help you understand.

Terms and Conditions of an Anchor House Leveling Proposal

house leveling terms and conditions

You’re ready to agree to a proposal from Anchor for house leveling on your crawl space home. You’re worried about the fine print in the contract. What does it all mean for you? This article puts everything in plain, easy-to-understand language, and translates all the legal-sounding stuff.

Top 6 Issues with Foundation Work Under the Interior of Your Home

Interior work

You have interior foundation settlement and foundation repairs need to happen under the interior of your home. What’s that like and what do you need to know to be prepared for this undertaking? This article is a brief overview of what you need to know about interior foundation work.

Top 7 Questions Your House Leveling Contractor Should Be Asking You

7 questions a house leveler should ask

You are talking to house leveling contractors because you’ve got foundation issues with your pier and beam or crawl space home. You’ve got questions for them, but they should be asking stuff too. This article explains 7 key questions that a prospective house leveling contractor should be asking you.

Will There Be Extra Costs With Tunneling Under My Home Foundation?

tunneling extra costs

You are getting ready for some under-slab tunneling work at your home because you have a plumbing leak. Are there other costs that you need to be prepared for? This article will give you an idea of both the expected and unexpected costs when a tunneling project is completed at your home.

What Is a Dig Test? Why and When Do I Have to Contact 811?

what is a dig test?

What is a dig test? Why do you have to contact 811 before digging on your property? When are the times that I need to do this? Many homeowners have never heard of the requirement to contact 811 for a dig test, this article explains a few of the basic what, when, and why questions about 811.

Concrete Leveling Using Mud Jacking (Materials, Process, Cost)

concrete leveling with mud jacking

You have uneven concrete and want to get it leveled using mud jacking, but you don’t know a lot about this process and if it will work for you. This article will review what kinds of concrete surfaces are ideal for mud jacking. We will also go over the materials, general process, and cost estimates.

House Leveling with Anchor: 4 Service Features that Set Us Apart

anchor foundation

Checking out info to get your house leveled with Anchor Foundation Repair or other Brazos Valley foundation repair companies? Reviews are good, but maybe you want a little more detail on how Anchor gets those ratings. This article shares 4 service features that make Anchor stand out from the rest.

How to Pick a Foundation Repair Company: Your Top Needs in 7 Questions

how to pick a foundation repair company

What do you need or want out of getting your foundation repaired? Seems like an easy question, but what would meet your needs best? This article will explore key questions to help you think more clearly about what you are really looking for in your foundation repair results and chosen company.

Fall Foundation Check: How to Monitor Your Home for Settlement Issues

fall foundation check up

As a conscientious homeowner, you want to know about proactive steps to check up on the condition of your home’s foundation. This article will explain why fall is a good time to do a once-over around your house and check for developing foundation issues as a way to prevent bigger problems.

What Is Concrete Slab Jacking? (Definition, Methods, Cost)

what is concrete slab jacking

You’ve got some problems with your sidewalks or driveway and are wondering if concrete slab jacking might work for you, but first you need to find out what it is. This article will define slab jacking and what it can do for your concrete surfaces, as well as explore the methods available and estimated costs.

What to Expect from a Video Call with Anchor Foundation Repair

video call with Anchor

You’re getting ready for a video call with Anchor Foundation Repair to assess foundation problems with your home. To make the most out of this time, this article will review common questions and their answers so that you can fully understand and be prepared for your upcoming video call with Anchor.

What’s the Difference Between Anchor Foundation Repair and Olshan?

anchor vs olshan what's the difference?

You are in the market for foundation repair and you’re wondering how Anchor Foundation Repair is different from another company called Olshan Foundation Solutions. This article clearly outlines how these two companies differ so that you can understand the companies better.

Do I Need to Be Home During the Foundation Repair Process?

do I need to be home during foundation repair?

Foundation repairs will begin soon at your home. You are wondering if you need to be home and available to the crew during the foundation repair process or if will you be in the way. This article discusses when or why you might want to be home and when the inside of your home needs to be accessed.

Will My Home Be Level After Foundation Repairs Are Completed?

will my home be level after foundation repair

You heard somewhere and are now concerned about your home not being level after foundation repairs. You would expect a home to be perfectly level after foundation repair, right? This article will explain why level is misleading when it comes to the primary goals of foundation repair.

Will Foundation Repairs Affect My Roof Condition?

will foundation repairs affect my roof?

You need to or just got your roof repaired but you also need foundation repairs. How does one repair affect the other? Which one should be done first? This article will explore the relationship between foundation and roof repair and gives info on what happens when you get one or the other first.

House Leveling: 8 Beneficial Reasons to Raise Your Whole Home

reasons to elevate your whole home

You’ve got a crawl space home that is too close to the ground. You might think about raising the whole structure further off the ground for some practical and beneficial reasons for your home and your foundation. This article reviews the many pros and a few drawbacks to raising your whole home during the house leveling process.

Why Anchor Foundation Repair Costs More Than Brazos Valley Solutions

why does Anchor cost more?

You’re getting bids for slab foundation repair and you’re wondering why Anchor Foundation Repair is more expensive than Brazos Valley Solutions. You’re wondering what the difference is between the two companies. This article will clearly explain why our pricing tends to be more expensive.

Can a Zip Level Be Used to Check for Foundation Problems?

home elevation

What exactly is a Zip Level? How does it work, what is it used for, and is it a good tool to check for foundation problems? This article explains what this tool is used for, the basic concept of how it works, and what it can tell (and not tell) you about the condition of your home’s foundation.

Slab Foundation vs. Pier and Beam: Pros and Cons for Homeowners

pros and cons of slab and pier and beam foundations

You’re wondering what differences there are between slab foundations and crawlspace foundations like on pier and beam homes. Maybe because you’re house shopping or just because you are curious. This article will list the pros and cons of each home foundation type for your reference.

Top 10 Myths About Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling and Repair

pier and beam myths

You’ve heard things about getting your house leveled and want to know if they are true – things like house leveling is messy, and pier and beam foundation repair is expensive. This article gives quick no-nonsense answers to the major myths and misconceptions about crawl space foundation repairs.

6 Ways to Fix Your Drywall After Foundation Repairs Are Complete

drywall repair after foundation repair

You’ve had your foundation repaired (either recently or a while ago) and have cracks in your drywall to contend with. They are closed up but there are still there. What can you do to handle drywall cracks? This article will explain why the cracks are still there and go over some ways to address the issue.

What is Cement Slurry and How is It Used in Concrete Repair?

mud jacking and slurry

You’re researching methods of concrete repair and/or mud jacking and you come across the term “slurry” and don’t know what that is or means. This article will explain what slurry is, how it’s used for concrete repair, and its benefits over other choices.

5 Signs That Your Foundation Repair Was Completed Poorly

badly done foundation repair

How do you know if you got a bad foundation repair? Are there any indicators that would tell you that your recent foundation repairs were poorly done or done wrong? This article will discuss the signs of a badly done foundation repair and what you can do about it.

How Messy or Intrusive Is My Foundation Repair Job Going to Be?

How messy is foundation repair?

A foundation repair project is about to start at your home soon. Just how messy will it be? This article will realistically discuss the conditions your yard and home will experience during a foundation repair job using Anchor Foundation Repair and what we do to minimize the mess.

Does Foundation Repair Cause Other Damage to My Home? Landscaping?

will foundation repair damage my home?

You’re looking at the prospect of foundation repair and have heard that getting your foundation repaired will damage your home and landscaping. Now you’re worried and are wondering if that’s true. This article will explain potential damage risks to your home from the foundation repair process.

What Will (and Won’t) Foundation Repair Do for My Home?

What will foundation repair do for my home?

You’re looking at foundation repair options and know that work gets done on your house, but what will the results be? What will foundation repair make better? Is there anything it won’t do? This article outlines the basic goals and sets realistic expectations for your home foundation repair project.

Pier and Beam Repair: (How) Can I Estimate the Cost to Level My House?

Calculate House Leveling Costs

You’ve got a pier and beam home that needs its foundation leveled. You’re wondering if you can estimate the costs on your own to repair it without bothering a contractor yet. This article explores the question of estimating the price for house leveling on your crawl space home and offers DIY tips.

The Fast Guide to Home Foundation Inspections – Purpose, Process, Cost

Guide to Foundation Inspections

You want to know more about home foundation inspections – and fast! You need the total basics on what the purpose of a foundation inspection is along with the process and cost to get one. This article will quickly highlight the essentials of what you really need to know so you can get one asap.

House Leveling: 4 Extra Costs of Pier and Beam Repair

extra costs of house leveling

You’re looking into the prospect of leveling your pier and beam house and are wondering about extra costs. Is there anything else you will need to pay for besides the bill from the foundation repair company? This article will review the potential additional costs you might run into during a house leveling project so that there are no surprises.

Top Reasons to Hire a Structural Engineer for Your Home’s Foundation

why hire a structural engineer

Should you hire a structural engineer before contacting a foundation repair company? Are there reasons that this is a good idea or not necessary? This article outlines the top reasons and times that a structural engineer would be good to call in for their expertise and evaluation.

7 Questions a Foundation Repair Contractor Should Be Asking You

questions a foundation repair contractor should ask

You are talking to a few foundation repair contractors because you need work done at your home. Not only should you ask them questions, but they should be asking YOU questions too. This article lists and explains 7 questions that a foundation repair company should be asking prospective clients.

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Home Repair Contractor of Any Kind

hiring a contractor

You need some home repairs but you don’t really know where to start in finding someone reliable that you can trust. Lots of people feel this way, so here’s an article to help get you started with 4 steps to follow in your research to locate a home repair contractor that will best meet your needs.

How Does a Slab Foundation Become Damaged or Crack? 3 Common Causes

damaged or cracked foundation

You’re wondering what the cause of your slab foundation damage is. Why exactly did your foundation crack? Many homeowners want an explanation of why these things happen. This article breaks down the three most common root causes of damage and cracks in a typical slab-on-grade foundation home.

What Happens In a Home Foundation Inspection? 3 Common Steps

foundation inspections

What happens during a foundation inspection? What’s it going to be like and what goes on during the visit. You want to know what to expect out of the inspection so that you can be prepared. This article covers 3 common steps that would occur with any home foundation inspection.

Assessing Foundation Problems By Phone/Video: Saving Time with Anchor

Video Calls for Foundation Repairs

You want someone to look at your house ASAP because you might have foundation problems. You are confused about why Anchor Foundation Repair wants to talk on the phone or by video first instead of coming out right away. This article covers the reasons we do this and how it benefits the homeowner.

Determining Foundation Repair Costs: Top 5 Factors that Impact Pricing

Foundation Repair Cost Factors

You are wondering about the cost of foundation repair. What factors influence the price and can you control any of them? This article will review the top X factors that determine your costs when it comes to home foundation repairs, like repair methods, cost influencers, and additional services.

Does Home Size or Square Feet Affect the Cost of Foundation Repair?

Does Square Footage Affect the Cost of Foundation Repair?

You are thinking you might need foundation repair for your home. You wonder how much the size of your home affects the cost of foundation repair. Does the size matter? Does the square footage matter? This article reviews the principle of home size and its correlation to foundation repair costs.