What Is A Home Foundation Inspection and How Much Does it Cost?

house foundation inspection

You think you need a foundation inspection but what is that exactly? You’ve also heard that they cost money sometimes, well how much? This article reviews what a home foundation inspection does for you and how much it could cost so that you know what to expect from this process.

What is Expansive Clay Soil? How Does It Affect My Home’s Foundation?

What is Expansive Clay Soil?

You have heard people talk about clay, clay soil, or expansive clay soil but you don’t know what it is or why it’s important for your home’s foundation. Knowing more about this soil type will help in your understanding of foundation health and settlement, and also of foundation problems and repair.

Before You Buy: 3 Ways Home Foundation Problems are Uncovered

buying a home with foundation problems

You’re out there looking at homes online and in person, hoping to find a hidden gem. Friends and family love to give you advice on this process and you have heard to watch out for foundation problems.  “Foundation problems are a dealbreaker,” they say . . .  “But homebuying is fun,” they say . . […]