Calculate Slab Foundation Repair Costs: How Many Supports Do I Need?

calculate the cost of foundation repair

You are looking for tips on how to calculate or estimate the cost of foundation repair for your home. You know that supports are needed, but how many? This article helps you figure out how to estimate the number of supports needed to hold up your home using the linear feet of the problem area.

Can I Fix Poor Drainage Around My Home’s Foundation? 6 Steps to Take

Drainage Issues

You’ve got drainage problems and you’re worried about your foundation too. Moving water away from your home is a good line of defense against water-related foundation problems and keeps your yard dry. Here are 6 steps to try and see if your drainage woes and foundation worries can be washed away.

Foundation Repair with Interior Piers: What to Expect

interior pier work

Your foundation repair project is going to need both perimeter piers and interior piers. The process is messy and you will need to pack things up and move out of your home temporarily. This article will help you know what to expect from the foundation repair process that includes interior pier work.

4 Best Bryan-College Station Plumbers for Under-Slab Plumbing Problems

Who are the best plumbers in Bryan and College Station to work on your plumbing problems in and under the slab? Many foundation repair jobs also include the need for under-slab plumbing repair and we often get asked for our opinion. This article outlines companies that do good work that we recommend.