5 More Slab-on-Grade Foundation Repair Myths for Homeowners

slab foundation repair myths

There are many misconceptions about slab-on-grade foundation problems and repairs out there. Like, do foundation problems heal themselves? Or will I have to keep getting foundation repair over and over again? This article will dispel 5 more foundation repair myths that have homeowners confused.

The Terms and Conditions of an Anchor Foundation Repair Proposal

contract with Anchor Foundation Repair

You’re just about ready to agree to an Anchor Foundation Repair proposal for work but you’re worried about the fine print in the contract. What does it all mean for you and your home? This article puts everything in plain language. It’s easy to understand without all the legal-sounding stuff.

What Can I Do About Sunken or Uneven Concrete Near My Home? 6 Options

Sunken Concrete

Do you have a sidewalk leading up to your home that is uneven because one section has sunk or tilted down creating a tripping hazard? Maybe your patio slopes away from the house and looks kind of sloppy. Or perhaps you have a low spot on your driveway that always holds water after it rains.  […]

Is it Safe to Live In a Home With Foundation Problems or Settlement?

Is it safe to live in a home with foundation problems

You’re feeling anxious about whether your home is safe to live in if you have foundation settlement, problems, or are in need of foundation repair. Many homeowners are looking for some reassurance. This article covers how foundation problems happen and why it’s safe to live in a home that has them.