15 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

questions to ask before hiring a foundation repair contractor

How will you know if a foundation repair contractor is “the one” for you? Asking the right questions will put you in the driver’s seat to hiring a foundation repair company that meets your home goals. This article reviews and explains 15 top questions to ask to help you make the best choice for you.

What Is the Best Foundation Repair Method and How Much Does It Cost?

the best foundation repair

You are in research mode. You want the best foundation repair method and want to know more about what choices are available. You’re also interested in knowing how much that method costs compared to others. This article offers the two basic methods most readily available in our area of Central Texas and outlines the advantages to each method and how the costs are determined.

Cost of Foundation Repair with Bell-Bottom Piers: 6 Factors

cost of foundation repair

The top question you have about foundation repair is: how much is it going to cost? For bell-bottom pier foundation repair, the materials, labor, and overhead are typical cost factors, but there’s more. This article covers 6 pricing factors and estimates cost for bell-bottom pier foundation repair.

Foundation Repair: 5 Good Reasons Not to Wait on Your Foundation Work

foundation repair don't wait

You are not sure if you should do foundation repair now or wait until later. Maybe you are thinking about remodeling or are just starting to see cracks in your walls. This article will help outline some good reasons to get started now and not wait until later to start your foundation repair project.