7 Questions a Foundation Repair Contractor Should Be Asking You

questions a foundation repair contractor should ask

You are talking to a few foundation repair contractors because you need work done at your home. Not only should you ask them questions, but they should be asking YOU questions too. This article lists and explains 7 questions that a foundation repair company should be asking prospective clients.

Do I Have a Foundation or a Flooring Problem? Hardwood Floor Issues

hardwood floor issues

You suddenly are seeing your wood floors popping, tenting up in the middle, and creating speed bumps in your floors. Is this a crawl-space foundation issue or just a flooring problem? This article will cover what is happening, why, and what to do about it so you can stop panicking and start getting it fixed.

Foundation Repair Timing: 5 Reasons You Might Wait to Get Started

Anchor Foundation

Can this foundation repair wait or is it an emergency? You don’t want to rush into a big-ticket repair if it’s possible to hold off. Many foundation repair companies can scare you into thinking that you must act now. But in the real world, there are some reasons to wait on fixing your foundation.