What Are Concrete Pressed Pilings? Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

Concrete Pressed Piles Pros and Cons

What exactly are concrete pressed pilings? How are they made and installed? What’s good about them or not so good? This article explains concrete pressed piles and how they function to raise and level your home. We will also cover the installation, pros, and cons of this method of foundation repair.

What Is a Hydrostatic Pressure Test in Foundation Repair? 4 Steps

hydrostatic pressure testing

You’re researching foundation repair methods and you come across a term: hydrostatic pressure testing or a hydrostatic plumbing test. You want to understand this test and how it works for the plumbing under your slab foundation. This article will review the four main steps in the testing process.

Top 4 Tips to Handle Gutters Around Your Home’s Foundation

Tips for Handling Your Home Gutter System

You’re looking for answers about gutters: what is their purpose, do I need them? You’re also looking for tips on handling gutters around your home for the best possible health of your foundation. This article covers all that good gutter stuff so you know have an idea of how to handle things.

What is a Slab-On-Grade Foundation? (Construction, Damage, 6 Repair Types)

BCS Foundation Repair

Are you looking for some basic information about slab-on-grade foundations, like how are they made, how do they get damaged, and what types of methods are available to repair them? This article will tell you all about slab-on-grade foundations and 6 possible foundation repair methods available.

Home Foundation Stabilization vs. Leveling: The Pros and Cons

Homeowners in need of foundation repair might benefit from knowing the difference between home stabilization and leveling by looking at the pros and cons of each method of foundation repair and what they are best for. This article will help homeowners decide what the best option is for their home.