How Can I Pay for Foundation Repair Costs? 7 Best Options

paying for foundation repairs

You are wondering how you can pay for a potential foundation repair project in your future. What are your best options to explore to pay for this large expense? This article will review 7 common methods homeowners use to handle the cost of foundation repair and discuss considerations for each.

How Do You Know If a Home Passes or Fails a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test?

hydrostatic plumbing testing

You know a hydrostatic plumbing or pressure test is an important part of your foundation repair. But you don’t know what the results of the test tell you. What passes and what fails? This article will go over how to know if the test was successful or not and what happens next.

Foundation Repair Second Opinions: When Should You Get One

second opinions

Do you need a second opinion on your foundation repair? Do you want one to feel better about home decisions? Don’t feel bad about wanting to hear from another foundation repair contractor, it’s your home, and your right. This article reviews a few things to consider when it comes to second opinions.

Can I Prevent My Trees from Causing Foundation Problems? 4 Ways to Try

preventing foundation problems from trees

You’re a concerned homeowner who wants to do everything possible to prevent trees from causing foundation problems. Trees can contribute to foundation issues, especially in times of drought. This article covers 4 things to try to lessen opportunities for home settlement by taking care of your trees.