How Does Under-Slab Tunneling Work? Basic 5 Step Process

under-slab tunneling process

You’re interested in under-slab tunneling for accessing and repairing leaks under your foundation. What is the process? This article will give you five basic steps a tunneling crew would go through on an under-slab tunneling project for your home.

Top 6 Signs of Interior Foundation Settlement and Problems in a Home

Interior Foundation Settlement Signs

How do you know if you have foundation problems under the middle of your home? Do these signs look any different from the usual top signs of foundation settlement that affect the perimeter of your home? Yes – there can be different signs and symptoms and this article will cover the main tipoffs.

Foundation Repair Contractors: Avoiding 4 Top Problems of Hiring One

finding a reliable foundation repair contractor

You need to locate a reputable foundation repair contractor and want to avoid making a mistake or choosing the wrong one. This article reviews 4 problems that you might encounter while looking and actionable steps to take to select the best foundation repair company for the needs of your home.

What is Mud Jacking? (Definition, Process, and Cost)

Do you have concrete surfaces like driveways, patios, or sidewalks around your home that are sunken, misaligned, or create tripping hazards? Rather than replacing the concrete altogether, try mud jacking instead. This article explains facts about mud jacking to see if it’s right for your home.