How Does a Slab Foundation Become Damaged or Crack? 3 Common Causes

damaged or cracked foundation

You’re wondering what the cause of your slab foundation damage is. Why exactly did your foundation crack? Many homeowners want an explanation of why these things happen. This article breaks down the three most common root causes of damage and cracks in a typical slab-on-grade foundation home.

What Are the Early Signs of Foundation Settlement or Problems?

early signs of foundation problems

Looking for early signs of foundation settlement? Hoping you can catch problems early, prevent serious issues, or that they might cost less to repair? This article covers early signs of foundation settlement, what to do when you find them, and a discussion about if repairing early will cost less.

Foundation Repair Helps a Home Built on a Sloping Lot: Rosa’s Story

home on a sloping lot

You have a home on a sloping lot and are wondering about potential foundation issues. We repaired Rosa’s slab-on-grade foundation in her 1980s built home and wanted to share her story. Her experience included hesitancies, breaking points, insurance claims, and extra costs. Check out the results.

How Long Will My Foundation Repair Project Take with Anchor? 5 Factors

Are you wondering how long a foundation repair project will take? At Anchor Foundation Repair, we use the bell-bottom pier system and we use 5 phases of work to complete the job. This article explains how long the process takes and why so that homeowners know what to expect from this type of repair.