What Is the Average Cost for an Under-Slab Tunneling Job?

average cost of tunneling

You want to know how much under-slab tunneling costs. Is it per foot or is the cost calculated in a different way? What goes into figuring out the cost of tunneling? This article will review different aspects of pricing and cost of under-slab tunneling and give average price ranges and costs for typical projects.

Do I Need to Move Out or Can I Live at Home During Foundation Repair?

do I need to move out during foundation repair?

Do you need to move out during foundation repairs or live there while the work is going on? This is a big question for homeowners when thinking about getting repairs done. Mostly the answer is “no” you don’t have to move out, but there are some cases when you need to that we review in this article.

Is Foundation Repair Covered by My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

homeowners insurance coverage for foundation repair

You just found out that you need foundation repair and are wondering if your homeowner’s insurance can help pay for this expense. There are some cases where insurance covers foundation repair, but they are very specific and rare. This article explains instances where it might be possible.