Do I Need to Protect My Foundation from Texas Summer Drought?

Texas Summer Drought

It’s summertime and getting hot and dry. Should you be concerned about your foundation? This article will discuss drought’s impact on foundations and what you can do to protect your home from extreme dryness brought to you by our typical summer climate.

Concrete Leveling: What is Mud Jacking and How Is it Done?

mud jacking for concrete leveling

You’ve just heard the term mud jacking for repairing concrete and you want to know more about it. What does it even mean? What is the process? This article will go over the use, definition, and process of mud jacking so that you will know more about this method of concrete raising and leveling.

House Leveling: Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Fit for Your Needs?

best fit

You are shopping around for a foundation repair company to handle your house leveling or pier and beam foundation repair needs. Is Anchor Foundation Repair the best fit for you? This article will cover your top house leveling needs and discuss whether Anchor is best to meet those needs or not.