What Is Subfloor? (Definition, Purpose, Problems in Crawl Space Home)

What is Subfloor?

You are looking into house leveling for your home and want to understand what subfloor is and how it fits into the structure of your crawl space foundation. This article defines and explains subfloor, and then reviews how to tell if there is something wrong with the subfloor in your home.

Is This a Foundation Issue? 9 Misleading Signs Homeowners Ask About

False and Misleading Signs of Foundation Problems

You’re wondering about some issues around your home and whether or not they are foundation problem signs. This article covers and explains nine common misleading or false signs that make homeowners think they have a foundation problem when they might actually not.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: 5 Times to Wait on House Leveling

crawlspace home

You’re looking for reasons, wise and practical reasons, that it might be good to wait on getting foundation repairs for your pier and beam home and honestly there are some to consider. This article covers 5 situations where it’s okay to wait before getting started on your house leveling project.