Can I Prevent or Repair Foundation Problems By Watering? Fact or Myth

watering your foundation

You’ve got foundation issues and you’re looking for ways to solve this home problem. Is watering your foundation going to prevent or repair the problem? This article will explain what watering can and can’t do for your foundation and explain why it’s a myth and not a real solution.

15 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Leveling Contractor

questions to ask when hiring a house leveling contractor

How will you know if a house leveling contractor is right for you? Asking the right questions gives you the best chance to hire a company that meets your needs and handles your crawl space foundation problems. This article reviews and explains 15 top questions to ask when hiring for house leveling.

What to Expect from an Under-Slab Tunneling Project on Your Home

what to expect from tunneling

You are about to have an under-slab tunneling job to reach a leak under your slab, but what should you expect during the process? Will it be noisy or messy? What exactly will they be doing? This article goes over the tunneling process in detail so you know what is about to happen at your home.

Spring Check-Up: How to Monitor Your Home for Foundation Issues

spring foundation checklist

As a conscientious homeowner, you want to know about proactive steps to check up on the condition of your home’s foundation. This article will explain why spring is a good time to do a once-over around your house and check for developing foundation issues as a way to prevent bigger problems.

House Leveling: 4 Extra Costs of Pier and Beam Repair

extra costs of house leveling

You’re looking into the prospect of leveling your pier and beam house and are wondering about extra costs. Is there anything else you will need to pay for besides the bill from the foundation repair company? This article will review the potential additional costs you might run into during a house leveling project so that there are no surprises.