Top 7 Questions Your House Leveling Contractor Should Be Asking You

7 questions a house leveler should ask

You are talking to house leveling contractors because you’ve got foundation issues with your pier and beam or crawl space home. You’ve got questions for them, but they should be asking stuff too. This article explains 7 key questions that a prospective house leveling contractor should be asking you.

Top 10 Myths About Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling and Repair

pier and beam myths

You’ve heard things about getting your house leveled and want to know if they are true – things like house leveling is messy, and pier and beam foundation repair is expensive. This article gives quick no-nonsense answers to the major myths and misconceptions about crawl space foundation repairs.

The Fast Guide to Home Foundation Inspections – Purpose, Process, Cost

Guide to Foundation Inspections

You want to know more about home foundation inspections – and fast! You need the total basics on what the purpose of a foundation inspection is along with the process and cost to get one. This article will quickly highlight the essentials of what you really need to know so you can get one asap.

House Leveling: How Long Does Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Take?

house leveling in BCS

How long is house leveling supposed to take on average? You need to know how much time to allow for your pier and beam foundation repair so that you know what to expect. This article reviews 6 crawlspace foundation repair scenarios and their approximate work times along with contributing factors.

What are Sills on a Pier and Beam Home Foundation? 4 Types/Purposes

types of sill

You have heard terms with the word “sill” in them while talking to your foundation repair contractor. You have a pier and beam home foundation that needs repair. This article will demystify the term sill and review types of sill used on a crawlspace foundation for original construction and repairs.