Crawl Space Foundation Issues: 8 Real + 6 Misleading Signs w/Pictures

pier and beam foundation problem signs

How do you know if your pier and beam or crawl space home has foundation issues? Are the problems you see real signs or just misleading symptoms with another cause? This ultimate picture guide will show and explain both real and misleading signs of foundation problems with a crawl space home.

House Leveling: 8 Beneficial Reasons to Raise Your Whole Home

reasons to elevate your whole home

You’ve got a crawl space home that is too close to the ground. You might think about raising the whole structure further off the ground for some practical and beneficial reasons for your home and your foundation. This article reviews the many pros and a few drawbacks to raising your whole home during the house leveling process.

House Leveling: 3 Drawbacks to Elevating Your Whole Home

Drawbacks to Elevating Your home

You might be aware of the benefits of elevating your “too low” home. Are there any drawbacks or disadvantages to elevating your whole home? This article will quickly review the benefits and then expand on the cons that elevating your home might cause when you need to get your crawlspace home leveled.

How To Know If Your Home Has Foundation Problems

how to know if you have foundation issues

You want to know “how to know” if you have a foundation issue. Do you need special tools or knowledge? Not really. This article outlines all the ways that our professional foundation repair team assesses and confirms foundation problems in a home so that you know how to figure it out on your own.

How Messy or Intrusive Is My Foundation Repair Job Going to Be?

How messy is foundation repair?

A foundation repair project is about to start at your home soon. Just how messy will it be? This article will realistically discuss the conditions your yard and home will experience during a foundation repair job using Anchor Foundation Repair and what we do to minimize the mess.