What is Slurry and How is It Used in Foundation Repair?

slurry and foundation repair

You don’t know what the word slurry means and what it has to do with your upcoming or possible foundation repairs. This article will define slurry and explain how it is used and benefits the drilled pier foundation repair process and your foundation.

What is the Best Skirting Choice for My Block and Base Home? 9 Options

Need New Skirting for Crawl Space Home?

You have a crawl space home foundation and are exploring new skirting options for one reason or another. What are the choices in skirting and what is the best selection for your home? This article will discuss the purpose of skirting and present the pros and cons of the materials you can pick from.

House Leveling vs. Pier and Beam Repairs: What’s the Difference?

house leveling vs. pier and beam repair

You have heard the terms house leveling and pier and beam foundation repair. You are not sure if they are different things or different ways to say the same thing. This article will explore the meaning and difference between these two terms so that you can feel more clear on the subject yourself.