Drywall After Foundation Repair: What to Expect and How to Handle It

drywall expectations after foundation repair

Foundation repairs will begin at your home soon. What results or changes can you expect to see in your drywall? Will there be old, new, or no cracks? This article tells you what to expect in your drywall condition after foundation repairs and advises how to handle any cracks you may have.

Pier and Beam Repair: (How) Can I Estimate the Cost to Level My House?

Calculate House Leveling Costs

You’ve got a pier and beam home that needs its foundation leveled. You’re wondering if you can estimate the costs on your own to repair it without bothering a contractor yet. This article explores the question of estimating the price for house leveling on your crawl space home and offers DIY tips.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: Are There Different Methods?

repair methods for pier and beam foundations

You need your pier and beam foundation repaired or your house leveled. Are there different ways that foundation repair companies use to fix crawl space foundations? This article answers the question of what methods exist and explores approaches that repair contractors can take with this home issue.