How to Use Tick Marks to Track Your Foundation Settlement

tick marks for tracking foundation settlement

Monitoring for changes in your foundation settlement helps you to know when foundation repairs are needed. But how do you use them? This article will explain why tick marks are helpful and how to mark and monitor using tick marks to track foundation movement so you know when to take action.

Can You Fix a Commercial Slab with Foundation Issues (and How)?

fix a commercial slab

Commercial buildings don’t often have foundation issues, but when they do, who do you call? Can commercial foundations be fixed with foundation repair in the same way as residential slabs? This article will explain what is possible for commercial foundation repairs, how it’s done, and how costs are affected.

Why Is My Home Having Foundation Problems and My Neighbor Isn’t?

why is just my home having foundation problems

You’re having a foundation problem and the homes around you are not. Why is that? It seems logical to expect homes in the same area to all have the same foundation challenges. This article reviews likely reasons why foundation settlement can be isolated to one home and not affect others.