Handling Drain Line Repairs: Pipe Bursting vs. Sleeving vs. Tunneling

drain line repairs

You have drain line issues that need repairing. You’ve heard of different ways to replace underground plumbing lines and are wondering which to use. This article explains the methods of pipe bursting, sleeving, and under-slab tunneling so that you can understand what might work best for your home.

How to Tell if You Have Wood Rot or Termite Damage in Your Crawl Space

damaged wood

You’ve got some issues going on in your crawl space foundation. It doesn’t seem like a foundation settlement issue. Is it wood rot or termites and how can you tell? This article will describe ways to differentiate wood rot from termite issues in your pier and beam or crawl space home.

Top 6 Problems to Solve with Concrete Lifting or Concrete Leveling

Concrete Problems

What kinds of problems can you fix with concrete lifting? Are there any problems that are not solved with concrete leveling? This article will review the basics of what concrete lifting is, list the top issues it can fix, and which problems won’t be solved using this concrete repair method.