What is the Process for Concrete Leveling with Mud Jacking?

mud jacking process

You need concrete leveling and are wondering about the mud jacking process. You want to know how it works and when it’s a good option. This article reviews the basics of mud jacking, when to use it, and describes the steps a contractor would go through to complete your concrete leveling project.

What Is the Difference Between a Porch and a Patio?

what's the difference between and porch and a patio

Are there differences between a porch and a patio? Do the differences affect how a porch or patio needs to be repaired if settlement has occurred? This article explains how porches and patios are constructed, how they are different, and the approach to repair them if slab settlement has occurred.

Average Price Ranges for Foundation Repair in the Brazos Valley (2023)

average costs for foundation repair in BCS

What are some average pricing ranges for foundation repairs in Bryan, College Station, and surrounding communities? You just want some ballpark figures. This article will break down some average costs for small, medium, and larger projects using the two methods available in the Brazos Valley area.