Avoiding Sales Gimmicks When Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

foundation repair gimmicks

You’re in the market for foundation repairs and you’re wondering if there’s anything you should watch out for as a sales tactic. This article reveals the top xx foundation repair sales gimmicks and red flags that should give you pause as you search for the repair contractor to best meet your needs.

What Is the Process for Driveway or Sidewalk Removal and Replacement?

replacing concrete

You’re weighing your options on raising vs. replacing your driveway, sidewalk, or other exterior concrete surface. What’s the process for a full removal and replacement? This article will cover the process, as well as estimate timelines and costs for replacing concrete around your home.

Save Time & Money by Assessing Pier and Beam Problems By Phone/Video

talk by phone and video to asses pier and beam problems

You might have foundation problems with your pier and beam home and want someone to look at it ASAP for house leveling. You are confused about why Anchor wants to talk by phone or video first instead of coming out right away. This article covers the reasons we do this and how it benefits you.