Top 6 Reasons Why Paid Foundation Inspections Benefit You

paid inspection

You want to get an inspection for possible foundation problems and a bid for repairs. Why does Anchor Foundation Repair only do paid inspections? What’s in it for you? This article will explain the main reasons why paid inspections are beneficial to homeowners.

Top 6 Concrete Issues Confused with Foundation Problems

concrete flaws

Your concrete slab has some unattractive flaws. Are they signs of foundation problems? This article will review common cosmetic concrete issues that are often confused as foundation-related. We will explain what causes these issues and why they are unrelated to your foundation’s stability.

Anchor’s Concrete Lifting Process: What to Expect with Mud Jacking

mud jacking process

You’ve got an appointment to get your concrete lifted and leveled with Anchor Foundation Repair. What exactly is going to happen at your property during the work? What will this process look like? This article takes you step-by-step through the details of what will soon be happening at your home.

Should I Get My Pier and Beam House Leveled?  Now, Later, or Never

house leveling now later never

You are not sure which way to go on getting your pier and beam house leveled. Should you do the repairs now? Do the repairs later? Or not at all? What makes the most sense for you and your home? This article will offer ways to help you think through this decision and feel good about your choice.