Choosing a Foundation Repair Contractor: 8 Red Flags to Watch For

red flags in foundation repair

You’re looking to hire a foundation repair contractor and want to watch for any warning signs that might spell trouble. What red flags could indicate the company is less likely to take good care of you and your home? This article will alert you to some common signs of less reputable repair services.

Handling Summer Drought Issues with Pier and Beam Home Foundations

drought pier and beam

Are drought issues different for pier and beam home foundations? Are there any special considerations or problems that come up for crawl space foundations with drought? This article will discuss reasons drought affects pier and beam homes differently, how to prevent settlement, and when to repair.

Top 6 Reasons to Conduct a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test on Your Home

reasons to hydrostatic test

You’re worried about possible plumbing and foundation issues and think you might need hydrostatic pressure testing on your home. What are the best reasons to get a hydrostatic plumbing test? This article will outline what this test does and when it’s a good idea to get one.