What Is the Best Way to Handle Uneven Concrete Around My Pool Deck?

repair my pool deck

You’ve got a pool with uneven concrete surfaces in the surrounding pool deck. What are your options to get this safety concern and tripping hazard fixed? This article reviews ways to correct the problem of an unsafe and uneven pool deck and discusses the cost, effort, and considerations with each.

How to Fix Erosion, Voids, or the Hollow Sound Under Your Concrete

void under concrete patio

There’s a growing problem under your concrete. Does it sound hollow or show signs of erosion and washout? How can you fill in a void under your sidewalk, driveway, or patio? This article explains how mud-pumping slurry is a solution to fill a growing space under concrete to help prevent settlement.

Pier & Beam Problems: Do Cracked Floor Tiles Mean Foundation Issues?

Cracked floor tiles

Floor tiles are cracked in your pier and beam home and you are worried about foundation issues. This article explains what causes cracked tiles and discusses whether this problem is an indicator of foundation settlement. We also cover some do’s and don’ts with having tile in a crawl space home.