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Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Write Articles?

Why does Anchor Foundation Repair write so many articles? Why give away all this information for free? Does this mean that my foundation repair is going to cost more because Anchor is employing a writer to do this job? Seems like a waste of time and money . . .

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been answering homeowners’ questions on phone calls and during foundation inspections for 35+ years. We see that many people tend to have the same questions so why don’t we just write some of this stuff down and share it with people? Oh wait . . . that’s what we’re doing . . . 

This article will explain why we write articles and how it doesn’t result in extra costs to homeowners. We will discuss our business and advertising philosophy behind writing content to inform and empower Brazos Valley homeowners.

Foundation Repair Articles Are a Form of Advertising

Some companies spend money on advertising like TV and radio commercials, social media campaigns, billboards, and print ads. Other companies might even pay a lot of money for a massive digital advertising campaign so that you see little ads following you on the internet.

Most of the time, people fast forward through commercials, ignore social media ads, and might even get creeped out by ads showing up during their time on the internet. You don’t really want to hear or see that stuff while you are trying to enjoy some leisure time, do you?

Do you think negatively about a company that advertises in the traditional way? Neither do we as most companies need to spend money on advertising their business somehow.

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But we decided to be where people DO want to see us instead of where they don’t want to see us. We don’t want to bother you when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite TV show, watch silly internet videos, or interact with faraway friends. Instead, we offer helpful and unbiased information about foundation repair and our other services at a time when it’s appropriate and desired. 

So instead of spending our marketing dollars on a bunch of stuff that people don’t even want to see or hear, we spend our marketing budget on hiring an employee instead – that’s me and I love my job a whole, whole lot. I love being able to teach and explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand ways for everyone to find useful.

Why Give Away Foundation Repair Info for Free?

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When people ask Google or any other search engine a foundation repair-related question that they really want the answer to, we are there to answer it with honest information. 

We find that this kind of *advertising* is more helpful to homeowners at a time when it is actually needed. It feels way more authentic and meaningful to us too.

We give away this free information because we sincerely want to help you out in a time of serious doubt, fear, and worry. Sometimes that means you end up being our customer and sometimes it doesn’t. We believe in helping Brazos Valley homeowners find what option works best for them, even when it’s not us.

Does Anchor Foundation Repair Cost More Because of Content?

No, we do not charge more for our foundation repairs or any other service since hiring a writer to create meaningful content for Anchor Foundation Repair. We use the money that was already in our marketing budget and spend it on a writer instead of on other traditional forms of advertising.

Yes, sometimes our prices are higher than the competition, but it’s not because we have a writer on staff. The cost of our slab foundation repairs is more because we use a different method of foundation repair that takes more time, skill, and materials to complete. We’ve got an article that explains it too!

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Our costs are also higher than other companies simply because of the type of business we choose to run. Sure, we could run a bare-bones company that keeps our service costs as low as possible. But we want to provide jobs for Brazos Valley residents and we want those people to be happy. 

Running a company that people are proud to work for means taking on some additional overhead costs where workloads are shared, a positive work environment is provided, and futures are securely planned.

Answering Foundation Repair Questions with Honest Answers

Anchor Foundation Repair is a family legacy business that has been part of the Brazos Valley community for 35+ years. We live here, we work here, we play here – we might even see you at the grocery store! 

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We want to be helpful to our friends and neighbors because it’s the right thing to do and holding a trusted place in the community is where we want to be. We give our professional opinions and advice to homeowners just as we would a personal friend. To us, anything else would be unnatural, and sharing our expertise with you is worth our time.

Since starting this business philosophy of helpful content as marketing, we have a library of over 170 articles to get you the information you need, when you need it most. Check out Our Learning Center and ask a question . . . let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for and we will write up an article just for you . . . enjoy!