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Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Choice for Your Home?

Here at Anchor Foundation Repair, we recognize that there are not better and worse foundation repair companies out there, just better and worse fits for certain people and certain projects. We fully admit that we cannot work with everybody on everything “under the foundation repair sun” and know that sometimes you need something different.

After 35 years of serving our community, we know where we fall in the mix of things. By the end of this article, you will understand which type of foundation repair company you should be looking for to get a quote and which ones don’t make sense for you to look into. We do this so that you know where to get started with the absolute right foundation repair company to meet your specific needs.

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

Anchor Foundation Repair cares more about your respect than we do our bank account. We want to share our process with you and show you that we understand your problem. Then we will provide you with recommendations that are in your best interests and meet your homeowner goals. 

Our driving force as a contracting company is as a servant to your needs above our own. In short, we want to make sure that you find what you are seeking: the foundation repair company that best meets your needs.

If you need speed . . . 

We understand that we may not be the best fit for everyone as far as how quickly we can get to your home or how long it will take to complete the repairs. We are generally not competitive when it comes to doing the job at the fastest speed.

Generally, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to start on your home from the time we come out for an In-Home Assessment. We do already have other jobs lined up, so just like a dentist, we have to get you on the schedule.

We also ask that you do a few things before we even get to that step. Things like sending us pictures and an initial phone call helps us all to figure out your best solution, and it might not be us.

Once we start a typical slab foundation repair job, it also takes time. Average sized slab foundations can take 3 ½ to 4 weeks to repair, while larger sized homes/repair areas can take around 8 to 10 weeks. This is probably the longest of our repair types, so you can find more timeframe estimates in our Common Customer Questions article.

In other words, if Anchor Foundation Repair were in a fable, it would be the one about the Tortoise and the Hare. *Spoiler alert* – we are the tortoise. In the end, slow and steady might win the race for some homeowners but not all. 

We can assure you that most foundation repair issues are not emergencies. Most problems have taken many years to form, so it’s okay to wait a few weeks in most cases. Much like a cavity that needs to be filled at the dentist, it’s something that needs to be done, but not much will change about the situation if your appointment is a few weeks or even months away.

But if you truly feel you are in urgent need of foundation repair immediately, we can help refer you to some other qualified companies.

If you need the lowest price . . .

We totally get that some people just need the cheapest repair. 

Bryan College Station Foundation Repair

This could be because you are selling your home right now and are trying to get it under contract. This could be because you are an investor or home-flipper and are trying to minimize expenses. This could be because you simply need the lowest cost you can find to solve your pressing foundation problem. 

Another *spoiler alert* – Anchor is probably not going to be the least expensive foundation repair quote you get.

We are generally not competitive when it comes to the lowest prices. Our focus is more on providing the highest-quality and longest-lasting foundation repair for our area’s unique expansive clay conditions.

More important than the stability we bring to the home, is the value of our service. We use a proven repair method that will guarantee our results and your happiness. To Anchor, that happy homeowner feeling is more valuable to us than the “lowest price tag” award.

If you need a local business . . .

Local Business

This might be more like if you want a local business. Today’s consumers purposefully seek out local businesses to support and use to meet their needs for goods and services. Anchor Foundation Repair is as local as it gets.

Founded in 1985 by Ken Tripp right here in the Brazos Valley, Ken built his business one home and one homeowner at a time, doing honest and transparent work for his neighbors. Ken strove to be the best, not the biggest foundation repair company in the state of Texas.

Now that Ken’s son Craig Tripp has taken over as owner and is running the business, the next generation is setting his sights on a long term vision of service in our local area. Since Craig is from Bryan/College Station, he has always been a part of this “small town” community. 

Craig understands that the key to Anchor Foundation Repair’s success is in taking care of your needs. This results in you telling the rest of the community how Anchor’s service made a difference for you as a homeowner.

“Of course, I will share with you what I see as problems or potential problem areas around the home in my role as a foundation repairman. More importantly, I’ll share my thoughts with you from the perspective of a homeowner myself, as well as a neighbor, and friend.”

Craig Tripp – Anchor Foundation Repair President, Owner, CEO, Foundation Repair Extraordinaire

Local Knowledge

The other side of the “local coin” is this: Anchor knows the unique soil properties of this area like no other and has expertly been working with this dirt for 35 years straight. 

Expansive Soil solutions for the Brazos Valley
The Brazos Valley sits on expansive soils.

A service contractor headquartered out of Houston, Austin, or San Antonio deals with different kinds of soil conditions and might not have quite as much experience with our localized needs.

Think of it this way, if you are buying a house here, do you want to use a Realtor® that lives in Houston? Maybe not because they don’t know the local market or area as well. While a larger company out of a larger city might be able to offer a better deal or faster service, they might not know our area as well to provide you with a housing solution that works for you in the long-term.

If you are looking for a lifetime solution to your foundation problem, a company with more local knowledge might serve your needs better. If you plan to live in the home for many years or plan to pass the home down to your family, you might be more interested in a lasting repair.

Not everyone is looking for a long term fix best suited to the area, and we understand that well and can suggest other contractors.

If you need the best quality . . .

Speaking of long term solutions rather than a quick fix, there are different methods of foundation repair. Some are cheaper, easier, faster, and don’t have the goal to last forever. 

For our slab foundation leveling and repair, Anchor uses the bell-bottom pier method of supporting your home. These piers provide the longest-lasting, most stable option for the expansive clay found in our area. Any other method or technique will work in the short-term, but it won’t work for as long and it isn’t the best choice for longevity.

pressed piles vs bell bottom piers
pressed pile pier vs. bell-bottom pier

If your goal is to get the best quality repair so that you never have to do this again, Anchor is a great fit for you. If your goal is to get a repair that lasts through many years so that your children won’t have to worry about this again later, Anchor is a great fit for you.

Other methods and other contractors can definitely offer services cheaper and faster because they are using different techniques and materials, and that might be exactly what you need. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

If you need a warranty . . .

Anchor Foundation offers a Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our methods, that we offer a transferable lifetime warranty. Not only do we place the highest emphasis on your satisfaction throughout the job process, but we also guarantee it when we’re finished.

If you sell your home, the warranty transfers. If you pass your home down, the warranty transfers. We know these are bold statements but are fully prepared to stand behind them.

Getting warranty work is an easy process of just making a phone call to Anchor and we can look up your file. We are more than happy to come out and make adjustments to your piers if further settling has occurred. If it has been less than 5 years, there is no charge for warranty work. After that time, there are service charges according to your Service Agreement.

If this is important to you and your home, be sure to ask any other contractor you are considering about their warranty policy.

If you want to feel in control . . . 

Contact Anchor Foundation Repair

Some contractors can make you feel like you are in dire need of repairs and create a sense of urgency surrounding your decision, pushing you to act now. It’s not the best feeling but some people don’t mind if it gets them a good deal or they need to move fast.

At Anchor, we are always about “the next right step” for you. Regardless of where we are in the process, we will give honest assessments at all times so that you as a homeowner can decide how you want to proceed and honor your decisions.

If you feel like our service qualities align with your needs, fill out a contact form to begin the quoting process.