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How Can I Get a Bid or Quote from Anchor Foundation Repair?

So you think you might like to use Anchor Foundation Repair to assess and possibly fix your foundation problem? Great! Here’s how it will work.

Knowing what to expect helps you, the homeowner, feel confident in your decisions, saves you time, and gets you the results and service you desire most efficiently. You are probably anxious to find out exactly what is wrong with your foundation and how to fix it as soon as possible—and have a billion questions! 

Anchor Foundation Repair

We at Anchor want you to know that we understand your need to know all the facts and get the no-nonsense answers you need to make an informed decision. Anchor wants the same things: an easy process free from worry over what comes next, and an honest partnership that leaves you feeling taken care of and important. 

Serving the Brazos Valley community since 1985, Anchor is here to stay and holds your best interests in the highest regard. We want to help you with your foundation issues, but ONLY IF we determine there is a true problem that needs attention in your home. This customer process is designed with you in mind.

Reach Out to Anchor

Some customers love technology, and we love that! So Anchor offers a thorough and easy online CONTACT FORM that will prepare us to meet your needs from the very beginning. Of course, we will need the basics, such as name, address, phone, and email contact info. 

Contact Anchor Foundation

In fact, just knowing the address of the home will let us know exactly what type of soil your home is built on, as well and provide an immediate overhead view of the footprint and surrounding landscape of the property to begin thinking about potential issues. 

We also want to know things like whether you are a homeowner and how long you have lived in the home, OR whether you are a potential buyer or Realtor, contractor, or investor. A checklist is also included where you can indicate all the “symptoms” your home is experiencing.

If you prefer talking by phone instead or if you don’t want to fill out the contact form, you might take a look at it anyway so that you know what kinds of questions and information we will need to begin serving your needs. CALL ANCHOR at 979.690.2020 to leave this needed information with our office.

Immediately after calling the office, please plan to submit photos by email of your home’s damage points. But for your convenience, the Contact Form on our website allows you to upload your pictures quickly and easily all at the same time.

Provide Pictures

After the initial customer phone call or contact form completion, we will reach out via email to request pictures of the damaged areas if you did not submit them using our website contact form. 

Believe it or not, our experts can tell a lot from some well-positioned photos. This information will make for a better initial consultation call and allows us to put together a plan for you. We often get the question, “Can you really diagnose my foundation from just a few pictures?” and the answer is, “Yes, we can!”

We know that pictures won’t tell the whole story of your home’s foundation, but after 35 years of inspections, we have found that starting with maybe 5 to 6 photos (coupled with the bird’s eye view obtained by having the address) is a great place to begin forming a basic idea of the problem, and potential ballpark cost to repair the issue. Just in case you are wondering, photos are what we want, videos are not needed.

What’s in it for you? Pictures will speed up the process and allow Anchor to quickly assess whether you have a true problem and prepare an estimated price. Remember, we don’t want to fix your foundation unless there’s truly something to fix, saving YOU time, money, and worry.

Here’s the kind of photos we need:

Get an Estimate for Foundation Repair
Wider angle views that show cracks in relation to doors, windows, or corners are helpful.

Wider angle views of damage on vertical surfaces both inside and outside the home. Floor photos are not needed, so look for wall damage, surrounding door and window openings, countertop or moulding separations, as well as exterior and interior cracks in walls. It is not necessary to literally take a picture of every window that has identical damage around it, but rather focus on one example of each type of issue. Cracks going in different directions are potentially different issues so plan to provide at least one photo of each scenario.

In addition to wanting to see vertical damage, we also want to make sure your photos are taken at a wider angle so that our experts can see the surrounding context of the damage. In other words, a close up of a singular crack won’t help. Back up and take a wider shot photo that shows adjacent home features and the relationship of the damage to floors, ceilings, and corners.

Here’s another example:

Get a bid from Anchor Foundation Repair
Step back to take your photos so that we can see the surrounding areas and features of your home.

Submit your photos through our contact form along with your name and address, and other home information.

Within 1-2 business days after submitting your photos, we will schedule you for a “Rough Estimate Phone Call”.

Have Your Rough Estimate Phone Call – FREE

Call Anchor Foundation

At Anchor, our number one priority is upfront and transparent communication at all times. We want to understand and connect with you so that you can feel like you are receiving fair and honest advice about your home. 

This phone call will allow us to listen to your concerns. Hearing your concerns through active listening, along with the photo evidence is what helps us the most and where the real magic happens. Just listening to your concerns and hearing you describe the areas with problems can give us the tools we need to make an accurate estimate (within 5% of the cost).

Through photos and this important conversation, we will determine if your home indeed has a problem that Anchor Foundation Repair can fix or if another remedy would better meet your needs.

This is why we ask for photos and conduct an initial call first: to determine if our services are a good match for you and it might even save you the time and expense of the in-home visit if it seems that another solution might work better for you.

Allow around 15-30 minutes for this call and you will come away with a rough cost estimate based on your input as well as the damage shown in the photos you graciously submitted. If you are comfortable with the rough numbers and decide that Anchor Foundation Repair is a great match for meeting your home’s stability needs, then perfect! If not that is okay too, our goal will be to make sure you still get the answers you are looking for and have hopefully saved you some time and worry.

At the end of the call, we can set up your In-Home Assessment if you feel good about moving forward and you determine that a visit is worth your time. After an appointment has been set, you will receive a Common Customer Concerns communication to lay a “foundation” of knowledge at your feet about how things will work at the assessment and beyond.

Schedule the In-Home Assessment – Cost $225 to $275

The In-Home Assessment charge is set at $225 (to $275 for areas farther out from BCS), which would be applied to any approved work contract.

Why is there a charge for the home visit?

We know you might be wondering why there is a charge for the In-Home Assessment. Honestly, we would rather figure out that you don’t have a problem that needs fixing before we get to this point. We would also rather send you to another provider if our services are not a good match for you before we reach this point. 

But if an In-Home Assessment can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have a problem, isn’t it worth it? You won’t be “paying for nothing” if you choose the In-Home Assessment and don’t end up getting a repair. Instead, you will be paying for the assurance that your home is doing just fine at the moment and to finally put your mind at ease.

But the other guys don’t charge for a visit . . . 

If your home does indeed need repairs, the proposal you receive is a concrete plan for fixing your foundation which you can keep and use as a guide. So even if you don’t choose to use Anchor to fix your foundation, we have provided the expertise and created a concrete plan for how the repair should be done. 

This plan is what you are paying for and can be used by anyone to complete the repairs needed. Don’t forget, the charge is applied to the work contract if you do choose to use Anchor Foundation Repair.

Schedule your In-Home Assessment at a time that all decision-makers can be present for the home visit. This is an efficient time-saver that will ensure that all parties will be on the same page going forward with the repair and leave no details up to interpretation. Remember that this visit charge is set at $225, so we want to make sure that everyone is present and ready to feel great about the next steps.

What to Expect During Your Assessment

Get an Estimate for Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

During the In-Home Assessment, we want to give 100% transparency to the homeowners and go over any damage found in and around the home. Our team typically starts by inspecting the outside of the house for any damage that may not have been captured in the pictures. To be thorough, please plan to spend 1 to 2 hours with us during your assessment.

After inspecting the home’s exterior for foundation movement, we will go over the damage areas discussed during the initial phone call. After looking over the entire home, measurements are made for the home’s repair diagram provided at the end of the visit.

Once all the home damage is discussed with the homeowner, our team will provide an accurately scaled diagram of your home to discuss possible repair plans. This drawing will give the FINAL COST PROPOSAL aka your Guaranteed Price, and discuss any needed deposit funds that would be required to secure your job on the calendar. 

Once the proposal is approved by the homeowner, we will get you on the repair calendar.

Get your job on the calendar!

After your In-Home Assessment, we can get your job on the calendar with a partial deposit on the total price of the work. This amount will vary based on the service type and presented. Typically, a job is scheduled out in about 6 to 8 weeks and depends somewhat on the type of repair. The time needed to repair your home will also vary based on the methods used and will have been shared during the in-home visit.

Schedule an Inspection for foundation repair

Just before your job start date, you will receive a What to Expect When You’re Expecting Foundation Repair communication to answer typical customer questions in advance so that you don’t have to wonder.

You do not need to do anything to prepare for the work to start: you do not need to move landscaping, you do not need to take things off of your walls. Don’t worry at all during this waiting period about getting anything done in advance – that’s our job and we are here to take care of you!

During the 6 to 8 weeks before beginning your job, we will update you periodically by email and phone to update you on the schedule. Sometimes things can change that might delay the job start (weather condition delays are the most common) OR we can sometimes start earlier if other jobs scheduled ahead of your home change direction. 

On the day your job begins, our team will meet with you to go over any final details, questions, or concerns you might have about the process.

Ready to get a quote now?

Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what to expect from the Anchor Foundation Repair Customer Process so that there are no disconnects between your expectations and your foundation repair reality. The basic process looks something like this:

  • Reach out by Contact Form or Phone Call
  • Provide Pictures
  • Get a FREE Rough Estimate Phone Call
  • Decide on an In-Home Assessment – $225 to $275
  • Get your Home on the Repair Calendar

Anchor Foundation Repair has been the voice of trust in Brazos Valley foundation repair for 35 years and counting. We are ready to begin providing excellent service that meets homeowner needs with accurate estimates and expected timelines, while guaranteeing our results and your satisfaction.

If you are ready to get started with Anchor, take the first step, and fill out that contact form here!