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5 Steps to Get Your Home Foundation Repaired with Anchor Foundation

Interested in working with Anchor Foundation?

Are you interested in having Anchor Foundation work on your problems around the home? Are you worried about the process of repairing a home’s foundation and what is involved? Do not worry. Here at Anchor Foundation, we have a streamlined process that is simple and effective. 

Over the last 30 years, we have been working on a simple process for our customers to follow and provides us with all the requirements to solve the problem your home may have. 

From filling out the contact form to the repair being completed in this article, dive deeper into our repair process at Anchor Foundation. 

Step 1: Fill Out the Contact Form

The first step in working with Anchor Foundation is simply to fill out our contact form. This form will provide us with the initial information to better understand the problems you may face around your home. 

Our contact form is simple and effective. We ask that a few details are provided about the home, such as damaged areas, age of the house, and other essential information needed to understand a home’s problem. This information will not be shared with anyone and is solely for the use of Anchor Foundation Repair. 

After submitting the contact form, an email will be sent asking you to continue onto the next step of the process. 

Step 2: Send Us Pictures of Damage

After completing the initial contact form, we will reach out via email. All we need from you is a reply to the email with 5-10 pictures around the house. We prefer you to send a .jpg file (typically default picture format) for the best results.

Pictures of the damage around your home provide critical information for our team. This information will facilitate a beneficial initial phone call and allow us to put together a plan for you. We often get the question, “Can you diagnose my foundation from just a few pictures?” and yes, we can!

While pictures will not provide us with all the information, we need it is a great place to start. After many years of inspections, we have found certain symptoms are a telltale sign of specific damage to the home’s foundation. 

Providing pictures will speed up the process and allow us to deliver a more accurate plan in repairing the damage of your home in the future. To provide you with the most precise plan to improve your home here is the most effective way to take pictures for Anchor Foundation. 

How to Take Proper Pictures

The most important thing to focus on when taking pictures around the house is that there may be more damage then what is seen. Frequently, customers will provide us with photos of common damage areas around the home. This is great and helps us have an idea of the problem. 

However, to provide us with all the information we may need, it is more beneficial to send close and wide-angle shots of the damage. As seen in the example below, a wide-angle picture of the damage will help our repair team identify any other possible issues. 

Wide-angle photos of the damage not only identify other damage areas but can help our team get an excellent understanding of the problem before even coming out to the property. 

Step 3: Initial Phone Call 

At Anchor, our number one priority is upfront and transparent communication at all times. We want to understand and connect with our customers. Having open and transparent conversations help us share the vision you have for your home. 

During this call, we listen to your concerns and decide if your home has a problem that Anchor Foundation Repair can help fix. On our calls, we will provide a rough estimate based on the damage seen in the pictures provided and any other issues that may have been discussed in the phone call. 

Typically the phone call will only take 15-30 minutes. After completing the call, we will schedule an in-home consultation if it’s determined that Anchor Foundation Repair is an excellent fit to repair your home’s foundation. 

Step 4: In-Home Consultation

Before an in-home consultation is scheduled, we like to try to talk to all decision-making members of the house to ensure that everyone will be on the same page going forward with the repair. 

During the in-home consultation, we want to give 100% transparency to the homeowners and go over any damage found in and around the home. Our team typically starts by inspecting the outside of the house for any damage that may not have been seen in the pictures. 

After inspecting the home’s exterior for foundation movement, we will go over the damage areas discussed during the initial phone call. After looking at the damage indicated in the photos, measurements are made for the home’s future sketch provided after consultation. 

Once all the home damage is discussed with the homeowner, our team will provide an accurately scaled sketch of your home to discuss possible repair plans. This drawing will give the final cost estimate. After this, we will schedule our repair team to come out

Step 5: Repairing Your Home

Our repairs cover many different aspects of concrete and foundation repair around the home. Mudjacking, house leveling, tunneling, and installing slabs are all offered by Anchor Foundation Repair. 

After our in-home consultation, we schedule the repair. Typically 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of repair, we begin the repair process. The time needed to repair your home will vary based on various factors that we’ll discuss during the in-home consultation. 

Ready to Work With Anchor Foundation?

If you are ready to participate in the Anchor Foundation Repair process, take the first step in filling out our contact form. However, if you are interested in more information about different foundation damage signs or just general education about the foundation repair process, don’t hesitate to ask or check out our other repair blogs

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