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Introducing Our Anchor Foundation Repair Crew Leadership Team

Your repair project is about to begin with Anchor Foundation Repair. First, we want to thank you for your business and assure you that our teams will take care of your home as if it was their own. So how about some introductions to start everything off all friendly-like?

say hello to anchor foundation repair leadership

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been repairing Brazos Valley homes with excellence since 1985. We know that trust gets built one homeowner at a time. That starts and ends with a well-planned, well-communicated, well-executed home project because you deserve the best that your hard-earned money can buy.

This article will introduce you to our Project Leadership Team and give you an idea of the kind of experienced professionals you have working hard for you. We want you to feel comfortable approaching our qualified and competent employees to ask them any questions during the repair process. It helps to know some names and faces (and a few other facts too)

About All Anchor Foundation Repair Team Members and Leaders

All of our team members are legitimate employees and not subcontractors. Many of them have DECADES of experience, especially the professionals that will be in charge of your project.

Our teams collectively have so many years of experience and we want homeowners to feel confident in Team Anchor’s ability and reliability. We have a thoughtful company structure in place that has all our teams checked on every day and our top leaders are the ones we will be highlighting here.

Leo Ochoa, Operations Manager

Anchor Foundation Repair Leadership - Leo

Leo is a long-time trusted individual who joined our crew in 2015 for a short time. After honing his managing abilities elsewhere, he returned to us more recently as our Operations Manager. Leo is a local College Station boy who excels at all forms of communication with homeowners as well as the teams. Leo is bilingual and talks with customers daily.

You’ve probably already heard from Leo more than once and know he’s super easy to talk to and will take time to answer all your questions, amirite?

Leo wears many hats at Anchor in addition to his actual Operations Manager title, such as Delighter-In-Chief, Homeowner Therapist, Phone Call Juggler, and All-Around Good Guy. Leo goes above and beyond to make your projects happen and you just can’t help but enjoy being in his presence.

In general, the Operations Manager serves as our primary voice for client communications and prepares the daily homeowner logs to keep you in the loop. Leo has full authority to do whatever is right in any Anchor Foundation Repair situation. Leo will come and go to monitor crews and check in with everyone, be there to assist and orient workflow, and be available to homeowners if needed. 

Joined Anchor:2015, for a little while
Joined Leadership:2021
Family:Married with 7 children
Comments from the Boss:He’s my best friend, been trying to get him to come work with me forever. Glad I finally convinced him.
Something Random:Leo has a thing for Benny Hill and that’s all you need to know right now.

Luis Tirado, Project Manager

Anchor Foundation Repair Leadership -- Luis
This man is a legend . . .

Luis is arguably the most skilled drilled pier installer in the State of Texas. He has worked for Anchor Foundation Repair for 28, yes TWENTY-EIGHT years. Luis has seen it all, been challenged by it, and done it all anyway. On top of that, he’s a super-friendly and personable guy who oversees aspects of all the projects going on with all 4 teams. 

Like Leo, Luis might come and go and only be there for the most important work but is always checking up on his teams. Luis is also bilingual which is a major plus for us here at Anchor.

Luis is like the *Foreman of the Foremen* as our Project Manager and oversees every job. He’s the brains of the whole Anchor machine with all the work done at everyone’s home and has a memory a mile long. He’s the Granpappy you go to when you need help. Have a problem? Ask Luis. Don’t know what to do? Ask Luis. We definitely don’t know what we would do without him.

Joined Anchor:1996
Promoted to Leadership:So long ago we can’t remember
Family:Widowed with 4 children, his son Marcos even works for Anchor too.
Comments from the Boss:Luis is in charge of everything but definitely in charge of the absolute toughest jobs that we do. He’s always in a good mood and nothing seems to faze him.
Something Random:Luis has brought many Tirado family members into the company. It gets confusing to keep track of how everyone is related!

The Foremen: Our Fantastic Crew Leaders

We have four teams and each team has a trusted leader, officially the Foreman or Crew Leader. The Foremen have been personally selected to be in charge of their team based on proven abilities, massive amounts of experience, and dedication to Anchor. 

foundation repair BCS

Nearly every foreman has double-digit years of experience with our company–this is an impressive stat for any repair contracting company and we’re really proud of this fact. These guys have all worked their way up from the bottom, are pros at what they do, and we wholeheartedly trust them to do a great job.

The Foreman’s job is to be the “brains” of each home project so they are not always getting their hands dirty. Foremen order and purchase materials, make calls to consult with other leadership, manage the workflow and equipment, as well as provide support and training to the rest of the team. 

The Foremen are there to manage their team and head up your project as the *on-site* leader. Each Foreman can answer any homeowner questions for you. You might save the more complicated and complex communications for Luis or Leo.

You will have one consistent Foreman and Team assigned to your project. So, the same people will be there each day until the job is done.

Ruben Jimenez, Foreman

Sir Ruben Jimenez has been with Anchor for TWENTY-THREE Years. His nickname is Niño but he has a big heart for service and wants to do the very best on every project. His conscientiousness and careful work allowed him to work his way up to the top. Niño has great capability and knowledge to share with his team and we are grateful for his leadership.

Joined Anchor:2001
Promoted to Foreman:2017
Family:Married with 1 son
Comments from the Boss:Worked his way up through the ranks and is now our second-most senior foreman, even though he doesn’t look like it. 
Something Random:We don’t know how he maintains his youthful look – maybe he gets facials or something??

Jaime Mendoza, Foreman

Mr. Jaime Mendoza has been with Anchor for NINETEEN years! Jaime is consistent and steadfast and knows exactly what needs to happen to get any job done. His specialty is mud pumping but it doesn’t matter what he does, because he does it all with excellence. We are so grateful to have this smooth operator in charge of a crew. 

Joined Anchor:2005
Promoted to Foreman:2010
Family:Married with 7 children
Comments from the Boss:The last foreman that was trained by my dad. Old school pro.
Something Random:Just one of his nicknames is Turkey. We are not sure if he will eat a turkey sandwich or if that would just be weird for him.

Luis Lopez, Foreman

Señor Luis Lopez has been with us for NINETEEN YEARS as well. Luis (aka Chufo) is always laughing and smiling and has a great personality. While keeping it light and having fun, he also runs a talented and timely crew that is especially excellent on crawl space homes. Being young at heart, he’s great with tech too. We couldn’t imagine managing things without him on Team Anchor.

Joined Anchor:2005
Promoted to Foreman:2020
Family:Married with 2 children
Comments from the Boss:Specially selected and trained by the man, the myth, the legend: Luis Tirado. 
Something Random:Loves to play pranks on all his co-workers. Also, very helpful when people* leave their gas caps at gas stations.

Reuben “Chacal” Tirado, Foreman

This Tirado can handle all the most challenging projects so we don’t hesitate to give him the hard stuff. With TWENTY-SIX years under his belt here at Anchor, he is the go-to resource with tons of experience in the field. Nobody calls him Reuben, we all call him by his nickname. Chacal has high expectations for his crew and pushes them to do their best on every job (he also isn’t afraid to tell someone they can do better!).

Joined Anchor:1998
Promoted to Foreman:2023
Family:Married with 5 children, one son comes and works with us sometimes when he’s not in school.
Comments from the Boss:The undisputed hardest-working guy in the company and a tunneling expert. Master of making anything happen at any time.
Something Random:Almost lost a game of pool to our Content Creator**, but lucky for him, he ended up winning.

Sergio Rodriguez, Foreman

Redfern Rodriguez

Sergio is supremely personable, always in a good mood, and easy to talk to – he gets along with just about everyone! Though he hasn’t been with Anchor as long as some of our other foremen, his can-do attitude, consistency, and character quickly got him promoted. Sergio is popular with homeowners as his great customer rapport keeps everyone at ease. He’s not afraid to take on challenging jobs and makes his crew work hard to get things done for you.

Joined Anchor:2017
Promoted to Foreman:2021
Family:Married with 2 children
Comments from the Boss:Exudes confidence and is dedicated to his craft. He’ll volunteer for any job and never backs down from a challenge . . . or a beer.
Something Random:You might spy him zipping around town in his late-model Nissan Z with the T-tops down and his long hair flowing in the wind.

Stay Up to Date on Your Anchor Project with Buildertrend

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Soon, you will meet the Foreman specially selected for your project. All of our team leaders are nice and easy to talk to guys and we encourage you to approach them whenever you have a question. Know that your home is in good hands all the way around.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we understand the stress and anxiety that come from overwhelming repair projects. It’s the house you love and you deserve to be 100% informed during your repair process.

With that in mind, have you signed on to Buildertrend yet? Our premier communication system will keep you up to date on your repairs with photos, videos, and daily logs so that you know what is happening at your home even if you are not there. Read up on how Buildertrend benefits homeowners here.


**also me