talk by phone and video to asses pier and beam problems

Save Time & Money by Assessing Pier and Beam Problems By Phone/Video

You want someone to come out and look at your pier and beam or other crawl space foundation to let you know if there’s a problem or not. But Anchor Foundation Repair wants to talk on the phone or do a video call first. 

Why . . . just why? You want someone to come out ASAP!

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have served Bryan, College Station, and other Brazos Valley communities like Madisonville and Caldwell for the past 35+ years. We are all about efficiency and saving you time, money, and stress, and want to empower homeowners to make the best choices for their particular needs. 

This means we offer a FREE Phone Estimate before we come out for a more formal foundation inspection that has a charge.

This article will quickly go over why we like to do a phone or video call first, and how it’s in your best interests. We want to ensure you truly have a problem and that we are the best company to take care of it for you from timing to budget, to technique.

Confirm That Your Issue Can Be Solved with House Leveling

We can tell a lot from any pictures you send in along with your request for a house leveling quote. More importantly, we can tell a lot from just listening to you talk about your concerns in describing the issues around your home.

We want to make certain that you truly have a problem that house leveling can fix. There are also some flooring problems or drainage issues that get confused with foundation problems. We can talk through the signs you are seeing and actively listen to your worries to confirm whether this is something that needs house leveling attention or not.

pier and beam foundation  problem signs

*True Story* We had someone contact Anchor that wanted us to come out for an assessment quickly. In talking with the homeowner during the free estimate call, we established that the problem was not foundation-related, but was a flooring issue. This happens a lot.

We don’t want to take your money and have you unnecessarily pay for a foundation inspection you don’t need. 

This sort of thing happens about 10% of the time and you could be one of them. We sometimes determine by phone and/or video that the issue you have is not a crawl space foundation problem, but something else. Here’s an article with the most common true and false signs of crawl space foundation problems. You might be able to rule some things out on your own before our call too!

Check That We Can Meet Your House Leveling Timing Needs

Foundation problems take many years to form and you might have been living with an issue for a while. But now that you are calling a foundation repair company for a quote, you don’t want to wait any longer to get started. 

talk about your foundation problems
Let’s talk . . .

It’s safe to live in a home that has foundation settlement or problems and it’s okay to wait a few weeks to get the process started too.

We also understand that sometimes homeowners need foundation repairs done quickly. Maybe you’ve got a big event or get-together planned at your home and want everything to be ready before that date. Or maybe you are selling your home or buying a new house and have time-sensitive needs and questions about foundation repair. 

While we want to and *wish we could* help everyone with their house leveling issues, sometimes homeowners have more immediate needs than we can provide for. In other words, we might not be able to meet your time restrictions if you are in a hurry. 

In a phone or video conversation, we can talk about your timing needs first. We will give you an idea of when we can get started on your job and how long the house leveling process will take. Then you can verify if that will work for you.

Since our official In-Home Assessment comes with a fee, wouldn’t you rather find out during a free phone consultation if we can meet your timing needs or not?

Verify Your House Leveling Budget Comfort Levels

how much does foundation repair cost

So we confirm that you have a crawl space foundation problem and you confirm that we can meet your timeline. Next during the free estimate phone call, we also can give you a fairly good idea (within 10%) of what your pier and beam repairs might cost.

Foundation repair is often a big investment in your home. Most homeowners will have a price that they are willing to pay vs. a price that doesn’t meet the budget.

Wouldn’t rather find out during the *free* phone or video call that we can meet your budget needs too? If our costs are out of your budget, would you really want to pay for an inspection?

Make Sure We Are a Good Fit for You and Your Home

assess foundation problems by phone and video

We want you to feel good about your crawl space foundation repairs, and we want you to focus on hiring the right house leveling contractor for you. We know that we are not a good fit for everyone and that’s okay. 

The free estimate phone call gives us all a chance to verify that we have your trust and that you want to work with us because we are the best pier and beam repair fit for you.

We also understand that sometimes homeowners want or need to get second opinions on foundation repairs and we’re okay with that too.

The In-Home House Leveling Assessment Comes Next

Listen, just because we want to see some photos of your home issues and talk with you on the phone or by video first doesn’t mean we’re not going to come out for an in-person inspection. We absolutely will, after we go through these preliminary steps. 

save time and money with video assessments for house leveling

It’s a time saver for you (and for us too) to make sure that you really have an issue we can help you with on your terms.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been assessing and repairing slab and crawl space foundations for Brazos Valley homeowners since 1985. We earn your trust with 100% honest and transparent inspection and repair processes. We never want to repair homes that don’t need it. We also don’t take advantage of having paid In-Home Assessments by making everyone get one no matter what. 

When you are completely on board with Anchor and are ready for your home visit, here’s an article that will help you know how to have the best In-Home Assessment ever: “What to Expect from a Pier and Beam Foundation Inspection with Anchor.”