The Best Contractors for Polyjacking in the Brazos Valley Area


You’re looking for a recommendation on a contractor that does polyjacking in Bryan, College Station, or the surrounding Brazos Valley communities. This article will quickly review what polyjacking is and list who we suggest for this service in our area.

How to Use Tick Marks to Track Your Foundation Settlement

tick marks for tracking foundation settlement

Monitoring for changes in your foundation settlement helps you to know when foundation repairs are needed. But how do you use them? This article will explain why tick marks are helpful and how to mark and monitor using tick marks to track foundation movement so you know when to take action.

Are Slab Foundation Crack Sealants Worth It for My Home? Do They Work?

foundation crack sealants

You’ve got some cracks in your foundation and are wondering if a crack sealant is worth using or if they even work. This article will discuss what sealants do and their pros and cons. We will also offer our professional opinion on sealants so that you can evaluate if they sound right for you.

Cabled Concrete Pressed Pilings Explained (Concept, Pros and Cons)

cabled concrete pressed pilings

You’re researching foundation repair options and you’ve come across new terminology: cabled pressed pilings. How are these different or better than regular concrete pilings? This article explains cabled concrete pressed pilings, how they work, and explores the pros and cons of this repair concept.

When Are Slab Foundation Cracks Bad and How Can You Tell?

when are slab cracks bad?

You see cracks in a slab foundation and wonder if they are something to worry about. How can you tell the difference between a slab crack that is “bad” and one that is “normal”? This article will explain what to look for in identifying slab cracks to be concerned with and what to do next.

What Is the Difference Between a Porch and a Patio?

what's the difference between and porch and a patio

Are there differences between a porch and a patio? Do the differences affect how a porch or patio needs to be repaired if settlement has occurred? This article explains how porches and patios are constructed, how they are different, and the approach to repair them if slab settlement has occurred.

Foundation Problems: Is My Home Crappy or Did I Do Something Wrong?

crappy house

Because you have foundation problems, you wonder if there’s something wrong with your home or if you did something wrong. Is your home crappy? Is this your fault? This article will help you understand what causes foundation issues and why it’s likely not because of a bad home or a bad homeowner.

What Is Interior Foundation Settlement and How Is It Handled?

Interior Settlement

You’ve had a foundation inspection and been told that you have interior foundation settlement. You want to know more about what it means and how it impacts foundation repairs. This article answers your top questions to understand interior settlement and how it’s handled during foundation repairs.