The #1 Best Action to Keep Your Crawl Space Home Foundation Dry

dry crawlspace

The crawl space under your home is wet and soggy a lot. How do you dry it out for good? What’s the best way to get it dry under your home to prevent other issues like foundation problems? This article reveals and discusses the best solution and explores a few other options you might need to try too.

Cost of Concrete Repair: Mud Jacking vs Removal and Replacement

cost of mud vs replacement

You want to get your uneven concrete leveled using mud jacking, but how does it compare to the cost of removing and replacing the concrete instead? This article will present average pricing for mud jacking to repair sunken concrete surfaces compared to the cost of full replacement.

Top 6 Reasons to Conduct a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test on Your Home

reasons to hydrostatic test

You’re worried about possible plumbing and foundation issues and think you might need hydrostatic pressure testing on your home. What are the best reasons to get a hydrostatic plumbing test? This article will outline what this test does and when it’s a good idea to get one.

Can You Fix a Commercial Slab with Foundation Issues (and How)?

fix a commercial slab

Commercial buildings don’t often have foundation issues, but when they do, who do you call? Can commercial foundations be fixed with foundation repair in the same way as residential slabs? This article will explain what is possible for commercial foundation repairs, how it’s done, and how costs are affected.

Why Commercial Slabs Have Fewer Foundation Issues Compared to Homes

commercial slabs

Why do commercial buildings have fewer problems with foundation issues? These structures are built on the same soil, so why do homes have foundation problems and other buildings don’t? This article explains the differences between the foundation types and why one is more susceptible to settlement.

My Brick Expansion Joint Is Spreading Apart. Is This a Problem?

expansion joint in brick

A brick expansion joint on your exterior wall seems like there’s something wrong with it. The seam is spreading apart unevenly and it doesn’t seem normal. This article will reveal what is happening to your home and offer solutions to remedy the issue.

Why Do I Have a Gap Between My Window Frame and Brick Exterior?

gap between window and brick

You have discovered a gap between your window frame and the brick siding of your home. What is this and what does it mean? This article will explain this home issue and its root cause. We will explore possible repair options so that you can figure out how to handle this troubling home symptom.

Why Is The Trim Popping or Separating on the Corner of My Brick House?

trim separation on corner of house - foundation problem?

There’s this trim piece on the corner of your brick home that has come apart or separated from its position. What does this mean and should you be concerned? This article explains what this trim is called (brick frieze), what it might mean when it separates, and ways to handle this issue.