How To Know If Your Home Has Foundation Problems

how to know if you have foundation issues

You want to know “how to know” if you have a foundation issue. Do you need special tools or knowledge? Not really. This article outlines all the ways that our professional foundation repair team assesses and confirms foundation problems in a home so that you know how to figure it out on your own.

Can a Zip Level Be Used to Check for Foundation Problems?

home elevation

What exactly is a Zip Level? How does it work, what is it used for, and is it a good tool to check for foundation problems? This article explains what this tool is used for, the basic concept of how it works, and what it can tell (and not tell) you about the condition of your home’s foundation.

Is This a Foundation Issue? 9 Misleading Signs Homeowners Ask About

False and Misleading Signs of Foundation Problems

You’re wondering about some issues around your home and whether or not they are foundation problem signs. This article covers and explains nine common misleading or false signs that make homeowners think they have a foundation problem when they might actually not.

Slab Foundation vs. Pier and Beam: Pros and Cons for Homeowners

pros and cons of slab and pier and beam foundations

You’re wondering what differences there are between slab foundations and crawlspace foundations like on pier and beam homes. Maybe because you’re house shopping or just because you are curious. This article will list the pros and cons of each home foundation type for your reference.

Who to Call for Drywall Repair in Bryan, College Station, and Beyond

Repair Cracks in Drywall

You have some minor cracks in your drywall/sheetrock that you want to get repaired. We often get asked about this need and put together a list to help our post-foundation repair customers, but it can help anyone in the BCS/Brazos Valley area find someone to help handle your drywall issue.

Best BCS Contractors for Masonry and Concrete Patchwork

Masonry Contractors Near Me

You’re looking for someone who does masonry or concrete patchwork in the Bryan-College Station or Brazos Valley area. It could be because you just had foundation repairs or might have nothing to do with foundation repair. This list of reputable contractors can help you out either way.

How to Get the Best Deal on Foundation Repairs for Your Home

best deal on foundation repair

You want to know if there are any tips or tricks to get the best deal on foundation repairs for your home. You’re looking for any discounts or a better time of year to do the repairs that might result in a lower cost. This article will give you the real dirt on your best bets for a good deal when it’s time to get your foundation repaired.

Spring Check-Up: How to Monitor Your Home for Foundation Issues

spring foundation checklist

As a conscientious homeowner, you want to know about proactive steps to check up on the condition of your home’s foundation. This article will explain why spring is a good time to do a once-over around your house and check for developing foundation issues as a way to prevent bigger problems.

What is Cement Slurry and How is It Used in Concrete Repair?

mud jacking and slurry

You’re researching methods of concrete repair and/or mud jacking and you come across the term “slurry” and don’t know what that is or means. This article will explain what slurry is, how it’s used for concrete repair, and its benefits over other choices.

How Messy or Intrusive Is My Foundation Repair Job Going to Be?

How messy is foundation repair?

A foundation repair project is about to start at your home soon. Just how messy will it be? This article will realistically discuss the conditions your yard and home will experience during a foundation repair job using Anchor Foundation Repair and what we do to minimize the mess.

Does Foundation Repair Affect the Value of My Home If I Sell?

Does foundation repair affect the sales price of my home?

You need foundation repair, but might be selling your home soon. You’re wondering if going through with the repairs will affect the value of your home. What about NOT doing the repairs, how will that impact the price? This article will give you the straight talk on foundation repairs and home value.