What Is the Average Cost for an Under-Slab Tunneling Job?

average cost of tunneling

You want to know how much under-slab tunneling costs. Is it per foot or is the cost calculated in a different way? What goes into figuring out the cost of tunneling? This article will review different aspects of pricing and cost of under-slab tunneling and give average price ranges and costs for typical projects.

What is a Slab-on-Grade Foundation and How Are They Made?

how are slab foundations made

What is a slab-on-grade foundation? What do slab foundations look like? How are they made? You want to know more general info about this type of home foundation. This article defines slab-on-grade foundations by the meaning of the words and describes their typical appearance and construction.

Who Can I Contact About Mobile Home Leveling in the Brazos Valley?

mobile home leveling

You’ve got a mobile home, single-wide or double-wide, that needs to be leveled. Who levels mobile homes in Bryan, College Station, or the Brazos Valley area? This article lists three places we recommend that you contact to get help with your mobile home leveling needs.

Top Reasons to Hire a Structural Engineer for Your Home’s Foundation

why hire a structural engineer

Should you hire a structural engineer before contacting a foundation repair company? Are there reasons that this is a good idea or not necessary? This article outlines the top reasons and times that a structural engineer would be good to call in for their expertise and evaluation.

7 Questions a Foundation Repair Contractor Should Be Asking You

questions a foundation repair contractor should ask

You are talking to a few foundation repair contractors because you need work done at your home. Not only should you ask them questions, but they should be asking YOU questions too. This article lists and explains 7 questions that a foundation repair company should be asking prospective clients.

15 Best Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

questions to ask before hiring a foundation repair contractor

How will you know if a foundation repair contractor is “the one” for you? Asking the right questions will put you in the driver’s seat to hiring a foundation repair company that meets your home goals. This article reviews and explains 15 top questions to ask to help you make the best choice for you.

What is a Drilled Concrete Pier? Home Foundation Repair Spec Sheet

drilled pier specs

You want to know the nitty-gritty detailed specs for drilled bell-bottom concrete piers for your home foundation repair. This article covers all the numbers you want to see if measurements and engineering specifications are of interest to you as a detail-oriented and well-informed homeowner.

What is a Pier Adjustment? Warranty Work with Anchor Foundation Repair

pier adjustment

Anchor Foundation Repair worked on your foundation a while back, but you are starting to see some symptoms of more foundation settlement. You need some warranty work, but what is the process at your home? This article reviews what a pier adjustment is like compared to the initial foundation repair.

Top 6 Signs of Interior Foundation Settlement and Problems in a Home

Interior Foundation Settlement Signs

How do you know if you have foundation problems under the middle of your home? Do these signs look any different from the usual top signs of foundation settlement that affect the perimeter of your home? Yes – there can be different signs and symptoms and this article will cover the main tipoffs.

Assessing Foundation Problems By Phone/Video: Saving Time with Anchor

Video Calls for Foundation Repairs

You want someone to look at your house ASAP because you might have foundation problems. You are confused about why Anchor Foundation Repair wants to talk on the phone or by video first instead of coming out right away. This article covers the reasons we do this and how it benefits the homeowner.

How Do You Know If a Home Passes or Fails a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test?

hydrostatic plumbing testing

You know a hydrostatic plumbing or pressure test is an important part of your foundation repair. But you don’t know what the results of the test tell you. What passes and what fails? This article will go over how to know if the test was successful or not and what happens next.

What Is a Hydrostatic Pressure Test in Foundation Repair? 4 Steps

hydrostatic pressure testing

You’re researching foundation repair methods and you come across a term: hydrostatic pressure testing or a hydrostatic plumbing test. You want to understand this test and how it works for the plumbing under your slab foundation. This article will review the four main steps in the testing process.