What Is a Pier and Beam Foundation? How Can I Tell If I Have One?

define pier and beam foundation

What exactly is a pier and beam foundation? You think you have one but how can you tell? This article will define and describe the pier and beam foundation. We will talk a little bit about where they are found and how they are made too so you can know if you have this type of home foundation.

Top 6 Reasons Your Anchor Foundation Repair Job Might Be Delayed

waiting for foundation repair

You’re patiently waiting for your Anchor Foundation Repair job to start but you hear there is now a delay. Try as we might to have every project start on time, delays happen. This article will list and explain the top reasons we encounter delays in project start times to help you understand.

The Complete Picture Guide to Pier and Beam Foundation Problem Signs

guide to pier and beam foundation problems

How do you know if your pier and beam or crawl space home has foundation problems? Are the issues you see true signs or just misleading symptoms with another cause? This complete picture guide will show and explain both real and confusing signs of foundation problems with a pier and beam home.

Many Homes Experience Foundation Problems: You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in your foundation problems

Think you are alone in experiencing foundation problems with your Texas home? You’re not the only one. This article gives some perspective to anyone feeling alone in their foundation issues. We explain why foundation problems happen, if you caused the problem, or could have prevented it.

Can I Prevent or Repair Foundation Problems By Watering? Fact or Myth

watering your foundation

You’ve got foundation issues and you’re looking for ways to solve this home problem. Is watering your foundation going to prevent or repair the problem? This article will explain what watering can and can’t do for your foundation and explain why it’s a myth and not a real solution.

What Is the Purpose of a Home Foundation? 7 Things to Be Grateful For

grateful for your foundation

What is the purpose of your foundation? This article is an ode to foundations everywhere in recognition of the essential roles they play with very little thanks. We will list 7 things that foundations do to make our lives better and apologize for not showing more gratitude to them every day.

Crawl Space Foundation Issues: 8 Real + 6 Misleading Signs w/Pictures

pier and beam foundation problem signs

How do you know if your pier and beam or crawl space home has foundation issues? Are the problems you see real signs or just misleading symptoms with another cause? This ultimate picture guide will show and explain both real and misleading signs of foundation problems with a crawl space home.

What Is a Dig Test? Why and When Do I Have to Contact 811?

what is a dig test?

What is a dig test? Why do you have to contact 811 before digging on your property? When are the times that I need to do this? Many homeowners have never heard of the requirement to contact 811 for a dig test, this article explains a few of the basic what, when, and why questions about 811.

How to Submit a Texas 811 Dig Test Request Online + What Happens Next

request a dig test online

You’re a homeowner about to start a project that involves digging. You know to contact 811 but that’s about it. Are there any requirements? What is the process? This article gives you all the info upfront about what you need to submit and how it works before you hit the “get started” button.