What Are Concrete Pressed Pilings? Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

Concrete Pressed Piles Pros and Cons

What exactly are concrete pressed pilings? How are they made and installed? What’s good about them or not so good? This article explains concrete pressed piles and how they function to raise and level your home. We will also cover the installation, pros, and cons of this method of foundation repair.

Determining Foundation Repair Costs: Top 5 Factors that Impact Pricing

Foundation Repair Cost Factors

You are wondering about the cost of foundation repair. What factors influence the price and can you control any of them? This article will review the top X factors that determine your costs when it comes to home foundation repairs, like repair methods, cost influencers, and additional services.

Does Home Size or Square Feet Affect the Cost of Foundation Repair?

Does Square Footage Affect the Cost of Foundation Repair?

You are thinking you might need foundation repair for your home. You wonder how much the size of your home affects the cost of foundation repair. Does the size matter? Does the square footage matter? This article reviews the principle of home size and its correlation to foundation repair costs.

Calculate Slab Foundation Repair Costs: How Many Supports Do I Need?

calculate the cost of foundation repair

You are looking for tips on how to calculate or estimate the cost of foundation repair for your home. You know that supports are needed, but how many? This article helps you figure out how to estimate the number of supports needed to hold up your home using the linear feet of the problem area.

What is Nail Pop? Is it a Sign of Foundation Issues in My Home?

what is nail pop?

You are seeing round bumps in your sheetrock walls. You might have heard the term nail pop but aren’t sure what it is and what causes it, and wonder if it signals a foundation problem. This article reviews nail pop, its common causes, and addresses whether it means you have foundation issues.

What is Corner Pop? Is it a Sign of Foundation Problems for My Home?

What is Corner Pop?

It looks like the concrete corner is popping off your home! You’ve got corner pop and are worried and wondering if it is a sign of foundation problems. This article explains what corner pop looks like, what causes it, and explains why it is not necessarily a sign of foundation issues with your home.

What Does Foundation Repair Mean and How Does it Work?

what is foundation repair?

Foundation repair is a confusing term and not everyone knows exactly what it means or what happens to your foundation during the repair process. This article will review the basic concept of foundation repair and how it works to “fix” your home in three basic foundation project steps.

What Is A Home Foundation Inspection and How Much Does it Cost?

house foundation inspection

You think you need a foundation inspection but what is that exactly? You’ve also heard that they cost money sometimes, well how much? This article reviews what a home foundation inspection does for you and how much it could cost so that you know what to expect from this process.

Foundation Settlement Confirmed: When Is the Time Right for Repairs?

time for foundation repairs

You know that foundation settlement is occurring in your home, but you’re unclear on how to decide if it’s the right time to move forward with repairs. This article offers two key indicators to help you know when foundation repair is the best route to take for you and your home.

What Does Home Stabilization Mean? Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

foundation stabilization

You’re wondering what stabilization means for your foundation. Is it the same thing as foundation repair? It’s not the same but there are valid reasons that stabilization is used for some homes. This article will explain what foundation stabilization means, what it’s best for, and its pros and cons.

Should I Worry (& What to Do) About Cracks in My Foundation? 7 Types

what to do about cracks in your foundation

You see some cracks in your foundation, either on the concrete floor or around the outside near the ground. You are concerned. What do these cracks mean? Do I need to do something about these cracks? This article reviews what kinds of cracks are concerning or not and why, and what to do about them.