Concrete Lifting: Polyjacking Contractors Serving the Brazos Valley

concrete lifting with polyjacking

You’re looking for a recommendation on a contractor that does concrete lifting using polyjacking in Bryan, College Station, or the surrounding Brazos Valley communities. This article will quickly review what polyjacking is and list the known service providers in our area.

Do I Have to Move Out of My House During Foundation Repairs?

move out during foundation repairs

Foundation repairs are in your future. Will you have to move out of the house when they are being done? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. This article explains the situations where a homeowner can stay and when they have to go while foundation repairs are underway.

What Causes Slab Foundation Problems? The #1 Texas Culprit

top cause of foundation problems

What is the top cause of foundation problems in Texas? You want to understand how foundation settlement happens, so you know who to be mad at about your foundation issues. This article discusses the #1 cause of slab foundation problems and answers your next logical questions too.

Mud Jacking Concrete Driveways & Sidewalks (Process, Cost, Pros & Cons)

all about mud jacking concrete

You have a sunken or misaligned concrete driveway or sidewalk that’s creating issues. Rather than replacing the concrete, you’ve heard that mud jacking might work. This article explains the mud jacking process, costs, and pros and cons to see if this concrete raising method is right for you.

Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Foundation Repair Costs?

insurance coverage for foundation repair

You might need foundation repairs soon and are worried about the cost. Can your homeowner’s insurance policy cover this?? Insurance covers foundation repair in some specific cases, but it is not common. This article reviews the situations where you might get foundation repair covered by insurance.

Top 2 Early (and Universal) Signs of Home Foundation Problems

early signs of foundation problems

What are the earliest signs of foundation problems that apply to all home types? You want to know the first signs of home settlement and what they look like. This article will reveal and explain the biggest early signals of potential foundation issues, no matter what type of foundation you have, and offer the next steps to monitor your home.

How Soon Can Anchor Come Out for a Repair Estimate on Your Home?

how soon can I get an estimate from anchor?

You need an estimate from Anchor Foundation Repair to get work done on your home. How soon can you expect someone to come see your house and give you a bid, quote, inspection, or estimate? The answer is that it depends on what type of service you need. Check out this article for more details.

Concrete Leveling Costs in 2024: How Much for Mud Jacking?

Cost of Mud Jacking for Concrete Repair

You already know that mud jacking is a thing that can lift and level your concrete surfaces – but how much does it cost? This article will get right to the point so that you know the approximate average pricing for small, medium, and larger jobs to mud jack your concrete back where it needs to be.

The 2023 Best List: 5 Reputable Dallas Foundation Repair Companies

Dallas foundation repair

You live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are looking for a foundation repair company. Who do you choose? This article identifies a selection of reputable companies serving DFW based on online info, foundation repair methods, customer reviews, and service experience.

Top 7 Causes of Slab Foundation Problems (Most to Least Common)

top causes of foundation problems

You’re wondering what causes foundation problems. More specifically, you’re wondering what the root cause is of the foundation problems at YOUR home. This article lists the top sources of foundation settlement and issues from most to least common. Spoiler: it’s usually a combination of factors.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Bryan/College Station?

cost of foundation repair in the Brazos Valley

Looking for the low-down on local BCS costs for foundation repair? This article will break down the general pricing for any local foundation repairs. Then we detail pricing for the two readily available foundation repair methods in our Brazos Valley area for small, medium, and large projects.

Choosing a Foundation Repair Contractor: 8 Red Flags to Watch For

red flags in foundation repair

You’re looking to hire a foundation repair contractor and want to watch for any warning signs that might spell trouble. What red flags could indicate the company is less likely to take good care of you and your home? This article will alert you to some common signs of less reputable repair services.

Avoiding Sales Gimmicks When Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

foundation repair gimmicks

You’re in the market for foundation repairs and you’re wondering if there’s anything you should watch out for as a sales tactic. This article reveals the top xx foundation repair sales gimmicks and red flags that should give you pause as you search for the repair contractor to best meet your needs.

Slab Foundation Repair Before and Afters: A Photo Gallery

foundation repair before and afters

What does foundation repair do for my home, and can I see some before and after pics? Some people just want to have some visual aids. This article will discuss common signs of foundation problems and show actual photos of before and afters from jobs that we have done at Anchor Foundation Repair.

Is Foundation Repair Permanent or Will My Home Settle Again?

is foundation repair permanent?

You’re wondering if getting foundation repair means you will never have to get foundation repair again. Can a home settle more after foundation repairs have taken place? This article will discuss how permanent foundation repairs can be and offer considerations as you weigh your repair options.

2023 Summer Drought Update for Brazos Valley Foundations

Brazos Valley drought report

You know there’s a drought right now but how worried should you be about your foundation? This article will cover common homeowner questions and concerns about drought and give an overview of the drought conditions we are currently facing.

Financing Your Foundation Repairs: 5 Realistic Options

need money for foundation repair

You’ve got to figure out how to pay for needed foundation repairs and financing is the way you’ve got to go. What financing choices are available? This article explores the realistic financing options to pay for foundation work and specifically discusses the financing available through Anchor.

Top 6 Concrete Issues Confused with Foundation Problems

concrete flaws

Your concrete slab has some unattractive flaws. Are they signs of foundation problems? This article will review common cosmetic concrete issues that are often confused as foundation-related. We will explain what causes these issues and why they are unrelated to your foundation’s stability.

Introducing Our Anchor Foundation Repair Crew Leadership Team

say hello to team anchor

You’ve accepted your proposal from Anchor Foundation Repair and the job will start soon. Who will be working on your house and who is in charge? This article introduces you to the leadership team taking care of your home, so that you know a little about them before they arrive for your project.

Top 4 Questions to Guide Your Foundation Repair Decisions

Questions about Anchor Foundation Repairs

You need foundation repair but you don’t know how to go about deciding what kind of foundation repair to get or what contractor to use. This article will help you think through big questions to make your search for foundation repairs easier.

Foundation Repair Methods Comparison: Drilled Piers vs. Pressed Pilings

piles vs piers comparison

You want a full comparison of different slab foundation repair methods. What’s the difference between drilled concrete piers and pressed concrete piles? This article will give you a comprehensive overview of each foundation repair method so that you can pick the one that works best for you.

Determining Foundation Problems: Engineers vs. Foundation Repair Guys

engineers vs foundation repair guys

How do engineers determine that you have a foundation problem? Do foundation repair contractors determine issues the same way or differently? Who’s right or better? This article will explain methods commonly used by engineers and foundation repair guys to assess foundation problems with your home.

What is the Process for Concrete Leveling with Mud Jacking?

mud jacking process

You need concrete leveling and are wondering about the mud jacking process. You want to know how it works and when it’s a good option. This article reviews the basics of mud jacking, when to use it, and describes the steps a contractor would go through to complete your concrete leveling project.

Top 6 Reasons to Start Your Anchor Foundation Repairs Now

start your foundation repairs now

You’ve had a foundation inspection and know what needs to be done and how much your foundation repairs will cost. Now what’s stopping you from getting started? Here’s a list of reasons it’s going to be better for you to get started on your foundation repairs with Anchor ASAP.

Under-Slab Tunneling vs. Breaking Through Your Slab (Pros and Cons)

tunneling vs breaking through slab

You’ve got a plumbing problem under your slab and need options on how to handle this repair. Should you let the plumbers break through the slab? Or should they tunnel under the slab to reach the problem? This article offers the pros and cons to help you decide which approach is right for you.

The Definition of Mud Jacking (+ Process and Cost)

definition of mud jacking

What does the term mud jacking mean with regard to concrete lifting, leveling, and repair? The definition would be helpful but you’re also interested in how it’s done and average pricing. This article covers the definition, process, and cost of mud jacking for your basic understanding.

What Is the Cheapest Slab Foundation Repair Option?

cheapest foundation repair options

You need the cheapest foundation repair option available. What options do you have when money is your biggest consideration? This article will offer and explain 5 foundation repair options from least to most expensive for you to choose from.

Anchor’s Concrete Lifting Process: What to Expect with Mud Jacking

mud jacking process

You’ve got an appointment to get your concrete lifted and leveled with Anchor Foundation Repair. What exactly is going to happen at your property during the work? What will this process look like? This article takes you step-by-step through the details of what will soon be happening at your home.

Top 6 Problems to Solve with Concrete Lifting or Concrete Leveling

Concrete Problems

What kinds of problems can you fix with concrete lifting? Are there any problems that are not solved with concrete leveling? This article will review the basics of what concrete lifting is, list the top issues it can fix, and which problems won’t be solved using this concrete repair method.

The Pros and Cons of Paid vs Free Foundation Repair Estimates

pros and cons free vs paid

Why would some companies charge for foundation estimates while others do them for free? What is the difference between paid versus free inspections and are there positives or negatives to weigh? This article will break down the pros and cons of foundation repair estimates with a cost compared to free.

How to Check Your Home for Foundation Problems Throughout the Year

annual foundation checks

You want to watch your home for developing or worsening foundation settlement. Maybe you’ve already had a foundation inspection and are now monitoring your home for changes. This article will give you things to look for throughout the year to keep a close eye on the health of your foundation.

What Is House Leveling and When Does Your Home Need It?

what is house leveling?

What is house leveling exactly? You’ve been reading and are getting confused about what this term really means or you just want to make sure you’ve got it right. This article will define house leveling so that you can make sure you’re using it correctly and understand what it does for your home.

What Is a Drilled Bell-Bottom Pier in Foundation Repair Terms?

what is a drilled pier?

While researching foundation repair, you come across the term “drilled bell-bottom pier” and want to know more about this pier and type of foundation repair. This article will define and describe drilled piers as well as offer some history and pros and cons for this method of foundation repair.

What Do Diagonal Wall Cracks Mean and What Can I Do About Them?

diagonal wall cracks

You suddenly notice a diagonal crack in your wall. What does this mean? Why is this happening? What should you do about it? This article will explain the source of diagonal drywall cracks and discuss steps you can take to handle this distressing home issue.

How to Get a Foundation Repair Quote from Anchor in 3 Easy Steps

get a quote for foundation repair

You want to get an estimate or quote from Anchor Foundation Repair. What do you need to do to get that bid? This article will outline the steps homeowners take to obtain a formal quote for foundation repair services so that you can get your foundation problems handled.

Selling a Home with Foundation Problems: Top 5 Things to Consider

selling home with foundation problems

You want to sell your house but you know you have foundation problems. With so many things to consider, you don’t know how to start exploring options on selling with foundation issues. This article breaks down all the important considerations and guides you toward the decision that’s right for you.

What Is a Pier and Beam Foundation? How Can I Tell If I Have One?

define pier and beam foundation

What exactly is a pier and beam foundation? You think you have one but how can you tell? This article will define and describe the pier and beam foundation. We will talk a little bit about where they are found and how they are made too so you can know if you have this type of home foundation.

Top 6 Reasons Your Anchor Foundation Repair Job Might Be Delayed

waiting for foundation repair

You’re patiently waiting for your Anchor Foundation Repair job to start but you hear there is now a delay. Try as we might to have every project start on time, delays happen. This article will list and explain the top reasons we encounter delays in project start times to help you understand.

The Complete Picture Guide to Pier and Beam Foundation Problem Signs

guide to pier and beam foundation problems

How do you know if your pier and beam or crawl space home has foundation problems? Are the issues you see true signs or just misleading symptoms with another cause? This complete picture guide will show and explain both real and confusing signs of foundation problems with a pier and beam home.

How Many Homes Experience Foundation Problems? You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in your foundation problems

Think you are alone in experiencing foundation issues with your Texas home? Many homes have foundation problems. How many? This article gives perspective on feeling alone in foundation issues. We explain why foundation problems happen, if you caused the problem, or could have prevented it.

Can I Prevent or Repair Foundation Problems By Watering? Fact or Myth

watering your foundation

You’ve got foundation issues and you’re looking for ways to solve this home problem. Is watering your foundation going to prevent or repair the problem? This article will explain what watering can and can’t do for your foundation and explain why it’s a myth and not a real solution.

What Is the Purpose of a Home Foundation? 7 Things to Be Grateful For

grateful for your foundation

What is the purpose of your foundation? This article is an ode to foundations everywhere in recognition of the essential roles they play with very little thanks. We will list 7 things that foundations do to make our lives better and apologize for not showing more gratitude to them every day.

Crawl Space Foundation Issues: 8 Real + 6 Misleading Signs w/Pictures

pier and beam foundation problem signs

How do you know if your pier and beam or crawl space home has foundation issues? Are the problems you see real signs or just misleading symptoms with another cause? This ultimate picture guide will show and explain both real and misleading signs of foundation problems with a crawl space home.

What Is a Dig Test? Why and When Do I Have to Contact 811?

what is a dig test?

What is a dig test? Why do you have to contact 811 before digging on your property? When are the times that I need to do this? Many homeowners have never heard of the requirement to contact 811 for a dig test, this article explains a few of the basic what, when, and why questions about 811.

How to Submit a Texas 811 Dig Test Request Online + What Happens Next

request a dig test online

You’re a homeowner about to start a project that involves digging. You know to contact 811 but that’s about it. Are there any requirements? What is the process? This article gives you all the info upfront about what you need to submit and how it works before you hit the “get started” button.

6 Best Ways to Improve Ventilation Under Your Pier and Beam Home

Improve Ventilation

It’s kinda soggy under your pier and beam or block and base home. How can you improve this problem in your crawl space? This article will outline 6 different ways to increase ventilation and keep it dry under your crawl space foundation to prevent problems.

House Leveling with Anchor: 4 Service Features that Set Us Apart

anchor foundation

Checking out info to get your house leveled with Anchor Foundation Repair or other Brazos Valley foundation repair companies? Reviews are good, but maybe you want a little more detail on how Anchor gets those ratings. This article shares 4 service features that make Anchor stand out from the rest.

Why Are Home Foundation Repair Costs SO Expensive?

foundation repairs expensive

You are researching foundation repair costs and the question that keeps popping up in your head is: Why does this cost so much? Why is foundation repair this expensive? This article will explain the main cost factors and give perspective to home foundation repair pricing.

How to Pick a Foundation Repair Company: Your Top Needs in 7 Questions

how to pick a foundation repair company

What do you need or want out of getting your foundation repaired? Seems like an easy question, but what would meet your needs best? This article will explore key questions to help you think more clearly about what you are really looking for in your foundation repair results and chosen company.

The 2022 Best List: 5 Reputable Houston Foundation Repair Companies

houston foundation repair

You live in the Houston area and are looking for a foundation repair company. Who do you choose? This article will impartially identify the top foundation repair companies serving the Houston area based on business philosophy, foundation repair methods, customer reviews, and service experience.

Confusing Signs of Foundation Issues: Corner Pop and Ghosting Doors

Corner Pop Ghosting Doors Confusing Foundation Problems

You are researching how to tell if you have foundation issues and have symptoms like corner pop or ghosting doors in your home that are not showing up on the usual lists. This article reviews and explains two common signs that may or not be foundation-related that tend to confuse homeowners.

What Is Concrete Slab Jacking? (Definition, Methods, Cost)

what is concrete slab jacking

You’ve got some problems with your sidewalks or driveway and are wondering if concrete slab jacking might work for you, but first you need to find out what it is. This article will define slab jacking and what it can do for your concrete surfaces, as well as explore the methods available and estimated costs.

4 Foundation Repair Options for Your Remodeled Home

already remodeled

Your home has recently been remodeled and now you need foundation repair. It would have been better if the foundation repairs were done first, but they weren’t so now what? This article outlines the options available to homeowners when foundation repairs are needed on a newly remodeled home.

What to Expect from a Video Call with Anchor Foundation Repair

video call with Anchor

You’re getting ready for a video call with Anchor Foundation Repair to assess foundation problems with your home. To make the most out of this time, this article will review common questions and their answers so that you can fully understand and be prepared for your upcoming video call with Anchor.

What’s the Difference Between Anchor Foundation Repair and Olshan?

anchor vs olshan what's the difference?

You are in the market for foundation repair and you’re wondering how Anchor Foundation Repair is different from another company called Olshan Foundation Solutions. This article clearly outlines how these two companies differ so that you can understand the companies better.

Do I Need to Be Home During the Foundation Repair Process?

do I need to be home during foundation repair?

Foundation repairs will begin soon at your home. You are wondering if you need to be home and available to the crew during the foundation repair process or if will you be in the way. This article discusses when or why you might want to be home and when the inside of your home needs to be accessed.

Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Write Articles?

write articles

Why does Anchor Foundation Repair write so many articles? Does this result in extra costs for the homeowner? Well, here’s another article that will explain the philosophy behind Anchor providing foundation repair information online to everyone.

Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Charge for Inspections?

why paid inspections?

You’re shopping around for a foundation repair company and are looking at Anchor Foundation Repair. But you’re a little stuck on why you should have to pay for a foundation inspection when other companies do them for free. This article explains why we charge for our bids and how it can benefit you.

Do I Need to Protect My Foundation from Texas Summer Drought?

Texas Summer Drought

It’s summertime and getting hot and dry. Should you be concerned about your foundation? This article will discuss drought’s impact on foundations and what you can do to protect your home from extreme dryness brought to you by our typical summer climate.

Drywall After Foundation Repair: What to Expect and How to Handle It

drywall expectations after foundation repair

Foundation repairs will begin at your home soon. What results or changes can you expect to see in your drywall? Will there be old, new, or no cracks? This article tells you what to expect in your drywall condition after foundation repairs and advises how to handle any cracks you may have.

Why Anchor Foundation Repair Costs More Than Brazos Valley Solutions

why does Anchor cost more?

You’re getting bids for slab foundation repair and you’re wondering why Anchor Foundation Repair is more expensive than Brazos Valley Solutions. You’re wondering what the difference is between the two companies. This article will clearly explain why our pricing tends to be more expensive.

What to Expect from an Under-Slab Tunneling Project on Your Home

what to expect from tunneling

You are about to have an under-slab tunneling job to reach a leak under your slab, but what should you expect during the process? Will it be noisy or messy? What exactly will they be doing? This article goes over the tunneling process in detail so you know what is about to happen at your home.

Top 10 Myths About Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling and Repair

pier and beam myths

You’ve heard things about getting your house leveled and want to know if they are true – things like house leveling is messy, and pier and beam foundation repair is expensive. This article gives quick no-nonsense answers to the major myths and misconceptions about crawl space foundation repairs.

6 Ways to Fix Your Drywall After Foundation Repairs Are Complete

drywall repair after foundation repair

You’ve had your foundation repaired (either recently or a while ago) and have cracks in your drywall to contend with. They are closed up but there are still there. What can you do to handle drywall cracks? This article will explain why the cracks are still there and go over some ways to address the issue.

What Is Seasonal Foundation Settlement and What Should I Do About It?

what is seasonal foundation settlement?

Sometimes your doors work fine and then less fine through the year but it always gets better. You have been told this is “seasonal foundation settlement” but what does that really mean? This article defines seasonal settlement and whether it is a foundation problem and what to do about it.

5 Signs That Your Foundation Repair Was Completed Poorly

badly done foundation repair

How do you know if you got a bad foundation repair? Are there any indicators that would tell you that your recent foundation repairs were poorly done or done wrong? This article will discuss the signs of a badly done foundation repair and what you can do about it.

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Your Pier and Beam Home’s Foundation

Maintenance for Your Crawl Space Home Foundation

You have just had your pier and beam or crawl space home foundation leveled and repaired and now are thinking about maintenance. Or you are wondering how to care for this kind of home. This article covers the best actions a homeowner can take to keep your pier and beam foundation in good condition.

What Will (and Won’t) Foundation Repair Do for My Home?

What will foundation repair do for my home?

You’re looking at foundation repair options and know that work gets done on your house, but what will the results be? What will foundation repair make better? Is there anything it won’t do? This article outlines the basic goals and sets realistic expectations for your home foundation repair project.

Concrete Leveling: What is Mud Jacking and How Is it Done?

mud jacking for concrete leveling

You’ve just heard the term mud jacking for repairing concrete and you want to know more about it. What does it even mean? What is the process? This article will go over the use, definition, and process of mud jacking so that you will know more about this method of concrete raising and leveling.

House Leveling with Anchor: 4 Steps to Expect From a Typical Project

what to expect from Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

You have a pier and beam or crawl space home and are waiting for your house leveling project to start. What should you expect in the typical repair process with Anchor Foundation Repair? This article outlines the basic repair process at your home so that you can prepare and know what will happen.

The Fast Guide to Home Foundation Inspections – Purpose, Process, Cost

Guide to Foundation Inspections

You want to know more about home foundation inspections – and fast! You need the total basics on what the purpose of a foundation inspection is along with the process and cost to get one. This article will quickly highlight the essentials of what you really need to know so you can get one asap.

House Leveling: Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Fit for Your Needs?

best fit

You are shopping around for a foundation repair company to handle your house leveling or pier and beam foundation repair needs. Is Anchor Foundation Repair the best fit for you? This article will cover your top house leveling needs and discuss whether Anchor is best to meet those needs or not.

Does Anchor Foundation Repair Have a Warranty for House Leveling?

House Leveling Warranty for Anchor

You’re nearly ready to pull the trigger on getting house leveling done for your pier and beam home. You want just a little more info on Anchor Foundation Repair’s warranty policy for crawl space home repairs. This article will give you the low down in simple terms and explain why we do it this way.

House Leveling vs. Pier and Beam Repairs: What’s the Difference?

house leveling vs. pier and beam repair

You have heard the terms house leveling and pier and beam foundation repair. You are not sure if they are different things or different ways to say the same thing. This article will explore the meaning and difference between these two terms so that you can feel more clear on the subject yourself.

House Leveling: How Long Does Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Take?

house leveling in BCS

How long is house leveling supposed to take on average? You need to know how much time to allow for your pier and beam foundation repair so that you know what to expect. This article reviews 6 crawlspace foundation repair scenarios and their approximate work times along with contributing factors.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: 5 Times to Wait on House Leveling

crawlspace home

You’re looking for reasons, wise and practical reasons, that it might be good to wait on getting foundation repairs for your pier and beam home and honestly there are some to consider. This article covers 5 situations where it’s okay to wait before getting started on your house leveling project.

Top 3 Problem Signs For Your Pier and Beam Home’s Foundation

pier and beam foundation problems

Do you keep finding articles that talk about foundation problem signs in slab homes? But you’ve got a pier and beam home and want to know the specific signs of foundation problems in that style of home. This article will cover the top 3 problem signs specific to crawl space type foundations.

What to Expect from a Pier and Beam Foundation Inspection with Anchor

pier and beam inspection

You have a pier and beam or block and base home and need someone to come out and inspect it for a repair bid. Do you need to do anything to prepare? Is it different than inspecting a slab foundation? This article will help you know what to expect from a crawlspace-type home foundation inspection.

What are Sills on a Pier and Beam Home Foundation? 4 Types/Purposes

types of sill

You have heard terms with the word “sill” in them while talking to your foundation repair contractor. You have a pier and beam home foundation that needs repair. This article will demystify the term sill and review types of sill used on a crawlspace foundation for original construction and repairs.

How Can I Pay for Foundation Repair Costs? 7 Best Options

paying for foundation repairs

You are wondering how you can pay for a potential foundation repair project in your future. What are your best options to explore to pay for this large expense? This article will review 7 common methods homeowners use to handle the cost of foundation repair and discuss considerations for each.

Cement vs. Concrete: What’s the Difference for Foundation Repair?

cement vs. concrete

Inquiring minds want to know: What is cement and what is concrete? Are they different or two ways to say the same thing? This article will define and explain cement and concrete, and discuss usage and problems. It’s stuff you never thought you wanted to know about this popular building material.

What is Slurry and How is It Used in Under-Slab Tunneling?

slurry in under-slab tunneling

You have seen or heard the term slurry in the context of under-slab tunneling, but don’t know what it means or why it’s used. This article will go over what slurry is in general and explain its use and benefits in tunneling as well as discuss the alternatives of using slurry.

How Does Under-Slab Tunneling Work? Basic 5 Step Process

under-slab tunneling process

You’re interested in under-slab tunneling for accessing and repairing leaks under your foundation. What is the process? This article will give you five basic steps a tunneling crew would go through on an under-slab tunneling project for your home.

Structural Engineering Firms Serving the Brazos Valley Area

structural engineers in BCS

You need a structural engineer to look at your foundation in Bryan, College Station, or other Brazos Valley communities. Who are the most likely candidates for your residential home structural needs? This article lists basic contact and business info for 3 firms that serve our local area.

What Is & Why Use Under-Slab Tunneling for Leaks Under a Foundation?

tunneling for under-slab leaks

You’ve got plumbing leaks under your home and are wondering if under-slab tunneling is a good alternative to breaking up your slab and why. This article quickly defines under-slab tunneling and explains the differences between using tunneling compared to breaking the slab foundation from above.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Mud Jacking for Concrete Repair?

mud jacking for concrete repair

What are the great features and shortcomings of using mud jacking for concrete repair? Every method has its good and less good points if we’re being honest and mud jacking is no different. This quick article will outline the pros and cons of mud jacking as a method of concrete leveling and repair.

What is a Foundation Repair Plan? What It Tells You & Why To Care

What is a Foundation Repair Plan?

What does a foundation repair plan tell you? Is it more than just the price? While foundation repair plans differ from company to company, there’s some basic elements common to all. This article reviews key elements and variations in repair plans and why they are important to you as a homeowner.

Top 4 Tips for Hiring a Home Repair Contractor of Any Kind

hiring a contractor

You need some home repairs but you don’t really know where to start in finding someone reliable that you can trust. Lots of people feel this way, so here’s an article to help get you started with 4 steps to follow in your research to locate a home repair contractor that will best meet your needs.

How Does a Slab Foundation Become Damaged or Crack? 3 Common Causes

damaged or cracked foundation

You’re wondering what the cause of your slab foundation damage is. Why exactly did your foundation crack? Many homeowners want an explanation of why these things happen. This article breaks down the three most common root causes of damage and cracks in a typical slab-on-grade foundation home.