What Is the Cheapest Slab Foundation Repair Option?

cheapest foundation repair options

You need the cheapest foundation repair option available. What options do you have when money is your biggest consideration? This article will offer and explain 5 foundation repair options from least to most expensive for you to choose from.

Anchor’s Concrete Lifting Process: What to Expect with Mud Jacking

mud jacking process

You’ve got an appointment to get your concrete lifted and leveled with Anchor Foundation Repair. What exactly is going to happen at your property during the work? What will this process look like? This article takes you step-by-step through the details of what will soon be happening at your home.

Top 6 Problems to Solve with Concrete Lifting or Concrete Leveling

Concrete Problems

What kinds of problems can you fix with concrete lifting? Are there any problems that are not solved with concrete leveling? This article will review the basics of what concrete lifting is, list the top issues it can fix, and which problems won’t be solved using this concrete repair method.

The Pros and Cons of Paid vs Free Foundation Repair Estimates

pros and cons free vs paid

Why would some companies charge for foundation estimates while others do them for free? What is the difference between paid versus free inspections and are there positives or negatives to weigh? This article will break down the pros and cons of foundation repair estimates with a cost compared to free.

How to Check Your Home for Foundation Problems Throughout the Year

annual foundation checks

You want to watch your home for developing or worsening foundation settlement. Maybe you’ve already had a foundation inspection and are now monitoring your home for changes. This article will give you things to look for throughout the year to keep a close eye on the health of your foundation.

What Is House Leveling and When Does Your Home Need It?

what is house leveling?

What is house leveling exactly? You’ve been reading and are getting confused about what this term really means or you just want to make sure you’ve got it right. This article will define house leveling so that you can make sure you’re using it correctly and understand what it does for your home.

What Is a Drilled Bell-Bottom Pier in Foundation Repair Terms?

what is a drilled pier?

While researching foundation repair, you come across the term “drilled bell-bottom pier” and want to know more about this pier and type of foundation repair. This article will define and describe drilled piers as well as offer some history and pros and cons for this method of foundation repair.

What Do Diagonal Wall Cracks Mean and What Can I Do About Them?

diagonal wall cracks

You suddenly notice a diagonal crack in your wall. What does this mean? Why is this happening? What should you do about it? This article will explain the source of diagonal drywall cracks and discuss steps you can take to handle this distressing home issue.

How to Get a Foundation Repair Quote from Anchor in 3 Easy Steps

get a quote for foundation repair

You want to get an estimate or quote from Anchor Foundation Repair. What do you need to do to get that bid? This article will outline the steps homeowners take to obtain a formal quote for foundation repair services so that you can get your foundation problems handled.

Selling a Home with Foundation Problems: Top 5 Things to Consider

selling home with foundation problems

You want to sell your house but you know you have foundation problems. With so many things to consider, you don’t know how to start exploring options on selling with foundation issues. This article breaks down all the important considerations and guides you toward the decision that’s right for you.