Top 10 Myths About Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling and Repair

pier and beam myths

You’ve heard things about getting your house leveled and want to know if they are true – things like house leveling is messy, and pier and beam foundation repair is expensive. This article gives quick no-nonsense answers to the major myths and misconceptions about crawl space foundation repairs.

6 Ways to Fix Your Drywall After Foundation Repairs Are Complete

drywall repair after foundation repair

You’ve had your foundation repaired (either recently or a while ago) and have cracks in your drywall to contend with. They are closed up but there are still there. What can you do to handle drywall cracks? This article will explain why the cracks are still there and go over some ways to address the issue.

What Is Seasonal Foundation Settlement and What Should I Do About It?

what is seasonal foundation settlement?

Sometimes your doors work fine and then less fine through the year but it always gets better. You have been told this is “seasonal foundation settlement” but what does that really mean? This article defines seasonal settlement and whether it is a foundation problem and what to do about it.

5 Signs That Your Foundation Repair Was Completed Poorly

badly done foundation repair

How do you know if you got a bad foundation repair? Are there any indicators that would tell you that your recent foundation repairs were poorly done or done wrong? This article will discuss the signs of a badly done foundation repair and what you can do about it.

Concrete Leveling Costs in 2022: How Much for Mud Jacking?

Cost of Mud Jacking for Concrete Repair

You already know that mud jacking is a thing that can lift and level your concrete surfaces – but how much does it cost? This article will get right to the point so that you know the approximate average pricing for small, medium, and larger jobs to mud jack your concrete back where it needs to be.

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Your Pier and Beam Home’s Foundation

Maintenance for Your Crawl Space Home Foundation

You have just had your pier and beam or crawl space home foundation leveled and repaired and now are thinking about maintenance. Or you are wondering how to care for this kind of home. This article covers the best actions a homeowner can take to keep your pier and beam foundation in good condition.

What Will (and Won’t) Foundation Repair Do for My Home?

What will foundation repair do for my home?

You’re looking at foundation repair options and know that work gets done on your house, but what will the results be? What will foundation repair make better? Is there anything it won’t do? This article outlines the basic goals and sets realistic expectations for your home foundation repair project.

Concrete Leveling: What is Mud Jacking and How Is it Done?

mud jacking for concrete leveling

You’ve just heard the term mud jacking for repairing concrete and you want to know more about it. What does it even mean? What is the process? This article will go over the use, definition, and process of mud jacking so that you will know more about this method of concrete raising and leveling.

House Leveling with Anchor: 4 Steps to Expect From a Typical Project

what to expect from Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

You have a pier and beam or crawl space home and are waiting for your house leveling project to start. What should you expect in the typical repair process with Anchor Foundation Repair? This article outlines the basic repair process at your home so that you can prepare and know what will happen.

The Fast Guide to Home Foundation Inspections – Purpose, Process, Cost

Guide to Foundation Inspections

You want to know more about home foundation inspections – and fast! You need the total basics on what the purpose of a foundation inspection is along with the process and cost to get one. This article will quickly highlight the essentials of what you really need to know so you can get one asap.

House Leveling: Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Fit for Your Needs?

best fit

You are shopping around for a foundation repair company to handle your house leveling or pier and beam foundation repair needs. Is Anchor Foundation Repair the best fit for you? This article will cover your top house leveling needs and discuss whether Anchor is best to meet those needs or not.

Does Anchor Foundation Repair Have a Warranty for House Leveling?

House Leveling Warranty for Anchor

You’re nearly ready to pull the trigger on getting house leveling done for your pier and beam home. You want just a little more info on Anchor Foundation Repair’s warranty policy for crawl space home repairs. This article will give you the low down in simple terms and explain why we do it this way.