How to Pick a Foundation Repair Company: Your Top Needs in 7 Questions

how to pick a foundation repair company

What do you need or want out of getting your foundation repaired? Seems like an easy question, but what would meet your needs best? This article will explore key questions to help you think more clearly about what you are really looking for in your foundation repair results and chosen company.

The 2022 Best List: 5 Reputable Houston Foundation Repair Companies

houston foundation repair

You live in the Houston area and are looking for a foundation repair company. Who do you choose? This article will impartially identify the top foundation repair companies serving the Houston area based on business philosophy, foundation repair methods, customer reviews, and service experience.

Confusing Signs of Foundation Issues: Corner Pop and Ghosting Doors

Corner Pop Ghosting Doors Confusing Foundation Problems

You are researching how to tell if you have foundation issues and have symptoms like corner pop or ghosting doors in your home that are not showing up on the usual lists. This article reviews and explains two common signs that may or not be foundation-related that tend to confuse homeowners.

What Is Concrete Slab Jacking? (Definition, Methods, Cost)

what is concrete slab jacking

You’ve got some problems with your sidewalks or driveway and are wondering if concrete slab jacking might work for you, but first you need to find out what it is. This article will define slab jacking and what it can do for your concrete surfaces, as well as explore the methods available and estimated costs.

4 Foundation Repair Options for Your Remodeled Home

already remodeled

Your home has recently been remodeled and now you need foundation repair. It would have been better if the foundation repairs were done first, but they weren’t so now what? This article outlines the options available to homeowners when foundation repairs are needed on a newly remodeled home.

What to Expect from a Video Call with Anchor Foundation Repair

video call with Anchor

You’re getting ready for a video call with Anchor Foundation Repair to assess foundation problems with your home. To make the most out of this time, this article will review common questions and their answers so that you can fully understand and be prepared for your upcoming video call with Anchor.

What’s the Difference Between Anchor Foundation Repair and Olshan?

anchor vs olshan what's the difference?

You are in the market for foundation repair and you’re wondering how Anchor Foundation Repair is different from another company called Olshan Foundation Solutions. This article clearly outlines how these two companies differ so that you can understand the companies better.

Do I Need to Be Home During the Foundation Repair Process?

do I need to be home during foundation repair?

Foundation repairs will begin soon at your home. You are wondering if you need to be home and available to the crew during the foundation repair process or if will you be in the way. This article discusses when or why you might want to be home and when the inside of your home needs to be accessed.

Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Write Articles?

write articles

Why does Anchor Foundation Repair write so many articles? Does this result in extra costs for the homeowner? Well, here’s another article that will explain the philosophy behind Anchor providing foundation repair information online to everyone.

Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Charge for Inspections?

why paid inspections?

You’re shopping around for a foundation repair company and are looking at Anchor Foundation Repair. But you’re a little stuck on why you should have to pay for a foundation inspection when other companies do them for free. This article explains why we charge for our bids and how it can benefit you.

Do I Need to Protect My Foundation from Texas Summer Drought?

Texas Summer Drought

It’s summertime and getting hot and dry. Should you be concerned about your foundation? This article will discuss drought’s impact on foundations and what you can do to protect your home from extreme dryness brought to you by our typical summer climate.

Drywall After Foundation Repair: What to Expect and How to Handle It

drywall expectations after foundation repair

Foundation repairs will begin at your home soon. What results or changes can you expect to see in your drywall? Will there be old, new, or no cracks? This article tells you what to expect in your drywall condition after foundation repairs and advises how to handle any cracks you may have.