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Best BCS Contractors for Masonry and New Concrete Work

You recently had foundation repairs and now need some additional masonry or concrete work that is beyond what the foundation repair guys can do for you. Or perhaps you thought you had a foundation issue and it’s really just a cosmetic concrete issue or brick problem. Who ya gonna call? 

Well, you have no idea . . . there are not too many options coming up on the interwebs and sometimes contractors that do this kind of work don’t even have websites!

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been serving the Brazos Valley community for 35+ years inspecting and repairing foundations. It’s important to have a pool of quality tradesmen to recommend to homeowners for the work we can’t help with. We get this question a lot about who to call for brickwork repairs or concrete restoration. 

We did some legwork for you to find reputable contractors that do various brick and concrete repair work. This article will list a selection of local options for you to consider, and the list includes contact and company profile information.

These are listed alphabetically and by job type and we do not receive any compensation or kickbacks for suggesting these companies, just tryin’ to help people out.

BCS Contractors For Smaller Masonry Projects

These contractors are either lone wolf types or one guy at the company that mainly handles the masonry work. So since it’s just one person, they can only reasonably do simpler projects that don’t require a big crew.

Lone Star Home & Commercial Improvements

Years in Business: 10

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-220-8323, Leo Hernandez

Masonry work and repairs in Bryan and College Station

Insider Info: Local Bryan guys that can do tile work, flooring, masonry, and some basic concrete too. TexAgs member recommended. Their tile work is quite nice!

Nichols Construction

Years in Business: 50+

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-268-1901, Robert Nichols

Insider Info: Mr. Robert has been in construction for many years and used to run a larger business, but now does smaller masonry jobs that he can mostly handle on his own. He does not have a website but his knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail are notable. TexAgs member recommended.

Local Contractors for Larger Masonry Projects

These companies are larger and run crews to handle bigger or more complex residential projects. Not that these outfits won’t do the smaller stuff too, but sometimes contractors with multiple crews to keep busy will prefer and be more inclined to tackle larger projects.

Masonry and Stonework in the Brazos Valley

Aggieland Masonry

Years in Business: 5

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-820-4832, Justin Boenigk

Insider Info: Family-owned and local business that runs a residential repair side for homeowners with a longer-running commercial division. Does masonry, concrete, waterproofing, and stonework. Skip the online “Contact Us” form and just call them. TexAgs member recommended. A+ Rated and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Jorge Trello Construction

Years in Business: 20+

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-219-0685, Jorge Trello

Insider Info: Mr. Trello’s outfit does both large and small-scale masonry work in town. His company does new construction, many commercial properties, as well as residential repairs. He does not have a website but is local and experienced. Realtor® recommended.

Masonry and Brick work in BCS

Terra Nova Masonry & Construction LLC

Years in Business: 10+

Headquarters: Houston, but does business in Bryan and College Station as well

Phone Number: 713-836-2243, C.A. Rodriguez

Insider Info: This company can do a wide array of outdoor concrete, stucco, brick, and stonework from chimneys, to walkways and driveways, fountains, and outdoor kitchens. Runs crews but the owner is involved in every job.

Bryan-College Station Concrete Work and Restoration

If you need concrete patching and repairs and no brickwork, then a concrete specialist is your best bet. Sometimes when you have foundation repairs, we have to break up concrete. We do patching and put things back together but if your concrete is specialized or has a high-end finish, you might need to bring in the big guns with more expertise to repair.

You can also use a company like this when you haven’t had foundation repairs. You might need them to fix your concrete problems like corner pop, spalling, or concrete beam issues unrelated to foundation settlement or repair.

Concrete restoration in the Brazos Valley

Or let’s say you need concrete added to your property, your existing concrete is beyond repair, or mud jacking won’t help your situation and you need new stuff. Adding or removing and replacing sidewalks, driveways, and other exterior concrete is an option for you under this section.

Exquisite Concrete Designs LP

Years in Business: 18

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-218-0174, Stuart Sedlacek

Insider Info: A well-reviewed local contractor with certifications and training in decorative concrete methods. They do stamped and concrete overlays, garage floor coatings, and even concrete countertops. But don’t let the fancy name fool you, they can do basic or simpler concrete work as well. A+ Rated and recently BBB accredited.

Nick Ponce, Independent Concrete Contractor

Years in Business: 40+

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-574-3683, Nick Ponce

Insider Info: Nick can do anything and everything related to new concrete, from new commercial slabs for buildings (he did the slab for our new shop!) or parking lots to small residential projects like garden walkways. Mr. Ponce takes his reputation for doing good work seriously. There’s no company website, just Nick running a crew and doing quality concrete for many local builders and homeowners. He stays pretty busy!

He comes from a family of concrete contractors who also work in the community. Though his family members operate independently, they also sometimes help each other out with big jobs.

Do You Need Your Concrete Surfaces Raised and Leveled?

uneven concrete to repair with mud jacking
We can raise this!

Wait, you’ve got a concrete problem but it doesn’t have to do with special finishes or patching? Is it more that your concrete is unlevel and needs to be lifted? Well, that’s a different story . . . 

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we do a form of concrete repair called mud jacking that works to lift and level concrete surfaces that are still in good shape but have sunken. We’ve been doing this kind of concrete raising for many years now and can help you out with this kind of problem ourselves.

If you need to eliminate tripping hazards and water pooling on concrete around your home, find out about your options to repair, lift, and level concrete flatwork here: What Can I Do About Sunken or Uneven Concrete Around My Home? 6 Options.