The 4 Best Brazos Valley Foundation Repair Companies for You

“Hey Craig, I like you and Anchor Foundation Repair and all, but can you refer me to any other foundation repair companies in the area that might be able to help me?”

This may sound controversial or slightly crazy, but as much as I would like to help every homeowner fix every foundation repair issue in the Brazos Valley, I know that I just can’t get to everyone. Sometimes people simply want to get a “second opinion” or another bid for comparison purposes as well.

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

I understand that Anchor Foundation Repair may not be the best fit for every homeowner either, but I still want to help you out any way I can.

As a local foundation repair business owner that has raised and stabilized thousands of homes and provided even more inspections and assessments, I know the industry and area well. I also know that there are always choices available when it comes to who you use to take care of your home’s issues – and that’s a good thing. 

I would like every homeowner to know that you have options. I want you to feel great about the contractor chosen for your slab foundation, sagging concrete, or under-slab plumbing issues.

So what happens when someone asks me if there is anyone else I would suggest? Well, I would be lying if I said this doesn’t ever happen, so I thought I would put together a short guide just to help you out.

Guide to Brazos Valley Foundation Repair Companies

R&R House Leveling & Foundation

Year Founded: 1972

Owner: Robert Becker (father) and Travis Becker (son)

Headquarters: College Station

Service List: house leveling, pier and beam repair, block and base repair, mobile home leveling

Company Profile: R&R specializes in older homes with a crawl space underneath such as pre-1940 block and base foundations, as well as ’40s and ’50s pier and beam foundations. The business has been around for a long time and is a part of the community and serves much of the Brazos Valley.

Best if you need: foundation repair or leveling on your older home (non-slab foundation) or mobile home

Better Business Bureau Accreditation and Rating: Not Accredited, A+ rating


Year Founded: 2000

Owner: Uretek ICR

Headquarters: DFW, San Antonio

Service Specialties: foundation repair and concrete leveling via polymer injection method

Company Profile: Uretek is the world leader in poly-foam raising methods aka polyjacking. This is a big company with 9 authorized affiliates around the country. While other affiliates may have been operating longer, the affiliate serving north and central Texas has been operating since 2000 and includes our area.

Better Business Bureau Membership and Rating: BBB Accredited, A+ rating

Best if you need: work done inside your home due to slab sinking in the middle or to fill voids underneath your home with little disruption

Brazos Valley Solutions, LLC

Year Founded: 2004

Owner: Walt Childers

Headquarters: BCS, Metro DFW

Service Specialties: foundation repair via pressed pile method, drainage, home inspection

Company Profile: The owner is educated in the construction industry, has 20 years of experience in foundation repair, and holds a license as a Professional Inspector by the Texas Real Estate Commission. All employees are licensed inspectors.

Better Business Bureau Membership and Rating: BBB Accredited, A+ rating

Best if you need: lower cost or quicker service using pressed pile repair method or if you are a home seller, investor, or property manager

Olshan Foundation Solutions

Year Founded: 1933

Owner: National Corporation

Headquarters: Houston

Service Specialties: foundation repair via a cabled pressed pile pier method, waterproofing, drainage, auxiliary damage repair (i.e. plumbing, drywall), commercial services

Company Profile: Olshan is a very large national company with a long history in foundation repair, serving 18 states with 23 service areas in Texas. They offer auxiliary repair services and have experience with different types of homes due to large service areas.

Better Business Bureau Membership and Rating: BBB Accredited, A+ rating

Best if you need: another company option for using the pressed pile method of repair or financing

Have you decided yet where to get a foundation repair bid?

Anchor Logo

If it’s one of those companies, I am glad to have been able to help you. If you haven’t gotten a bid or assessment from Anchor Foundation Repair yet, that option is not off the table just because you wanted to know who else was out there. I promise I am not offended.

Each of the companies named above specializes in different methods. We live in a smaller community and don’t have a great number of choices in each repair method type. So really when you are choosing a foundation repair contractor around here, you are choosing a specific repair method in many cases. 

I know that a home is a huge investment and sometimes you only have one chance to get your foundation repair done right. You want to choose the contractor with the method that best works for you and the goals of your home.

One more method . . . 

In case you are wondering, here’s my business method. I will share things with you to be concerned about around your home and foundation, and give you a rough idea about the scope of work and estimated cost for repairs by phone (or Zoom or FaceTime) before coming out to your home. 

During an In-Home Assessment, I will provide you with a specific design and detailed scope of work that includes what I would charge for the repair. I won’t ever hesitate to point you in the right direction for the problems you face around your home. Whether it’s a new driveway, drainage work, or a more suitable repair company that meets your needs.

pressed pile vs bell bottom pier diagram

Anchor Foundation Repair has been in business since 1985, is locally owned and operated – founded by my father, Ken Tripp –  and is an accredited Better Business Bureau, A+ rated business as well. 

Our specialties include slab foundation repair via the bell-bottom pier method, under-slab tunneling, and mud jacking services. We offer a transferable warranty on our work as well as a financing option if you qualify with the vendor. 

We are best for homeowners who want to take the time to get the highest quality repair and the longest-lasting results so that you never have to worry about your foundation again.

If you feel like Anchor Foundation Repair might make your “shortlist” of companies to get a quote from, here’s our Contact Form for you to fill out and get started!