5 Best Bryan-College Station Plumbers for Under-Slab Plumbing Problems

All plumbers are exactly the same and are good at all types of plumbing repairs . . . said no one ever. In reality, there’s a dizzying array of choices in plumbing contractors in the Bryan-College Station area, maybe almost too many choices and you might be finding it hard to narrow them down. 

Some are great for outside work, some are great for fine finishing work, some are the most experienced with remodels, while others prefer to only install new builder plumbing work. 

Bryan-College Station Foundation Repair and Under-Slab Tunneling

But you are interested in plumbers that can work on plumbing leaks under your foundationWho are the best plumbers that do that kind of work?

This is where it can be very helpful to hear from a foundation repair expert. Nearly 40% of the foundation repair jobs we do at Anchor Foundation Repair also have an under-slab plumbing issue that needs attention. We also provide tunneling for plumbers to help them access the repair locations even when no foundation work is needed.

We’ve worked on thousands of homes in the local area and oftentimes work hand in hand with plumbers. It takes a special type of plumber to be comfortable crawling under a slab to assess and repair a damaged drain line the right way, using the right materials to make sure the problem is addressed properly the first time. 

You really don’t want to have to do this stuff more than once.

Sometimes our customers are getting foundation work and then an under-slab plumbing issue is identified. Or you might just suspect that you have an under-slab plumbing issue and are trying to figure out which plumber to call for repairs. 

Either way, we want to point you in a helpful direction to get the work done right the first time. We have seen it not get done right the first time and don’t want that frustration for you.

What Good Under-Slab Plumbing Looks Like

Though we are not a plumbing company, we know what right looks like with regards to under-slab repairs because we have seen so many of them through our 35 years in business. We want to help make sure that you feel confident in your contractor choices and their workmanship when making an investment in your home.

pvc under house plumbing

When things are done right with under-slab plumbing repairs, this is what we see:

  1. Avoiding the use of flexible “Fernco” fittings – these fittings are not authorized for under-slab use
  2. Securing and maintaining the proper pitch of drain lines using “clevis hangers” along the underside of the slab
  3. Retesting the pressure of the lines with a hydrostatic pressure test after repairs to ensure that all the work has been sealed up properly and there are no further leaks
drain line on clevis hanger image
Drain line suspended with clevis hanger

We know that some of the terminology and technique mentioned in this list sounds like a foreign language called “I Don’t Care, Just Fix It”. Just know that if you use one of the plumbers listed below, we are confident that they will do all this stuff right for you and then you don’t have to understand it at all.

Guide to BCS Under-Slab Plumbing Experts

We have worked with each of these companies on many occasions and are familiar with their quality of work. We have great relationships with them built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding of each other’s needs in the repair environment. We like them and they like us.

They are being listed in no ranked order, just alphabetically. We do not have any sort of referral arrangement with any of these companies so no one has anything to gain from this listing, other than YOU getting great service!

1. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing College Station

Year Founded: 2005

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-704-6185

Insider Insights: Franchise company since 2016 but locally owned and operated as a subsidiary of Tom Lyne Plumbing & Irrigation which has been in business since 2005. They offer top-notch service and the know-how to fix it right.

2. Chollett Plumbing, LLC

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Caldwell

Phone Number: 979-324-7834

Insider Insights: Small company that focuses on customer service. Veteran-owned and operated. Owner Jason Chollett and company primarily serve the west side of the Brazos Valley but can handle under-slab repairs throughout our area.

3. Marshall’s Home Plumbing Services, LLC

Year Founded: 2022

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-229-1497

Insider Insights: One-Man-Show Marshall Allen is a Master Plumber with 13 years in the field. He launched his own company in 2022. Marshall has tons of experience with tunneling and all other plumbing issues. He brings in extra guys to help with big jobs.

4. West Plumbing Services

Year Founded: 2011

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-204-9440

Insider Insights: Owner and College Station good-guy Billy West is a long-time, local plumber who employs a great crew of hardworking plumbers who want the best for you and your home. Billy’s team of problem-solvers are confident, respectful, and well-trained.

5. Wilson Plumbing Co., Inc.

Year Founded: 1945

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-690-4219

Insider Insights: Locally owned and been in the Brazos Valley for over 75 years – that’s impressive. Owner J.B. Alexshonis and his crew know how to do under-slab work right. J.B. worked for the Wilson family business for 12 years before buying the company in 2001.

To Locate or Confirm an Under-Slab Leak

One of the most important factors in determining both the scope and cost of an under-slab leak repair is knowing where the leak is located. If you have not yet determined where you have a problem, or even if you have a problem, there’s an outfit you might want to contact. 

Plumbers can also identify the repair points but this service can offer an unbiased evaluation from a company that will not be doing the repair work. Their independent assessment can assure homeowners that a problem indeed needs attention and removes any suspicion of the “guaranteed plumbing problem” coming from a plumber who might be benefitting from potential repair job income.

Not that we think that the plumbers listed here will present biased information, but we acknowledge that it happens in the contracting industry. Homeowners might find the opportunity for a neutral opinion useful.

broken cast iron drain line
Think this might have been leaking?

American Leak Detection of Central Texas

Year Founded: 1998

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 254-213-5410 or 979-200-4774

Insider Insights: The premier company when it comes to location and diagramming leaks under and around your home. Franchised but locally run and serving the Brazos Valley area. Local owner Brian Bailey and his team specialize in leak location services and share the results with the homeowner, local plumber, or tunneling company to complete the repairs.

Under-Slab Leaks Can Be Reached by Tunneling

A lot of people think that the only way to access under-slab plumbing is by jackhammering, but there is another option. Under-slab tunneling keeps the mess and chaos away and allows you to continue using your home as usual. This method keeps all repairs that need to be done underneath and outside the home and the repairs are completed with no holes or debris inside the house. Seems like a huge plus, right?

man digging hole for tunnel
Diggin’ holes for a tunnel

At Anchor Foundation Repair, under-slab tunneling is one of our primary services and we regularly tunnel under homes. Because we do this quite a bit, our team of professional experts knows the proper techniques to remove and then replace the dirt under your home with future stability in mind at all times.

So even if you don’t need foundation repair, Anchor can help get whatever plumber you choose easy access to do the repairs under your home. Then we will fill the tunnel using a thorough method to retain the stability of your home. 

Once you know where the leak is located, we are happy to work and coordinate with the plumber of your choice to get your problem solved. It could be one of the companies above, but it doesn’t have to be. We just highly recommend asking questions of your chosen plumber to make sure they have an understanding of working in the expansive clay soils that we have in this area.

If tunneling sounds like a good option for you, we can give you a bid on that! Contact us here to start that process. But no matter what plumber you decide to use and whether you want tunneling services or not, we wish you the best of luck in getting your under-slab leak problems solved!