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How to Get the Best Deal on Foundation Repairs for Your Home

You know that foundation repair can be expensive and are worried about high costs. Sometimes you can get good deals on airline tickets if you buy on the right day of the week or just the right number of weeks before your trip. Maybe it’s similar for foundation repairs???

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The *bottom line* is that you’re looking for easy tips or tricks to save money on foundation repairs.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we’ve been determining costs to repair foundations in Bryan, College Station, and the surrounding Brazos Valley communities since 1985. We understand the industry and can tell you where the real savings lie.

This article will reveal and explain the top two tips homeowners can incorporate to cut costs on foundation repairs. *Spoiler alert* It’s probably not what you think . . . 

How To Save Money On Foundation Repair Costs

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I’m not going to beat around the bush here, there aren’t really any big tricks to getting a good deal on foundation repairs. But there are two things you can specifically do to keep from spending extra money:

  1. Choose a reputable contractor, and 
  2. Don’t wait to get repairs completed.

You might think these are *weird* tips because they don’t sound like anything groundbreaking or even like a secret trick. Well, that’s because they are not groundbreaking or secret. Let me detail things for you in the next section on why these are the best ways to get a good deal on your foundation work. 

1. How Choosing a Reputable Contractor Saves on Foundation Repair

Can I tell you how many times we have helped a homeowner that has already attempted to get foundation repairs from either a shady out-of-town company or just a random group of dudes who claimed that they can do foundation repairs? 

Well, I don’t actually count them, but it’s more than it should be . . . What happens is that people want to save money and just hire any ol’ company or day laborer and then (surprise!) things don’t get done right. They’ve just flushed a bunch of money down the drain because then they have to get repairs done AGAIN by someone that is legit and knows what they are doing.

So choosing the right contractor the first time will prevent you from having to pay for foundation repairs twice. Paying double is pretty painful when it comes to the cost of foundation repairs.

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You only have one shot at getting your foundation repaired the right way and making a good choice in contractors is the key. If you choose to go a cheaper route, you unfortunately might have to pay for things again if you are not satisfied with the results. 

Avoid problems with hiring a foundation repair contractor by finding one with a favorable and easy to activate warranty policy in case there are issues. This will serve you better in the long run than a *fly by night* company that is nowhere to be found if you have a problem later on.

We always recommend using a long-standing local company with positive online reviews. We also put together a list of questions that are good to ask any foundation repair contractor you are thinking of hiring.

If you do your due diligence and are careful to choose your foundation repair contractor more wisely, you are putting yourself in the best position to avoid any future costs for a do-over and also heading off major hassles with bad warranties. 

Is it worth paying a little bit more now, to make sure that things go smoothly and are done properly with your home’s foundation? 

2. How Getting Foundation Repairs Sooner Saves You Money

This is not a “buy now” fear tactic reason, this is a very practical reason to not wait on getting your foundation repairs completed. There are two logical reasons to get foundation repairs done now and not wait: expected increased costs, and increased damage.

The price of things, especially labor and construction materials, only tends to go up and never down. Sprinkle in some economic inflation and it gets even worse. So if you wait a while to get that foundation repaired, be prepared to pay more.

rising costs of foundation repair

This is certainly not to prod you to *ACT NOW,* but it’s just something to keep in mind and consider while you wait to decide when to get your foundation repaired.

Also, sometimes more damage can occur the longer you wait. This might not necessarily result in a higher foundation repair bill. But in some cases, it could cause more damage to your drywall and you end up with a bigger bill to fix your wall cracks after the foundation repair project is complete. 

Waiting to start repairs might result in damage to your plumbing system and you end up with a broken drain line to fix in addition to a foundation. Again, not trying to scare you, only pointing out that sometimes foundation settlement can progress and it can mess up a few more things around your house that you have to fix. 

But be assured that in general, foundation issues evolve slowly over time. You do usually have some time to make the foundation decision that works best for you, whether that is to get the repairs done now, or wait longer and be okay with the fact that it might result in higher costs.

What Won’t Get You a Good Deal on Foundation Repairs

Deals. Discounts. Coupons. Promotional offers. We live in a world of incentives to buy things you want but might not really need. But when you have signs of foundation problems in your home, it’s not as much about what you *want* as it is about what you need in this situation.

foundation repair discounts
So sorry, but this will never happen . . .

Usually, when a business offers a coupon or discount, it’s just a way to get you in the door to buy or they might be trying to increase their sales or market share. These types of sales tactics are packaged just right to make you *feel* like you are getting a deal. But is it even a discount?

Knowing some average pricing for a foundation repair project will help you with comparison shopping. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion or bid by talking to more than one foundation repair company. 

When meeting with prospective companies, really think about if any incentive or “buy today for a discount” deal is just a ploy to get you to commit without thinking things through.

Is There a Time of Year to Get Foundation Repairs for Less?

when to get foundation repair Bryan College Station

Here in Central Texas, we don’t have a major winter season where we can’t work (well, except for that one week in 2021). So for the most part, foundation repair contractors in the Brazos Valley can work steadily all year long.

Now, it could be different in other parts of the country that might have slow seasons. So it’s for sure a question that can be asked of any foundation company you are considering. 

So there is no “slow season” around these parts that you could predict or wait for in order to get an off-season discount on foundation repairs. We don’t think the chances are too high here in Texas for any kind of foundation repair discount by waiting to get your job done during a less-busy time. Sorry, there is no savings trick on this one.

Choosing the Right Contractor Will Pay Off in Foundation Repair

There’s a reason we made choosing the right foundation repair contractor the #1 thing you can do to get the best deal. It’s absolutely the most important thing homeowners can do to ensure high-quality repairs, avoid paying twice for a do-over, and minimize issues with warranty work.

choose your foundation repair contractor carefully
I like this guy, his message bears repeating . . .

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have never published coupons or run promotions to incentivize our foundation repair services in 35+ years. We don’t do discounts either, except for waiving our foundation inspection fees for military veterans. We believe that the drilled bell-bottom pier foundation repair method is what makes us the best foundation repair company around.

Speaking of our methods, did you even know that there were different methods of foundation repair? It’s not something all homeowners are aware of. Depending on what company you choose, the job will be done in a different way using different principles and concepts. 

Check out this article for more on the two most common methods of foundation repair available in the Brazos Valley and see which one sounds like it will better fit your needs.