Fix Drainage Problems Around Your Foundation

4 Best BCS Contractors for Drainage Issues Around Your Home Foundation

Your yard has drainage issues, like pooling water and water that hangs around too long after it rains, or water that goes where you don’t want it to go (like towards your garage or house). 

You’re looking for someone that can fix water drainage problems or install a french drain in the Bryan, College Station, or Brazos Valley area. Who does that kind of stuff anyway?

Who ya gonna call for yard drainage issues? . . .  *crickets chirping*

Anchor Foundation Repair

There’s no great catchy song that answers this question, unfortunately, but at Anchor Foundation Repair, we are here to help. After 35+ years in the community repairing foundations, we know that drainage problems can sometimes contribute to foundation problems and often get asked who to call for this type of issue.

Over the years, we have met and built relationships with great contractors who share our values in serving the community with integrity. Sometimes homeowners we are working with need a referral to address drainage issues after their foundation repairs and this is a list of 4 that we suggest.

We don’t have any sort of deal with these contractors for referrals or kickbacks, just putting this list together to help you out. The only person that benefits from this list is YOU getting in touch with companies that do good solid work in our community.

Your home will also benefit from a proper drainage system that keeps water where it’s supposed to go, maintaining the best possible opportunity for a healthy foundation.

Guide to the 4 Best BCS Contractors for Handling Drainage Issues

Earlier you asked who does this kind of work anyway, well the answer is usually landscaping companies. So not only will these companies be able to help you out with drainage issues, but with your other landscaping needs too. 

It should be noted that not every one of these companies specifically lists “drainage systems” in their list of services, but we know that they do them. 

These are listed in alphabetical order only and in no order of importance or preference.

1. Hitt’s Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.

Year Founded: 1993

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-690-6244

From the Web: Aggie owned and operated by Shawn Hitt, who has a TAMU horticulture degree, and a fellow Aggie is on board with a degree in landscape architecture. The business creates landscape designs and provides installation and maintenance of landscaping, hardscaping, stonework, and garden structures. Pools, spa, and outdoor kitchen design are also listed services.

2. Kevin’s Landscapes

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-777-2121

From the Web: A fast-growing veteran-owned business that is locally owned and operated by Kevin Hester. Their “for everything outdoors” services include landscape design, installation, and maintenance, and other services like hardscape design, drainage, landscape lighting, and more.

3. Landscaping Ninjas

Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-401-2106

From the Web: A newer local company owned and operated by Daniel Thompson (formerly called Thompson and Son’s Landscaping). They are BBB A+ rated and offer a full array of services with lawn care and landscape maintenance, landscaping design and installation, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, tree removal, outdoor lighting, drainage systems, and water features.

4. Texas Landscape Creations

Year Founded: 2001

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: 979-776-8873

From the Web: Aggie owned and operated by Jeff David and Mark Deike. TLC is BBB A+ rated and does both commercial and residential landscape design, installation, and maintenance. They are licensed in and provide services in irrigation and sprinkler systems. Certifications held for interlocking concrete pavement and retaining wall installation, as well as lighting and floral certificates. 

Need Any Other Best Service Providers in Bryan-College Station?

foundation repair BCS

We are working on putting together other lists of the best providers we recommend for our homeowners, but only if we have knowledge of that type of contractor. So far, we’ve got a list of the Best Bryan-College Station Plumbers for Under-Slab Plumbing Problems

Check out the newly published 4 Best Tree Service Providers in the Brazos Valley as well.

We are writing an article about the best contractors to help you with your outside drainage issues . . . oh wait, you’re reading that one right now. We know we want to write one about good masons to call for your brickwork repairs too.

What else do you need? Let us know your suggestions for other “best lists” and we will see what we can do for you! Email with your *best* ideas.

Good Drainage Is Important for Foundation Maintenance

Taking care of your drainage system will help take care of your home’s foundation as well. Even after you get your drainage problem fixed, continue to watch for drainage issues that could lead to a foundation problem in the future.

Poor Drainage Causes Foundation Problems

Your best line of defense against foundation issues is minimizing the opportunity for foundation settlement through preventative maintenance and monitoring. This includes monitoring for drainage problems and handling them sooner rather than later.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been inspecting and repairing Brazos Valley foundations since 1985. We know better than most how drainage affects foundations and that maintaining good drainage is a part of keeping your home in good and stable condition.

Good drainage is not the only factor or solution for foundation health and stability, check out this article that covers several methods to try to prevent foundation problems.