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The 2023 Best List: 5 Reputable Dallas Foundation Repair Companies

You are looking for reputable foundation repair companies in Dallas so that you can get a bid to fix your foundation problems. There are a lot of options . . . you don’t know who to trust. Sometimes the internet has so much information that it’s overwhelming, amiright?

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been inspecting and repairing foundations in the Brazos Valley area since 1985. We know the foundation repair industry and what to look for to locate a reputable company. 

We don’t serve the Dallas market, but we often get inquiries from people hoping that we do. The best we can do is make some suggestions to you on who we might pick if we lived there. We have nothing to gain or lose from trying to help out homeowners who stumble upon our website and realize that we don’t serve their area.

We do not benefit in any way from the companies that are on this list, we are just offering our expertise because sometimes people need it when they call. Instead of telling folks that we simply can’t help them, we put this together to assist in the only way we can – with some insider wisdom in the form of a few recommendations.

Avoiding Problems When Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

Dallas Texas foundation repair
Doesn’t every state paint their flag on wooden pallets??

As a homeowner, we recognize that you will have some challenges with finding a reputable company to do your foundation repairs. There are some “snakes in the grass” out there in the foundation repair industry. 

You should be prepared to take the time to carefully select a few companies to talk to. Don’t just go with the first one that pops up in your search engine, or the one that has the nicest-looking website, or even the one that your co-worker Debbie suggests.

Some of the issues you face are:

  1. Understanding that no state licensing system exists for foundation repair contractors
  2. Pre-identifying your values and needs to select the best company for YOU
  3. Dedicating time to thoroughly vet prospective companies
  4. Asking the right questions and not being afraid to get second, third, or fourth opinions
  5. Understanding that different foundation repair methods exist and how they work

About Foundation Repair Licensing

Looking for foundation repair in Dallas

To speak more specifically on the first issue, there is no state-sponsored licensing, formal education, training, testing, or certification to become a foundation repair professional. So unlike your hairdresser, the foundation repair industry is not regulated or monitored at the government level for any sort of minimum standards. 

Rather than relying on the City, State, or some regulatory agency, you will have to find other means of ensuring that the foundation repair company you select is up to the job . . . like reading this article and taking the time to do your research.

About Your Needs in Getting Foundation Repair

Items 2, 3, and 4  are more about you and taking a moment to think about what your top priorities are in getting foundation repairs BEFORE you start talking to someone. Otherwise, the contractor or company will dictate what your priorities are without you even realizing it. We encourage you to take your time in selecting a company and ask the right questions. 

identify your foundation repair needs

Don’t fall for the “flash” of a fancy website, some good ol’ foundation repair companies out there don’t have all the online bells and whistles. Also, avoid anyone trying to capitalize on fear or scare tactics, or any “commit today” offers.

We’ve got another article that expands on all of these issues that you should check out for more details called Top 4 Questions to Guide Your Foundation Repair Decisions

About Foundation Repair Methods

foundation repair pros and cons

Item 5 is about understanding foundation repair methods. Many homeowners do not realize that there are different methods of foundation repair available that work on different principles. Some work better than others and can also depend upon the type of soil and terrain found in your area, and even on the type of foundation you have. 

Exploring methods is a big topic, and we encourage you to look into the explanations and pros and cons of the different foundation repair methods for a deeper understanding of how they work. After reading about the methods, you might like one or another right away and can further narrow down your search.

How We Chose the Top Foundation Repair Companies in Dallas

We’ve identified six characteristics or qualities that make for a good choice in a foundation repair company. *Please note* that these recommendations are not based on our personal customer experience. 

Obviously, we have not actually used the services of any of these companies – if we needed a foundation repair job done, we would do it ourselves!

Top Dallas Foundation Repair companies

We chose the top companies in Dallas based on specific criteria for slab-on-grade foundation repair. This is the same criteria we would use if we were faced with trying to select a company in another area for a relative or friend to make a professional recommendation. 

So what we’re trying to say here is that these are recommendations based on internet available information and perhaps a few investigative phone calls, rather than because we have used their services. 

Our insider perspective on the industry gives us an edge over the regular homeowner and we are happy to share our opinion. So, here’s what we used to make our selections on the top foundation repair companies serving the Dallas area:

  1. Longevity of the company and years of experience
  2. Owner and headquarters information
  3. Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and complaints (not accreditation)
  4. Customer reviews and web-available review systems like Google, Angi, or similar
  5. Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method
  6. Business philosophy and customer service

Items 5 and 6 are likely less obvious vetting considerations for the consumer and where our industry expertise is more valuable. So, we will spend the most time expanding on those criteria.

Further Info on the BBB

looking for foundation repair in Dallas
Cut through the bull on the BBB by looking at complaints and reviews.

A side note about the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is that its rating system is not based on customer complaint information, only on business policies and practices. So you have to look at BOTH the rating as well as any BBB reviews and complaints history. 

Accreditation with the BBB is a money thing, businesses can pay the money to become accredited or not. Paying the money is certainly a signal of dedication and commitment to the community, but we won’t ding a company simply because they are not “accredited”.

The BBB letter ratings combined with the BBB complaint and review history are much more important than the accreditation aspect in our opinion. Complaint details are not always available on all companies for some unexplained reason, even though sometimes links seem to indicate that they were previously published online.

Top 5 Foundation Repair Companies Serving the DFW Area

I know it took us a long time to get here, but this is the moment you have been waiting for: the top 5 list of foundation repair contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We gathered a selection of companies that specialize in different foundation repair methods with positive ratings and customer-centered service.

There are a large number of companies to choose from, so the main thing to know right this second is that we didn’t choose any company that didn’t at least have a 4.7 customer review rating on Google (with one explained exception). If they rated 4.5 or lower, they were simply not considered.

foundation repair companies in Dallas

Opinion Alert: Customer reviews matter in the digital age. If customers have enough bad things to say about a foundation repair company to decrease the Google ratings lower than 4.7, then you can weed out companies a lot easier and focus on the best of the best.

Okay, okay . . . without further ado . . . behold the top 5 list (organized alphabetically for unbiased fairness).

Cortez Foundation Repair

Business Founded: 2014Years Experience: 9
Owner Name: Francisco CortezHeadquarters: Dallas
BBB Rating: A+ Accredited# of BBB Complaints: 0
Google Rating: 5# of Google Reviews: 92

Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method: Concrete Pressed Pilings with the possibility of steel pressed pilings or polyfoam injection in certain circumstances. They also do pier and beam house leveling.

Business Philosophy and Customer Service Notes: Clearly locally owned and operated, no-nonsense honest approach, limited lifetime warranty

Notable Observations: The owner personally answered the phone, no flashy website but gets the job done, good number of Google reviews (recent and past) for the amount of time in business, authentic photos of real foundation repair work and their foundation repair crews in action, customer reviews were abundant with words like: honest, transparent, knowledgeable, professional, and integrity

Hargrave & Hargrave Foundation Repair

Business Founded: 1968Years Experience: 55
Owner Name: CorporationHeadquarters: Wylie
BBB Rating: A+ Accredited# of BBB Complaints: 0
Google Rating: 4.6, better on other platforms# of Google Reviews: 29

Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method: Steel Helical Piers for foundation repair and new slab construction underpinning

Business Philosophy and Customer Service Notes: Locally owned and operated by family corporation, long time in local business with commitment to community and customer service, limited lifetime warranty policy transparently published on website

Notable Observations: Company founded by father and taken over by sons, Randy Hargrave continues as president, lifetime transferable warranty, no flashy website but Google reviews frequently indicate that the company came out and told people they did not have a foundation problem that needed repairs, reviews dispersed across many platforms – better ratings on Yelp, Angi, and BBB

Extra Note: There is also a Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair in the area – not the same owners, and not the same company. Just didn’t want you to get confused with this other similarly named company.

Olshan Foundation Solutions

Business Founded: 1933 (1996 for branch)Years Experience: 90 (27 for branch)
Owner Name: CorporationHeadquarters: Dallas
BBB Rating: A+ Accredited# of BBB Complaints: 8
Google Rating: 4.7# of Google Reviews: 593 (for branch)

Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method: Cabled hybrid concrete with steel base pressed pilings, cabled concrete pressed piling, and also standard non-cabled concrete pressed pilings

Business Philosophy and Customer Service Notes: One of the oldest foundation repair companies in the country, very large multi-state national corporation with many locations, high volume of customers and market share, financing options available with approved credit, warranty promoted on website for the cabled version of foundation repair

Notable Observations: Originally started in Dallas area, business founding and years experience relative to branch location, fanciest website with cost calculator that we find to be fairly accurate for the area, many recent 5-star reviews people mentioned by name (many different names), use of arbitration for settling disputes, can likely afford the cost of complaints and arbitration due to company size

Extra Note: Large corporate companies like this can sometimes be a mixed bag on quality, customer service, and warranty work. Read the BBB complaint histories for the branch you are dealing with and see if you feel comfortable. This is one of the things you need to consider when choosing a multi-state multi-branch operation compared to locally-owned and operated small businesses.

Dallas Foundation Repair contractors

Pinnacle Foundation Repair

Business Founded: 2019Years Experience: 20+
LLC Managing Owner: Robby BrownHeadquarters: Grand Prairie
BBB Rating: A+ Accredited # of BBB Complaints: 0
Google Rating: 5.0# of Google Reviews: 1193

Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method: Double-walled steel pressed pilings, hybrid steel/concrete pressed pilings, helical piers, drilled piers (not bell-bottom), appears to be one of the only repair companies in Dallas that offers any type of drilled pier

Business Philosophy and Customer Service Notes: Wide array of higher-end foundation repair methods for customers to choose from, customer-centered approach, each product has its own warranty policy and some are lifetime transferrable, 3rd party financing offered through GreenSky and Hearth

Notable Observations: This company sounds the most like Anchor in its business philosophy and customer-centered approach, very detailed and numerous 5-star reviews from customers imply that this company is going above and beyond in meeting customer expectations, family-legacy business so even though business is newer the experience and expertise are beyond that short timeline, employees names and faces listed on website

Steady House Foundation Repair

Business Founded: 2015Years Experience: 13
Owner: Philip WaldeckHeadquarters: Plano
BBB Rating: A+ Accredited# of BBB Complaints: 0
Google Rating: 5.0# of Google Reviews: 208

Company Chosen Foundation Repair Method: concrete pressed pilings and steel pressed pilings, which to use determined by structure type, weight, and situation

Business Philosophy and Customer Service Notes:  After working for another company, the owner decided he could do it better and cheaper so he decided to go out on his own, easy lifetime transferable warranty on both steel and concrete pilings, they want to do good work the first time so they don’t have to come out again, 3rd party financing available through GreenSky and Hearth

Notable Observations: Has detailed and recent online reviews responded to by company, very friendly general manager – Jeremy  – answered the phone, manager that answered phone also is the customer liaison on every job, happy to take the time to answer questions, small company working 2 full-time crews, can get to work quickly with about 2 weeks of lead time

Does Anchor Work in the DFW Area?

We often get calls from people asking if we work in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Unfortunately, Dallas is a little too far away for us to provide services. We sure wish we could help everyone, but that’s why we wrote this DFW area article so that we could at least point you in a good direction as best we can.

I Have a Warranty from Anchor in the Dallas Area – Will You Honor That?

Anchor only works in Bryan College Station Brazos Valley
Sorry folks, we really hate to disappoint you . . .

At one point, there was another foundation repair company in the Dallas and/or Ft. Worth area with the word “Anchor” in their company name. We’ve seen it presented using the same name as ours of Anchor Foundation Repair or Anchor Foundation Dallas or something similar. From Google searches, there appear to be several variations so we can see why you might be confused.

That other Anchor is not us. Our company has only ever operated in the Bryan-College Station and the greater Brazos Valley area. This Anchor Foundation Repair was started by Ken Tripp in 1985 and is now owned and operated by his son, Craig Tripp. We have never worked anywhere else or had any other owners.

This other company you might be looking for appears to be closed and no longer in business. So, again, unfortunately, we can’t honor a warranty for work that we didn’t complete. I don’t know what else to tell you except that if you’re looking for warranty work, you’re likely in need of a new foundation repair company to do new work for you.

Hopefully, the recommendations in this article will help get you started with selecting a foundation repair company that will meet your needs in the DFW area.

Questions to Ask Your Dallas Foundation Repair Contractor

Now that you’ve got our top 5 list, we will recommend that you also select one or two others on your own through a trusted friend or relative referral. Contact as many as you feel you need to gather a good selection pool to get quotes and foundation inspections.

Also, keep in mind that paying for a foundation inspection or estimate is not a bad thing.

Good luck finding good foundation repairs in Dallas!

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we know that honesty and 100% transparency are the best policies for the homeowners we serve in the Brazos Valley. After 35+ years in the foundation repair business, we think that any contractor who doesn’t sound like they are being open and fair is probably not.

We’ve put together a list of 15 questions that you can use to talk to any of the companies on this list and any other companies you want to add. Armed with this tool to help you gather information, we are confident that you will find the foundation repair contractor in Dallas to BEST SERVE YOUR NEEDS over their own.