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What Is the Best Foundation Repair Method and How Much Does It Cost?

You’re one of those people who wants the best of everything. The best car, the best computer, the best couch, the best phone, etc, etc. So now that you are in the market for foundation repair for your home, you want the best of that too.

But you’re not rich beyond all measure, you still are concerned with how much things cost, why they cost that much, and what you are getting for your money. You want the best that YOUR money can buy in foundation repair. Makes total sense.

Anchor Foundation Repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been inspecting and repairing foundations in the Bryan, College Station, and surrounding Brazos Valley communities like Navasota and Caldwell for 35+ years. We can tell you about foundation repair methods and costs because well . . . it’s what we do.

This article will review the positive qualities of the two most prevalent foundation repair methods available in our area: pressed pilings and drilled piers. We will also discuss what contributes to their costs and offer an average price range for foundation repairs. Let’s get started . . . 

What is Most Important to YOU in Foundation Repair

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We understand that homeowners want to know what they are getting for their money and some people are looking for the best, while others are looking for something else. When it comes down to it, it’s more important to some that the work gets done quickly or for the lowest cost. 

Others want the very best quality that they can afford knowing it’s not the absolute top-of-the-line but maybe somewhere in the middle, while some want the very best no matter the cost because they only want to do this foundation repair thing once.

Think about your needs, goals, and finances and what is really the most important to you. This will impact the foundation repair route you end up taking to tackle your foundation problems.

What Is The Best Method For Foundation Repair?

We don’t think of one method as better than the other, we think of the different methods of foundation repair in terms of what is the best fit for you and your needs. One method is best in some cases while the other method is best in other cases. 

Each method of course has some pros and cons and there is no perfectly flawless method. Here are the main positive aspects of each repair type primarily available in our area.

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Pros of Pressed Pilings for Foundation Repair

  • Quicker installation time
  • Lower cost

Pros of Drilled Bell-Bottom Pier Method

  • More Stability: verified depth and vertical, wider base and cap, rebar reinforced
  • Void under the home is filled with mud-pumping
  • Longer lasting repair

If you are looking for a deeper explanation of these two “underpinning” types, look to our article, “Bell-Bottom vs. Pressed Pile Foundation Repair Methods: What’s the Difference?” You will also find a more thorough outline of the full pros and cons for each repair type.

What Factors Contribute to the Cost of Foundation Repair?

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Cost is always the biggest question and most difficult to answer in a general sense, due to every home being different. But we will try and lay it out for you here. There are a few factors that will determine the cost of a repair that you need to know about first.

Chosen Repair Method

This is a big factor because whatever method you choose will make a difference from the very start on cost. 

As mentioned above when listing the pros of each method, the pressed pile method comes with a lower price tag. By comparison, the bell-bottom pier method has a higher cost per pier due to the more durable and longer-lasting repair that also happens to take longer to install.

The cost for one pressed pile might be within the range of $550 to $650 per pile. The price for one bell-bottom pier is in the $700 to $950 range in this area of the state.

Foundation Repair Plan

Amount of Damaged Area

The more sections of a home that need to be supported, the more supports will be needed for the repair. Most contractors will begin their base charges with the number of piers/supports/piles needed under the foundation.

A very average job size would be about 15 to 20 supports needed on the home.

Accessibility of the Repair Points

Per support/pier/pile cost can go up depending on how easy it is for a contractor to reach the location. For example, if there is a sidewalk, porch, or other paved areas in the way of access to the support point, then it might cost more. A deck is another item around your home that might cause accessibility issues, but it can be worked with.

A repair team would have more work to do, breaking up and removing concrete or a deck section (and then replacing it) to complete the repair. Supports needed in more difficult-to-access areas will cost maybe 6 to 8% more per location.

Extra Services or Fees

Contractors all have their own way of setting up their charges and fees. Some may have extra fees for how far away your home is to their shop or available materials. Some may charge more if your job is more difficult or takes longer.

Extra finishing services, like the mud-pumping used in drilled piers, or clean-up costs may add to the pricing structure as well. So in addition to any per support pricing, there may be other line items on your invoice for an overall service total.

General Cost Range for Foundation Repair

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So in taking all of these factors above into account . . . here’s the moment you have been waiting for. On a very average foundation repair job of 15 to 20 supports, an estimated price range between $9,000 and $20,000 would cover all the pricing factors of accessibility challenges, repair methods, and additional service costs. 

If more supports are needed under a home, the costs go up for either method from this range.

This price range is general enough to cover both the basic cost for pressed piles or drilled bell-bottom piers. Keep in mind again that this is estimated pricing for our area of Texas and covers the two methods that we are talking about.

Want More Specific Price Ranges for Each Method?

Now that we have given you the average cost for foundation repair in general, you might be wondering more specifically what the cost might be for each method separately. We figured you might . . . 

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we want to answer all your foundation repair questions with 100% transparency and impartial honesty. This way has been working for us and the homeowners we serve in the community since 1985.

Want more specific pricing? You got it. Check out this article on the, “Average Cost of Foundation Repair: Pressed Pilings vs. Drilled Piers.”