Pictures to get a bid from Anchor

Get a Bid from Anchor Foundation Repair: We Need Pictures Please

You have contacted Anchor Foundation Repair because you are hoping to get your foundation issues looked over to see if it needs repair. You want someone to look at it *like ASAP* and tell you if there is really a problem and if so, how much will it cost to fix. This also applies if you are looking for help with our concrete repair services.

Anchor Foundation Repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have inspected and repaired thousands of foundations (along with a few other services) since 1985. We want to fix your foundation or other issues, but only if it needs it. We will be the first to tell you if repairs are needed, or if it can wait, or if you don’t have a foundation problem at all.

We have put together a process for homeowners that will get you a quick and free assessment first to see if you have an issue. We have an online contact form where you can easily fill out some basic info about your home and submit the photos we need at the same time.

Don’t worry . . . your contact information will not get you subscribed to a *dreaded* email list. You will not start getting daily emails urging you to get our foundation repair services. This contact form is a direct line of communication to our foundation repair team, so be sure to use a good email address that you check regularly.

What’s in it for you? The online form with pictures will speed up the process and allow Anchor to quickly assess whether you have a true problem, saving YOU time, money, and worry. 

home inspection

Since our home foundation inspection cost is $225 to $275, we talk through your problem using pictures and a call first instead to see if your home is indeed one we can help with. During the call, we will give you some preliminary thoughts on your issue and an estimated price if repairs are needed.

We will review some tips here to get you started with the best photos to submit to Anchor in preparation for your free estimate phone call. Let’s check it out!

The Kind of Pictures We Need of Your Foundation Problems

On our online contact form, we have room for you to upload up to 6 photos showing your problem areas. Only one photo is required, so if you don’t have 6, it’s no biggie. Each photo also has room for a short description of the location of each photo. We find that it’s best to see wider angle photos rather than closeups. Here’s a quick list of what will work well for your pictures.

  • 5 to 6 pictures with short location descriptions, no videos
  • Wider angle views of damage, not close-ups
  • Focus on damage showing up on walls, not floors or ceilings
  • Cover the inside and outside of the home
  • At least one photo of each type of issue
  • Cracks going in different directions are potentially different issues
  • Be sure to back up and take a wider shot photo that shows nearby home features and the relationship of the damage to floors, ceilings, and corners. 

You can also upload PDF documents like a home inspection or engineering report that you might have on hand. The system will accept the following file types: JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, and HEIC.

Photo Angles That Work Best to Assess Your Foundation Issues

Here are a few examples for you showing the same damage point in a close-up view and a wider view. We want the wider views, please.

Example 1: The close view just shows a crack, you can’t tell where it is or really even how big it is because there’s nothing to compare it to. The wider view shows the crack coming off of a door frame, the door is out of square, and other room features.

photos of foundation problems

Example 2: The close view shows a crack in some cement. The wider view shows that this is the bottom edge of the home near the ground and shows the other home features surrounding the crack.

photos of foundation issues

Example 3: The close view shows a gap in some outdoor trim. The wider view shows this is the brick frieze on the back right corner of the home and there is a window and side door that may be affected.

photos of foundation damage

If you are wondering what kinds of signs we are looking for and not looking for, we have an article and picture guide about the real and false signs of foundation issues that might help you out.

Include a Description with Each Foundation Problem Photo

With each photo, please include a location description so that we know where in the home the picture was taken. If a crack is coming off the front door frame, put “front door” in the description. If a crack is near a window on the side of the home, enter something like “right side of house, near front.” 

The more specific you can be to let us know where inside or outside the house the damage point is located the better. With more detail about damage locations, we can more accurately determine if and where you have a problem.

Use Your Smartphone or Tablet for Photos of Foundation Issues

The easiest way to do this is to take pictures using your smartphone or tablet. Take the photos first, and then go to our online contact form and fill out the quick questions. Then when you get the part of the online form where you can upload the photos, it should be very easy to select the photos that you just took and include them with your contact form.

Smartphones and tablets usually make these things very easy for us. You can fill out the entire contact form and include your photos using just one device.

Get Ready for Your Free Foundation Repair Estimate Phone Call

After you submit your contact form with photos, you will immediately get a message where you can schedule an appointment for the free estimate phone call. This gives you the power to schedule at the time most convenient for you and prevents phone tag games between you and our foundation repair team.

in home inspection

From the pictures and other info that you submitted, we will determine if your home indeed has a problem that Anchor Foundation Repair can fix or if another remedy or company would better meet your needs. Allow around 15-30 minutes for this call and you will come away with a rough cost estimate.

Remember, the reason we ask for photos and conduct an initial call first is to determine if our services are a good match for you. It will save you the time and expense of the in-home visit if it seems that another solution might better meet your needs.

If you are comfortable with the rough numbers and decide that Anchor Foundation Repair is a great match for meeting your home’s stability needs after the call, then we can set up your In-Home Assessment and keep the process moving forward at your comfort level.