What Does Foundation Repair Mean and How Does it Work?

what is foundation repair?

Foundation repair is a confusing term and not everyone knows exactly what it means or what happens to your foundation during the repair process. This article will review the basic concept of foundation repair and how it works to “fix” your home in three basic foundation project steps.

How Do You Know If a Home Passes or Fails a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test?

hydrostatic plumbing testing

You know a hydrostatic plumbing or pressure test is an important part of your foundation repair. But you don’t know what the results of the test tell you. What passes and what fails? This article will go over how to know if the test was successful or not and what happens next.

What Is a Hydrostatic Pressure Test in Foundation Repair? 4 Steps

hydrostatic pressure testing

You’re researching foundation repair methods and you come across a term: hydrostatic pressure testing or a hydrostatic plumbing test. You want to understand this test and how it works for the plumbing under your slab foundation. This article will review the four main steps in the testing process.

Why Do I Need a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test During Foundation Repair?

why do I need a hydrostatic pressure test

What’s the deal with hydrostatic plumbing tests? Why are they needed in foundation repair? This term is not familiar to everyone, so this article breaks it down and explains when and why this plumbing test is important for homeowners and their foundations during the repair process.

5 More Slab-on-Grade Foundation Repair Myths for Homeowners

slab foundation repair myths

There are many misconceptions about slab-on-grade foundation problems and repairs out there. Like, do foundation problems heal themselves? Or will I have to keep getting foundation repair over and over again? This article will dispel 5 more foundation repair myths that have homeowners confused.

Top 10 Myths vs. Truths About Slab-on-Grade Foundation Repair

foundation repair myths

There are many misconceptions about home foundation problems and foundation repair. We will count down the *official* top ten myths from preventing foundation problems to myths about foundation repair costs, and more. Plus the candid truths from Anchor Foundation Repair to set the records straight.

What Is A Home Foundation Inspection and How Much Does it Cost?

house foundation inspection

You think you need a foundation inspection but what is that exactly? You’ve also heard that they cost money sometimes, well how much? This article reviews what a home foundation inspection does for you and how much it could cost so that you know what to expect from this process.

Foundation Settlement Confirmed: When Is the Time Right for Repairs?

time for foundation repairs

You know that foundation settlement is occurring in your home, but you’re unclear on how to decide if it’s the right time to move forward with repairs. This article offers two key indicators to help you know when foundation repair is the best route to take for you and your home.

What Are the Early Signs of Foundation Settlement or Problems?

early signs of foundation problems

Looking for early signs of foundation settlement? Hoping you can catch problems early, prevent serious issues, or that they might cost less to repair? This article covers early signs of foundation settlement, what to do when you find them, and a discussion about if repairing early will cost less.

What Does Home Stabilization Mean? Foundation Repair Pros and Cons

foundation stabilization

You’re wondering what stabilization means for your foundation. Is it the same thing as foundation repair? It’s not the same but there are valid reasons that stabilization is used for some homes. This article will explain what foundation stabilization means, what it’s best for, and its pros and cons.