Repair Cracks in Drywall

Who to Call for Drywall Repair in Bryan, College Station, and Beyond

There’s a crack or two in your walls that you want to get fixed, like ASAP. You’re not sure who to call to get that done and want a good recommendation from someone you trust.

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we are the voice of trust in foundation repair for the Brazos Valley with 35+ years in business. We have run across many home repair professionals in our community and can give you some suggestions on who to call.

This article will provide homeowners with a list of contractors that can perform drywall repairs in the Brazos Valley area. 

Wait Before You Begin Drywall Repair . . .

I know you can’t wait to get this drywall issue fixed. But if you have recently had foundation repairs with Anchor or any other company for that matter, we suggest waiting for a while. 

Especially when you get foundation repairs completed, your home has been raised and leveled into a new position. It could still need some time to adjust and *settle* into its new resting place. That means more movement and small changes could continue to happen with your framing and walls.

how long to wait before doing drywall repairs
Heretofore, I shall wait as long as possible . . .

We strongly recommend waiting from 2 to 4 months before moving forward with drywall repair. This is just to make sure that every precaution has been taken to minimize the chances of further wall cracks appearing and then needing repair. If you can’t wait for 4 months, then wait as long as you possibly can.

If you haven’t had any foundation repairs recently, you don’t necessarily need to wait to get started. As long as further movement of your home is not expected, move right ahead.

Drywall Repair Contractors Serving the BCS Area

We have not personally used every one of these companies, but we have used some of them, or gotten referrals from other excellent contractors or Realtors® we trust that highly recommend their services.

drywall repair tools

These are listed alphabetically and we do not receive any compensation or kickbacks for suggesting these companies, just tryin’ to help people out.

About Drywall Contractors . . .

Just a little something to keep in mind about drywall contractors and drywall repair. As you are about to see from the list below, these guys are not usually technologically advanced dudes. But don’t let the fact that they don’t have a website fool you into thinking they don’t know their stuff.

Contractors with this set of skills are an uncommon breed and the good ones you might have to wait for. They might have jobs lined up already and won’t be able to come to see you right away. Just be patient and don’t expect instant appointments in every case.

Allen Drywall & Painting

Years in Business: 25

Headquarters: College Station

Phone Number: (979) 204-3223, Terry Allen Sr.

handsome drywall contractor
Not an actual depiction of any drywall contractor we actually know. He’s probably a model . . .

Company Profile: Long-time friendly and local drywall guy who uses subcontractors. Offers sheetrock repair work, patchwork, texture matching, taping and floating, painting, and pressure washing.

Carl Exner Drywall

Years in Business: 50+

Headquarters: Lincoln, Lee County

Phone Number: 979-542-8195, Carl Exner

Company Profile: This guy has been around drywall since he was a kid and has many years of experience. He runs a crew or two and they do drywall work from full installation and wall texture to drywall repairs (but not painting) all around the Brazos Valley and beyond. Call him and leave a message and he will get back to you.

Guaranteed Painting Co.

Years in Business: 30

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-776-9109, Herb Thorn, Jr.

Company Profile: Full-service interior and exterior painting including drywall repair, texture matching, and color matching services. This family-run business has been serving the Bryan-College Station area for a long time and has a legacy in the local paint industry. A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

drywall installation and repair in Bryan College Station

Kubena Drywall

Years in Business: 39

Headquarters: Caldwell

Phone Number: 979-436-3023, Donnie or Brian Kubena

Company Profile: Kubena Drywall, LLC is a family-owned and operated business with experience in the drywall and construction industry. Specializing in hanging, taping, floating, and texturing drywall in new and remodeling construction.

Jesus Mandujano

Years Experience: 10

Headquarters: Bryan

Phone Number: 979-492-0460, Jesus Mandujano

Company Profile: Jesus often subcontracts with reputable general contractors in town and does many jobs on his own too. Quality control and doing the job right are important to him, so he doesn’t use too much help unless it’s for a bigger job. Can do anything related to drywall installation or repairs but leaves the painting to paint professionals.

What Approach Will You Take with Drywall Repairs?

Now that you can narrow down who you might use for repairs, you might want to think a little more about how you want those repairs to be done. Depending on how you want your repair contractor to go about things will likely determine both how long it takes and how much it costs.

get your drywall repaired in the Brazos Valley

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been a part of the Brazos Valley community for over 35+ years. As your most trusted foundation repair company in the area, we work hard to be helpful to the homeowners we serve (and all the other homeowners too!) because we know that kindness comes back to us somehow.

We’ve put together an article that reviews different ways that wall cracks can be repaired that you might want to check out next.