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Can You Fix a Commercial Slab with Foundation Issues (and How)?

You’ve got (or might potentially have) a commercial property on your hands with foundation problems. You scan the internet and don’t find much in the way of foundation repair specifically for commercial properties. 

Most of what you find appears to be for homes . . . now you’re wondering, “Can commercial foundations be fixed with foundation repair the same way as residential slabs? Can all foundation repair methods be used for commercial slabs?

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have worked on thousands of homes in our 35+ years in business and a handful of Brazos Valley commercial properties too. We are familiar with the added costs and considerations when working on a commercial foundation and can fill you in.

This article will discuss the *cans and hows* of doing foundation repair on commercial slabs and how these complex projects impact the process and costs.

Can Commercial Slabs with Foundation Issues Be Fixed?

Commercial buildings don’t have foundation problems as often as residential homes. Usually, commercial properties are built with more time and attention in the analysis and engineering phases. Industrial slabs are built with strength and durability in mind – you know, they’re “industrial strength”.

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With the strong forces of expansive clay soils, even commercial slabs can sometimes experience foundation issues. But can these foundation problems be fixed somehow? The short answer is yes, but the way it’s done is going to be different than a residential property due to the size, weight, and function of the building.

Do You Repair Commercial Foundations Just Like Homes?

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The process and physics of foundation repair apply to commercial properties the same as residential slabs. Commercial foundations that have settled need the same stabilization and raising done on residential homes, just on a larger scale.

We can’t say that every slab foundation repair method will work well on a commercial property. They do not use pressed pilings during the original construction of foundations (for homes or commercial slabs). Drilled concrete piers are the most similar to the footings installed on commercial properties during construction, so we feel good about using drilled piers for commercial slab foundation repair.

Full disclosure: We only do drilled piers and we are only aware of drilled piers’ capability to repair foundations for commercial property. 

In larger metropolitan areas with larger commercial foundations, there may be other companies and methods that are more readily available or deemed more effective in certain terrains and building types.

What Is Different in Commercial vs. Residential Slab Repair?

So what is the difference between commercial and residential foundation repair? In a nutshell, it’s more time and more money but we can be a tad more specific for you.

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Compared to residential foundation repair, commercial foundation repair will need:

  • Larger piers that require coordination with a drilling company
  • Possibly more piers spaced closer together due to heavier building weight
  • More material needed for more and/or larger piers
  • More prep and protection to keep the business operating and safe during repairs
  • Engineering oversight
  • Longer timelines compared to residential due to the 4 factors above
  • Higher overall cost due to all 5 factors

Commercial foundation repair is a bigger job, needing more materials, more prep time, more accommodations to keep the business running safely, and more outside services that need to be coordinated. Foundation repair is *a bit* of an undertaking no matter what, but it’s even more of a project on a commercial scale and the costs will reflect that.

How Much Does Commercial Foundation Repair Cost?

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In general, a commercial property needing about the same number of piers as a residential foundation repair could cost 50 to 100% more. So commercial repairs might end up being twice as much as residential for the same number of supports.

As mentioned, all that extra cost comes from all the *mores* that are needed to get the job done. If you’re wondering how the number of supports is determined for a given slab, it’s typically calculated by linear feet. For a residential home, we calculate one pier for every 7 linear feet. However, for commercial properties, the spacing might need to be adjusted closer to compensate for heavier loads.

For more on figuring out how many piers are needed, check out: Calculate Slab Foundation Repair Costs: How Many Supports Do I Need? 

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Please note: The guidance in the articles above is for residential properties but the way the number of supports is figured out is the same concept. Calculating at 1 pier for every 5 linear feet is a better spacing estimate for commercial support. Then, double the price for commercial piers and you’ve got yourself a ballpark figure.

Foundation Repair Costs Are Best Determined With an Inspection

can foundation repair be done on commercial slabs?

Now you know a lot more about commercial foundation repair possibilities and pricing than anyone could have ever dreamed. Not sure who dreams about this stuff besides us but anyway . . . 

Calculating foundation repair pricing is complex and each property and situation is unique. You can’t get really 100% accuracy by estimating commercial foundation repair costs on your own because there are so many factors. The best way to get an estimated cost is to get a foundation inspection for a formal quote or bid for the work.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and transparent pricing. After 35+ years in business, we want you to know as much about foundation repair as you want and we’ve got no secrets to hide from the Brazos Valley community.

Commercial buildings in our area don’t often have foundation issues, but when they do, you can reach out to Anchor. To schedule an inspection of your commercial (or residential) foundation, contact us by phone or by using our online contact form to request a quote.