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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost in Bryan/College Station?

How much does slab foundation repair cost around here? And by here, I mean Brenham, Bryan, Caldwell, College Station, Madisonville, Navasota, etc., etc., you know . . . the Brazos Valley area. Can’t someone tell homeowners how much this stuff tends to cost locally?

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Anchor Foundation Repair has been in the area for 35+ years, we know how much we charge and how our prices stack up to our competitors. Of course, we can give you some ballpark estimates for average sorts of foundation repair projects. We do estimates all week, every week, and can share what we know about pricing.

This article will present general pricing for foundation repair in the Brazos Valley area (this is for Central Texas, not California, Kansas, or anywhere else). We will also break down the pricing more specifically by the two foundation repair methods available in our area.

What Affects Brazos Valley Foundation Repair Costs?

foundation repair costs in Bryan college station Brenham Navasota madisonville caldwell

Foundation repair costs can be tricky to pin down because every home and situation is completely unique. Several general factors influence the final price, such as the:

  • Repair method chosen, 
  • Extent of damage, 
  • Accessibility factors of your home, and 
  • Differences in contractor pricing. 

Different slab foundation repair methods have different price points. More damage and more sunken areas of your home will mean higher expenses. Accessibility and the location of your home (in or out of town) can affect prices. Then, contractor practices add another layer of variation. 

These are the basic key factors to consider when estimating project costs. For more details, check out “Determining Foundation Repair Costs: Top 5 Factors that Impact Pricing.”

General Price Ranges for General BCS Foundation Repairs

cost for foundation repairs

Considering all the factors, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for . . .  an average foundation repair job with 15 to 20 supports may cost between $9,000 and $20,000. If more supports are required, costs increase within this range. 

This estimate encompasses basic costs for the two main methods available in the Brazos Valley: concrete pressed pilings or drilled bell-bottom piers. Remember, this pricing is specific to our Texas area and these two readily available methods.

Ballpark BCS Costs for Foundation Repairs Using Pressed Pilings

Concrete pressed piling foundation repair is typically the least expensive local option. Using premade concrete cylinders, they’re hydraulically pressed into the ground to create support points under your home.

But let’s get straight to the numbers:

  • Small section repair: Around $5,000.
  • Partial exterior work for an average home: Approximately $11,000.
  • Extensive repair, all sides and interior: $32,000 or more.
pricing for pressed piling foundation repairs

Now, for the most common scenario:

  • For an average home needing 15 to 25 supports, the typical cost range for pressed pile foundation repair is about $7,500 to $12,500.

Price Ranges for BCS Foundation Repairs Using Drilled Piers

For drilled bell-bottom pier foundation repairs in the Brazos Valley, expect higher costs. Drilled piers are monolithic (one-piece) hand-poured piers with a flared base to stabilize and resist soil uplift under your home.

  • Minimal project: $7,000 to $9,000.
  • Average, requiring perimeter work: $13,000 to $19,000.
  • Extensive, both exterior and interior piers: $50,000 or more.
cost for drilled pier foundation repair

For the most average drilled pier foundation repair:

  • For a typical project needing 15 to 25 piers, most people pay between $12,000 and $20,000 for the bell-bottom pier method.

Determining Your Foundation Repair Needs

identify your foundation repair needs

We understand that homeowners have diverse priorities when it comes to foundation repair. Some prioritize affordability or a speedy solution, while others aim for the best quality they can afford, even if it’s not the absolute top-tier option. Then some spare no expense for the very best, ensuring they won’t need to revisit foundation repairs in the future. 

Reflect on your own needs, objectives, and budget to determine the foundation repair path that aligns best with your unique situation. Your choice will influence how you address and resolve your foundation issues.

For more help in identifying your needs, check out these resources:

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What’s Different About Foundation Repair Methods Besides Cost?

Now that you’ve got a sense of the general costs, you might be wondering why the price points between these two methods vary. What sets one local company apart from another? How does Anchor compare to a larger corporate competitor

drilled pier vs pressed pile foundation repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we’ve proudly served communities like Bryan, College Station, Madisonville, and Somerville since 1985. Our commitment is to offer the best solution to our neighbors and our community.

We exclusively use drilled piers. We don’t stick to the drilled bell-bottom pier method because it’s the cheapest option. Our choice is grounded in our belief that it provides optimal long-term stability for many homeowners.

We have an article that delves into the pros, cons, and key features of both bell-bottom and pressed pile foundation repair methods. It’ll help you understand the cost differences and determine which method aligns best with your home’s future goals.