Concrete Pressed Pile Foundation Repair

How Much Does Home Foundation Repair Cost? Concrete Pressed Pile Method

So, you’re trying to figure out how much foundation repair costs . . . are you confused yet? Have you seen things about piers vs. piles, steel vs. concrete, and a bunch of other stuff you may or may not understand? You. Just. Want. Some. Basic. Pricing. Information.

Sometimes you just want to see some price ranges. You know it’s not going to be exact or perfect, but you’d like to have some kind of idea so that you know what or where the ballpark even is. You’re thinking: Is that so hard??

We hear you.

Anchor Foundation Repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been inspecting and repairing foundations for Brazos Valley homeowners for 35+ years and two generations. We know that the main thing people want to know is, “How much?” because we get asked this question at every single home foundation inspection that we do, and there have been tens of thousands of them.

The concrete pressed pile method of foundation repair is just one method among the choices for slab-on-grade foundation repairs. The pressed pile method is typically the least expensive foundation repair method available to homeowners. 

***We do not use the pressed pile method of repair, but other foundation repair contractors do. We know about their standard pricing and will share some things with you about costs and techniques. We know that each repair method has its “best uses.” There is no one perfect fit for everyone. It all depends on the goals you have for your home.

We can give you some basic price points for minimal, medium, and extensive-sized repair projects using this method. We will also review situations where the pressed pile method may be the best choice for your home. 

This way you can decide if you want to know more about the pressed pile method or look into our signature bell-bottom pier technique, and other repair methods as well.

What is the cost range for foundation repair projects using the pressed pile method?

What is the price for a small or minimally sized pressed pile foundation repair job? How about a medium-sized project or even bigger? Think of a minimal project covering a small portion of your home, a middle-of-the-road project would need partial work around the exterior of the home, and an extensive project would need work on all sides of the home and underneath the interior too. Let’s get right to it.

We estimate that a minimal project would cost around $5,000 using the pressed pile method of foundation repair. Your average medium-sized project could be around $11,000, and an extensive project that includes all sides and interior foundation support would cost $32,000 or more. 

pressed pile foundation repair pricing

*Remember that this is a ballpark estimate for this area of Central Texas and the current market conditions.

What is the average price for foundation repair using concrete pressed piles?

Okay, so now you have a spectrum between $5,000 and $32,000+, which is still a pretty wide cost range. So let’s get a little closer to what MOST people might wind up paying for a pressed pile method foundation repair job. 

BCS foundation repair

Here is a scenario for a typical home in the Bryan-College Station area where the base cost of one pressed pile starts at approximately $500 each. The average home foundation repair calls for between 15 and 25 support piles. So using those numbers, we get a narrower window with an average price between $7,500 to $12,500 in total cost.

So if you’ve got a medium-sized, pretty standard type of house and need an average number of supports added to your home like most people (about half the house), you might find yourself paying 7-ish to 12-ish thousand dollars for this particular type of repair.

What factors determine the cost of foundation repair?

Now that I have given you some basic numbers to wrap your head around, you might be wondering what factors determine or contribute to the cost of foundation repair. These basic ideas are true for all methods of foundation repair, not just for the pressed pile method.

Number of Supports Needed and Where

Foundation repair is essentially adding in vertical supports under the home, kind of like stilts under the house buried in the ground where you can’t see them. Depending on the method, these vertical supports can be called piers, piles, pilings, pressed piles, or even underpinning if you want to be all *engineery* like.

cost of pressed piles

A foundation repair plan will place vertical supports (by whatever name) every 7 linear feet on the perimeter of the home. The number of piles you need depends on the linear feet along the parts of the home being affected by foundation settlement. The more piles you need, the higher the cost because project pricing is based on a cost per pile. In the earlier pricing example, we estimated an average cost of $500 per pile.

Any pile locations that are harder to access (perhaps because there is a porch, sidewalk, or deck in the way) or are underneath the interior of the home, will cost more per pier.

Cost of Labor and Time

Anchor Foundation

Labor costs make up the largest part of foundation repair costs for any method. So naturally, the longer a foundation repair project takes, the more labor costs there will be.

One of the big reasons pressed piles cost less than other techniques is because they can be done fairly quickly in comparison to other methods. Fewer man-hours mean less cost.

On average, one concrete pressed pile can be fully installed in one day for each crew member. So a team of 5 can reasonably install 5 pressed piles in one day. A complete pressed pile project with perimeter piles only normally takes about 2 to 3 days to finish, or maybe a full workweek at the most for a larger job.

Any project that needs interior support will not only add more cost for labor but also more time.

Cost of Materials

There are materials needed for the pressed pile method of foundation repair. Several types of pre-made concrete pieces are used: cylinders, blocks, pile caps, and such. There are also steel shims needed in the leveling process. The amount your chosen contractor has to pay for these materials will impact your final cost for foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Solutions for the Brazos Valley

Another reason that pressed piles cost less than other methods is that the price of materials is fairly inexpensive. Since it’s mostly pre-fabricated concrete pieces, we estimate a wholesale material cost to the foundation repair contractor of about $60 per pile. 

So multiply 60 by the number of support piles needed and you’ve got an approximate materials cost. For the average 15 to 25 pile job we have been looking at, that’s about $900 to $1,500 for materials.

Other Costs of Doing Business

Remember that the final price to you also includes all sorts of costs of doing business on the part of foundation repair contractors. This can include gas, trucks, liability insurance, supplies, shop rental, other employees, and much more. 

There are many other expenses that any business owner must cover in addition to the direct labor and materials cost for your specific project. All these are rolled into your final cost for foundation repair. It’s easy to forget this cost detail since these things aren’t happening right in front of you on your property.

Who is the pressed pile method of foundation repair best for?

concrete pressed piles

I feel like we have made it fairly clear that the pressed pile method of foundation repair is the least expensive method available (well, other than the DIY method but not sure you want to go there). The biggest advantages of pressed piles are less cost and shorter installation time so there are certain times when using this method is more beneficial.

We get that sometimes homeowners just need the cheapest or fastest option. We put together common scenarios where the pressed pile method might be the best fit for you.

  • A homeowner that is selling soon and is not interested in longevity.
  • An investor looking for a quick turnaround time.
  • A homeowner with limited funds who wants the least cost to complete the repair.
  • An investor who is trying to keep a remodel job under a certain budget.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want the repair crew to be on site for a long time.

What other methods are available for foundation repair?

So far we have covered pricing estimates for the pressed pile method, cost factors, and what homeowners the method might be best for. So now you might be wondering, well are there any downsides to this method, and what about other methods?

For many homes, the pressed pile method of foundation repair may not be the longest-lasting most durable repair on the market. So even though it is the least expensive, we can’t say the repair has enough longevity to suit everyone. 

Sometimes you only have one chance to get your repair choice right because you are not wanting to do it again anytime soon. If you are looking for something that has staying power and more stability, then you should look into other methods of foundation repair for a better fit.

cost of foundation repair - concrete pressed piles
A pile of piles . . .

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we only use the bell-bottom pier method of foundation repair and know that it is the more reliable choice for many homeowners who are looking for higher quality over lower cost. You might spend more money, but you will get a long-lasting repair along with a lifetime warranty and service agreement.

In our 35+ years in the industry, we have come out to homes that had pressed pile repairs completed previously that we had to tear out and re-do using our method. Just take a look at this picture of a pile of piles that were removed from several homes so that we could put in our signature bell-bottom piers.